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Crate Cage

April 12th, 2007, 01:47 AM
Not sure if it's in correct thread. :o

Okay, my baby girl, Nova, is scheduled for her spay surgery this Saturday (God help me). I told Matt that we should get crate cage for Nova to prevent the activities. You know how she is, very hyper! Beagle traits. Ha ha ha. So, back to crate cage. I saw one huge cage has 2 doors access and a divider, too. I thought maybe we get one that up to 110lbs (I do not know how many kg, sorry). I can adjust the divide to make correct space for both of my dogs, Nova and Malibu, for a few hours when we go out to food shopping or something. Because summer time in Las Vegas is way toooo hot, over 100 F. Again, don't know C degree. :o

This is what I am talking about.. .aspx?cm_re=180-_-TopSellers2-_-243370

Or we get 2 cages (just 1 door each crate) that up to 90lbs for Malibu and up to 70lbs for Nova or get both of them each crate that up to 70lbs?

Malibu is approx 55 lbs and Nova might be 30 lbs.

Thanks for your help!!!!

April 12th, 2007, 08:03 AM
if your dogs have never been crated, do NOT crate them all day. Crate training takes time to develop, it's a skill that's gradually worked on. You can't just lock up 2 dogs in a crate all day. (or even for a "few hours")

crating should begin w/ only a minute or 2. then progress to a few min's, a half hour, an hour, 2 hours, etc.... as you can see, this takes time.

I also don't really like the idea of crating dogs together, I think 2 crates are better. The dog must have ample room to lay, turn around, and stand. to give you an idea, my dog is 50lbs and his crate is rated for a 100lb dog. so he has ample room to be comfortable.

dogs who have never been crated before can have trouble adjusting, they can have anxiety, which leads to nonstop howling/barking, or they can have accidents, or they will wildly try to get out - which could lead to injury. Crate training should be done slowly and gradually. (Ideally crating should be introduced when they are pups)

IMO, you should confine the beagle to a room that you can close off after her spay, not a crate.

April 12th, 2007, 09:33 AM
jessi76- Thanks for responding.. Yea, I feel we should get 2 crate cages for both of them instead of one.

When I dogsatted my friend's 2 beagle pups (all 4 dogs during weekend :eek: ) so, she brought her 2 cages in the case. And Malibu seems crate trained because I adopted her last Jan. And she went to the crate by herself for quiet time. I thought hmm, great.. So, first night of dogsitting, I put Nova in crate to see if she barks or not. She didn't!!!!! She slept there thru the night and woke us up when she needed to go to potty. I was surprised that Nova seems adjusted well in the crate.

Now, you said after surgery, Nova needed a space. I look around in my house, I don't really know. I can adjust a space in my master bathroom (it has own small room with a door for toliet) but I know Nova would want to get out of the there and be with Malibu. They alway wrestle every hour all day. That's one of my main concerns. So, I thought what about crate to make her calm down. I don't plan to put her there all day, just put her there whenever I'm in shower, go to bathroom, making dinners, etc. We will get one that up to 70 lbs and make a room in master bathroom. Will see what happens from there.

Thanks again.

April 12th, 2007, 09:42 AM
I'm a firm believer in crate training, so i'm not trying to talk you out of it. Just go slow - very slow. leave the door open if you can, and reward the dogs when they are IN the crate (not when they come out). Personally, I think a crate is a GREAT investment. it's a great way to contain an active dog. it just needs to be done gradually.

good luck! I think if both dogs are already interested in the crate, it's a great way to go. just keep it positive.

I leave my dog's crate out all the time. it's in my kitchen, and I just leave it open. he often chooses to go in for a nap or "quiet time". heck, I've even caught both of my cats in there too!

btw - good luck on the spay! happy recovery for Nova!

April 12th, 2007, 10:23 AM
Yea, I understand that you were not trying to talk to me out of it. It's my first time to get a crate cage. And don't know what to do with Nova since she's HOUSEBROKEN!!!! Lol. Matt alway put both of them in backyard before going to work if I still sleep. And I let them in when I woke up. We have a doggy door that access them to potty. I'm very fortunate that they are 99%potty trained.

So, hot weather would be coming anytime now (Early for Las Vegas), I feel they needed to be in crate for short time if we go out for a few hours. That's why I thought we should get it right now and intro them, especially Nova, by little time. Then they could be ready by summer time. Who knows? If it doesn't work, I wouldn't be worrying. I don't force them in the crate. I let them be free in my house- sleep on my bed or sofa. Anywhere! Ha ha. But Nova's 100% housebroken when I'm not there supervising. :eek: :laughing: