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Visiting cat?

April 16th, 2007, 04:20 PM
Hello again!

My cat onnie is my first indoor only cat and it's killing me :( He looks outside all day, chatters at the the birds, rabbits and squirels and has one attempted escape already. Today he was pawing excessively at the window and I went to see what was up and lo and behold a cat that is the splitting image of him was checking him out! Onnie ran back and forth to all the windows, whining at me to let him out. It seems like he just wants to play? He didn't hiss or anything neither did the other cat, they just stared at eachother while onnie pawed at the glass.

Is it ok let onnie play with it? I have a feeling onnie likes other cats cuz at the shelter he went up to all the cat cages, sniffing at the other cats all calm and curious (while they went crazy and hissed at him). I can't get another cat though I would love to. Onnie is fully vaccinated so he can't get any diseases or anything from the other cat right? I'm guessing if the other cat was agressive it would have hissed at him too? I dont want onnie to get beat up!

April 16th, 2007, 05:21 PM
You're better not to let him out, cats can get lost very easily, contrary to popular belief. He could also pick up some diseases that he probably hasn't been vaccinated against (correct me if I'm wrong) such as feline AIDS. Luckily, the really bad ones are really difficult to catch.

I'd cover the windows where the stray jumps up so Onnie can't see him easily. Sounds lame, but it should help.

Give Onnie lots and lots of playtime. If you've got a yard, maybe you could take him out on a leash, some cats are OK with leashes.

Of course, another cat would be great. Young cats have energy to burn and they appreciate the company when their human slaves are away. You could check out the stray, odds are he'd be a willing candidate :)

More seriously, if he hangs around and doesn't seem afraid of you, you could put up some posters in the neighbourhood, in case he's a lost pet.

April 16th, 2007, 08:22 PM
Thanks for ure advice :) I would never dream of letting onnie outside unsupervised and without a leash ( I had a cat who was indoor outdoor, given to me already used to going out all day, and he went missing :rip: :sad: ). I was just thinking of going out with onnie and the cat. I found a collar in the yard and called the vet whose tag that was on it pertained to, got a hold of the owner of the cat. Apparently he is an indoor outdoor cat that used to be a stray, this lady used to feed him and then took him to the humane society. When nobody adopted him she did, but he still roams around and because of his past he readily goes up to peoples doors begging for food etc. I thought he was a stray actually cuz he was quite skinny but by the time i went to get a jacket he had left.

Thanks again for the advice. Onnie get lots of play time and has more toys than human kids his age! He will look at me with disgust now when I walk in the door without something for him, heaven forbid :laughing: