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Considering switching to nature's variety raw food few questions...

April 11th, 2007, 12:00 PM
As some may or may not know our two cats have recently had a large variety of sudden and serious medical conditions which we believe were triggered after the one type of ****ty vet food they were eating was recalled. They have since been on wellness however it seems to encourage crystals as Max the male now has another crystal. Our vet then switched us onto their ****ty royal canine anti-crystal food, last night with the new recall I though it was included but apparently it isn't, however I don't want to risk it as I have never has confidence in vet food and want to get them off it immediatly. The female was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrom and put on medi-cals hypo allergenic formula.

I have been considering raw for ages but do not yet feel confident yet to prepare it myself however I found a Canadian company called Nature's variety which sells frozen, whole carcess raw diets for cats and dogs. B

For the female due to her inability to digest some foods I have heard lamb is usually the best choice so I was considering putting her on there lamb diet and continue her on her meds and moniter how she does. For the male, who has crystals right now and is prone to them i am unsure if I can safely feed him raw or If i will risk the problem getting worse. I have heard some reports on how the higher acidic content of raw foods makes it harder for crystals to grow however I am unsure of how true this is. I am calling my vet tommorow (even though I know they don't know very much about pet nutrition) to see if it would be ok to put the male on a raw diet, continue him on his meds and keep a close eye on them ( he's schedualed for an x-ray on friday).

Next I also want to switch Duke onto there canine frozen raw diet as well as again I am not yet ready to prepare it myself. There diets do meet the standards for balanced nutrition and are certified organic meets with no growth horomones and so on however the one part that does throw me off at least for Duke is that the ratio of meat to veggies/fruits is 95:5. For a cat this is excellent as they are primarily carnivious but for a dog dosen't that seem a little unbalanced? To be truthful I have no idea as to what the ratio is in brands like Wellness and so on so I really have no idea on how to compare.


April 11th, 2007, 12:38 PM
I can't offer advice about raw feeding, but I do know that another great brand to consider is called Bravo!

April 11th, 2007, 12:59 PM
A few members on this very forum switched their pets over to a raw diet because they too were experiencing chronic health issues (crystals in urine, allergies, infections, IBD, etc) - and the reports are conclusive: raw really does make a big, positive difference!

Prepared commercial raw diets are a good way to start as they offer both convenience and "peace of mind" that things are balanced. but in the long run they are very expensive and most people learn to buy whole meats from butchers, grocery stores, slaugherhouses, hunters, fishers, etc and feed their pets that way. and yes, 95% meat (with bones and organs) is correct, neighter dogs nor cats need much vegetables and fruits at all... and certainly they do not need grains.

good luck! :thumbs up

April 11th, 2007, 01:40 PM
Bravo is american only..