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Buddy's Easter Weekend Update

April 13th, 2004, 08:29 AM
Well Buddy has progressed in leaps and bounds this last week has been a busy one getting him and the cats introduced has been a very hard uphill battle but I think I am winning slowly but surely:)

Here are some new things.

1)Buddy is slowly letting the cats come in the room with out instantly pouncing on them ( as long as I am there or he is out cold

2) There are now 3 of the 8 cats that will let Buddy close enough to smell them without a swat ( again while I am there the cats feel more secure)

3) Buddy met a playmate 4 year old that still has a little puppiness left in her although she is overweight they had hours of fun playing Buddy was happy to romp around with another.

4) Buddy is now allowed outside with out a leash he seems to know his boundries and when he is off sniffing out his new home and strays a little to far all I do is call him and he races back to my side he is so fast I love watching him in what seems to look like a full gallup

5) A little bad news (and scary) Buddy met a male dog and they didn't mix well !! Moley (short for Molson) is a sharpei (spelling?) fixed older dog. Him and buddy where introduced they smelt each other then whamo instant fight I immediatly separated them, I know I know you shouldn't get in the middle but I didn't want to go to animal hospital either all is ok and they were kept apart for rest of the day and a half visit.

But all in all Buddy is progressing very well turns out he is a very smart dog and I think he will adjust to the cats eventually :)
Oh and by the way his housebreaking has improved 100% he is now fully housebroken complete with sitting pretty to let you know he is desperate to go out if you ignore the first warning which is just sitting in front of you and staring you down with a little bit of barking which sounds more like a whimper sorta howl like he is really speaking to you and saying something

April 13th, 2004, 12:56 PM
Way to go Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See?? All it takes is some time!!! Good for you Iggie!!!! Keep up the great work with Buddy!!

I never know when Brick is not going to like another is all trial and error especially at the off leash area! Thankfully, Brick doesn't like being more that 50 feet away from us, so he always comes running back!! Buddy will do the same when he realizes that you are his people!! :D

April 13th, 2004, 07:38 PM
He will be a good wait and see!