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kitten sitter.

April 15th, 2004, 12:09 PM
I found this old pic of Cujo when he was a baby....He was kitten sitting......LOL.

April 15th, 2004, 12:12 PM
sitting is the key word here right lol! Funny guy!

April 15th, 2004, 01:07 PM
thats a GREAT picture man....sitting lol great pun too

April 15th, 2004, 01:35 PM
I must say,it was very comical watching him with them.

How can you tell it's an old pic,check out the converter box......:D

April 15th, 2004, 01:36 PM
Here is another...I love this one..

April 16th, 2004, 08:20 AM
Aaah he's so sweet looking mona!! How old was he then?

April 16th, 2004, 08:25 AM
Awwwww,that's sooo cute,my smile of the day:)

April 16th, 2004, 08:59 AM
Thanks guys.:)

He was about 9 weeks old there.He was with me till he was 13 years old.

The kittens were huddled behind my shed.So I took them in.Got them all cleaned up.They ended up going to 3 close freinds of mineThey had them fixed.Now remember this is going back 20 years.So vets back then were not doing early s/n.They all did get fixed though......:D

He was an amazing dog though.I still miss him very very much.I still have the card Kyra made for me.She took one of his pics and made a frame from paper.This is what she put in it.

Dear Mom.
I know how you feel.It's hard to let go of Cujo.
But be strong.
Remember he'll always be in our heart.

This from an 8 year old.

It still brings tears to my eyes when I read it.....:(

April 16th, 2004, 03:51 PM
me too:(

April 16th, 2004, 03:56 PM

April 25th, 2004, 06:30 PM
that definitely does deserve an "aaawww" and a *hugs*

April 25th, 2004, 11:14 PM
And where have you been hiding Missy?..............LOL

April 26th, 2004, 05:56 PM
real busy the last couple of months... readjusting my life...

all good for now... :)

thanx for asking :D