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Cat food recommendation - Royal Canin food has wheat gluten

April 14th, 2007, 03:02 PM
I've been feeding Royal Canin dry cat food and my cats love it but I noticed it has wheat gluten. Is this dry food ok you think to continue? I also feed them Fancy Feast which they also like. I see that everyone seems to recommend the natural foods such as Innova, DVP but when I've given those foods to my cats they tried to cover it up...they refused to eat both the dry and wet varieties!!! :rolleyes: Should I try another brand like Chicken Soup or ??? I started the Royal Canin because one of them sheds a lot and it seems to have come under control with the RC

April 14th, 2007, 06:46 PM
Royal Canin is not a very good food and I would switch to a premium/holistic food. Try Orijen, Felidae or Solid Gold if they won't eat the Innova or DVP.

April 15th, 2007, 12:55 AM
Yep, I agree with Rainbow :) .