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crazy kitty

April 13th, 2007, 12:14 AM
this is a short little story... but if you had been there you would have seen how funny it was :P

Basically, my cat has been annoying my mom and has been being attacked by her babies for them to nurse .. still.. so we decided to send her on 'vacation' to my grandmothers.

Well, grandmoms got her other baby and a big old dog. Just a doberman mix .. maybe 80 pounds.

Well, so I let socks out of her cage.. she ran around for a bit and kept getting stuck in places. Then, me and my grandmom are standing in the kitchen and all of a sudden Socks started freaking out because the dog was trying to lick and sniff her.

My grandmoms like #$@#$ what are ya doing?!?! and i smacked the dog with the piece of cardboard thingy i had in my hand (i was cooking myself a snack it was from the box) and socks runs, and jumps 5 feet off the ground and goes onto the fridge :laughing:

so, i've got a crazy dog running around the kitchen all confused at what just happend, then Socks is on top the fridge and refused to get down and was growling at everyone .. and stayed up there for about 20 minutes just flat out stalking the dogs every moves.

My grandmom was there and was liek 2#$@#$ whatya doing cat?!?! get off my fridge!!

So, today I learned... Socks don't like dogs and can jump 5 feet off the ground and land on top a fridge :p