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Favorite thing about your animal

April 10th, 2007, 12:18 AM
So I was cuddling with the fuzz butts today and was thinking how much I enjoyed it. Thought I would start a thread about those things our animals do that make us all mushy or laugh.

I love that in the morning I get up, go to the bathroom and then head back to bed for a mass cuddle. Lucy, Riley and Fred (cat) all follow me to the bathroom and then leap up on to the bed with me for a big cuddle session :lovestruck: .

I love that everynight Fred demands a special cuddle all tucked up and cozy as soon as I turn out the bedroom light :lovestruck: .

I love that Desi (not much of a cuddler and is really Daddy's girl) always gives me a kiss (licks my nose) when I pick her up :lovestruck: . She is also always in the same room as us.

I love that Riley is such a big goofy boy who makes me laugh and that Lucy is my sweet bossy lady :lovestruck: .

I love that the animals always greet me at the door when I come home, love me even if I'm b1tchy and hardly ever have a bad day :cloud9: .

April 10th, 2007, 12:23 AM

What a sweet thread idea.:)

I love how Jemma tells me if she's had enough morning pets by stretching on me and pinning me down till she's ready to go eat.

I love how Boo looks at me soooo guilty when he wants to stay outside and watch the neighborhood when I want him to come in (he usually wins, so he has honed his facial expressions).

I love how Jemma is there for me when I'm upset.

I love how Boo makes me laugh at the worst times.


April 10th, 2007, 03:36 AM
This was a good idea TeriM.
I love how Jag can make me laugh at any time
How he follows me around
How he gets excited when i come home
How he wants to cuddle or be my lap dog
And his unconditional love he gives

And with Sheba.
She can sleep all night and get up when i come home and go right back to bed untill i get up
pretty much the same as Jag.

Furbaby Momma
April 10th, 2007, 06:35 AM
Great Idea,

I love how my Retriever's do the wiggle bum dance, and how they are happy all the time. I always get pointed at when driving my car because my four Retriever's go everywhere I go, so each window is occupied by one of my Retriever's even my sunroof. If you are driving behind me you don't see me because I am a short Italian woman so you just see the head rest, no person driving :eek: ....just four Retriever's. People pass me and laugh when they see me, some will actually stop when I've parked and tell me how I made their day and they say wow four big dogs in your car!....I always say I paid for the car and I pay the insurance, but it is their car. :D

My cats are so special, they love being groomed by the dogs and my favourite time in the day is when I am opening a can of sardines, I have two cats with tails vibrating like crazy and singing and talking. Then they lay in front of the sun lit window, purring and looking at me saying mmmm that was good...tomorrow same time then mom, alrighty then. :cloud9:

April 10th, 2007, 06:44 AM
I thought this was a nice post also.
My favourite things about Roxie: The way that she has to be with me, even now she's curled up under my desk chair.
The way every morning, she steals one of my pillows, and then sits next to the bed, patiently waiting for me to realise that it's missing and wake up, she then jumps up with it in her mouth and we have a big cuddle.
Seeing her run with joy into the water, (beach, river, lake or puddle, does not matter) and then come running back to shake herself all over me.
Seeing her sometimes watching TV and tilting her head from side to side at the images & sound.
The way she likes to pretend that she is not really interested in the bisquit that I'm eating, by looking the other way, while pressing all her weight up against my knee.
And last of all, the fact that I'm lucky enough to have her in the 1st place.

April 10th, 2007, 06:52 AM
TeriM this was a great idea:highfive:

I love how cuddly Cassie is all the time:cloud9: and how cuddly Hunter is when he wants to be:D

I love how bossy Cassie is, and how sweet and kind Hunter is to her (and everyone else)

I love how Hunter reaches with his head to give a kiss.:lovestruck:

I love how Hunter tries to be a lap dog and Cassie knows she is:cloud9:

I love how Hunter tries so hard to get his own way, but in the end will listen, if we don't give in to him.

I love how they both love to sleep in :o and how excited they get when I have been away:cloud9:

April 10th, 2007, 07:18 AM
Great Idea,

My 4 cats:
I love how Mookie follows me around the house like a dog.
I love how Squeak trills and comes running when I call her name.
I love how Gabby finds everything exciting and interesting.
I love how Max purrs so hard every time he's picked up and held close.

My cockatiel:
I love how Frank clucks and whistles at the pretty bird he sees in his mirror.

My previous cats:
I loved how beautiful Toby was with his huge blue eyes.
I loved how tiny and loving little Max was.

My previous dogs:

I loved how Freddie used to wiggle his butt when excited.
I loved how Yogi enjoyed his little mad dog dashes when he wanted to play.


April 10th, 2007, 10:13 AM
Great idea! :highfive:


I love to watch her all intense like running through the yard with her ears pricked up.

I looove it when she lays on her back for a good belly rub. We pet her face and she closes her eyes tight and folds her two front paws over like she's in absolute heaven.

I love when she plays hide and seek with the kids. She is so patient.


I love it when he nuzzles my hair and blows air. It reminds me of when he was a puppy and used to cuddle like that alll the time.

I love it when I'm on the computer and he nudges his nose under my mouse hand and leans against me for a good neck scratch.

I love the fact that he is typically very obedient and I can count on him to listen to me when it's important.

I love it when I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and trip over him cuz he's laying right next to my side of the bed.

And both of them: It's hilarious when we get ice out of the fridge. We got a new fridge with the ice/water on the door. Whenever they hear the motor they come running because they pick up all the ice that falls on the floor. :cloud9: No puddles! :D

Otis: I love his soft furry self. And I love it when he curls up in a little cat ball. And I've taken up enough space here. :cloud9: :cloud9:

April 10th, 2007, 11:24 AM
so cute !

I love how they are always happy, Bailey always wags his tail, always.

I love how they are velcro to me, they make me feel so loved, it's unbelievable.

I love how Bailey makes rooorooos when he gets excited

I love how Sam cuddles with me

I love how Monsieur le chat handles any dog, he's my street wise cat :D I love how he graps my arm when I'm done petting him, he just doesn't want to let go !

April 10th, 2007, 11:55 AM
I love how Monsieur le chat handles any dog, he's my street wise cat :D I love how he graps my arm when I'm done petting him, he just doesn't want to let go !

Frenchy, I've been meaning to ask you. Does le chat mean cat in French? :confused:

April 10th, 2007, 11:57 AM
Mochie - love how she trusts me 100% and I can move her anywhere and she'll let me. I can move her off me, get up to do something, come back and place her back on me and she's happy. I love that she will allow me to squish her and kiss her head w/o pulling away.

Ginkgo - I love that she is learning to trust me. (She's only 1 1/2 and came from the SPCA.) I love that she follows me around like a dog and always wants to be around me. I love that she is not an aggresive cat and gets along with all the other animals.

Smitty - I love that he (only 1 years old) is a very gentle cat. Absolutely never aggressive and is in love with my GSD, Dracko. He follows him all over and I so love to see them cuddled up together. I love that he is not a jumpy or nervous cat.

Dracko - I so love that fact that he loves me. I enjoy that he follows me all over (under the desk right now).

I appreciate so much that he never hurts the cats and they always play together. Even if they annoy him at times he just flicks them away with his nose. I think it's funny to watch him if he is bored single out Smitty and go and "rough him up." (Smitty loves it when Dracko rolls him all over the place.)

I love that he will sleep and sleep and sleep until his lazy butt mom gets up on weekends.

I love that he is such a good dog on our walks. He senses the pull on the leash if he gets to a corner to know which way to go or will look back at me. He will cross the street on command, stop, etc.

I love that he can be left alone and never destroys anything.

I love the sense of security he gives me.

I think overall what I appreciate the most about my pets is their ability to all get along and no one seems to be the dominant one. I think this is unusual from stories I've heard of multiple pets.

April 10th, 2007, 11:58 AM
Frenchy, I've been meaning to ask you. Does le chat mean cat in French? :confused:

Yes, it's mister the cat. It was his temporary name, until I could find something better, like a real name, but I got used to it and so did he :p

April 10th, 2007, 12:15 PM
umm so i'll be arrogant...but what's NOT to love about my animals??:o :D

April 10th, 2007, 12:28 PM
favorite things....

Tucker - My favorite thing about him is his willpower. He will NOT give up and he will NEVER surrender.

Miss Lulu - My favorite thing about miss lu is her compassion. she is the only cat I've EVER seen catch mice, moles, voles, snakes, frogs, etc... to be FRIENDS w/ them. (she doesn't harm them in the "catch" either).

Nala - my favorite thing about Nala is her 'tude. she has a no-nonsense, this is how it's gonna go, type of attitude. She is my right hand cat. helps me keep the other two furry-hooligans in line.

April 10th, 2007, 08:36 PM
I love the noises Sable makes, when she is very content, she will say "hummmblummmm". And at night she will jump on the bed and I will use her as a pillow (she makes a very comfy pillow!) and she will make happy humming noises ("hmmmmmm, hummmm, mmmmmurrmmmmm").

She is also very fresh sometimes and she will walk over to the coffee table and if there is a pile of books, or a bottle of water she will go "shove" with her long pointy nose and then watch it fall over. And then she will look at me to see my reaction. Usually I am laughing. :D

The bunnies I just love to watch, two of them are litter box trained and live in a dog ex-pen, and I will watch them rearrange their toys and make forts out of cardboard boxes (they will chew doorways in different sides of the boxes and hop through). The third bunny flings her toys around her cage and just loves when Sable visits her. I just find them really fascinating creatures.

April 10th, 2007, 08:48 PM
Great thread!!!

I love Toby's zoomies in the backyard (round 'n round 'round he goes!)

I love his happy little grunty noises when he settles onto his pillow for the night.

I love how he rests his chin on the bed in the morning to ask if he can jump up for his morning snuggle.

I love how he wrinkles up his nose and snorts when he's having fun wrestling!

I love the little high-pitched squeak he makes when he yawns, and that he has a black spot on his tongue (so when he yawns, we always say "Hi, Spot!")

I love how he likes to be our furry spoon on the couch!

I love how in the spring, his undercoat gets so soft and fluffy before he starts to shed! Its like puppy fur!

I love his big velvety floppy ears!

I could go on all night, so I'll stop there for now :p

Yay Toby! :lovestruck:

April 10th, 2007, 08:57 PM
O boy there is so many thing to love;
I love Bree and everything about her
her hair
her eyes
her tail
her paws
the way she finds everything she sees a something new
the way she stays out of the kitchen except her nose when i am busy in there
there are other things to love but it would take all night to list them

I love her........BREE

April 10th, 2007, 09:03 PM
One of the many things I love about Harley is how he is always there for me, sick, or unhappy, he is always there trying to put a smile on my face.
On of the things I love about tigger, is how he so wants to be a dog. lol

April 10th, 2007, 09:34 PM
I LOVE her ears:lovestruck:

I love the way she curls up into the tiniest ball when she wants to fit into the exact same spot that I'm sitting in.

I love the way she rolls onto her back when she's ready for tummy rubs (or as someone in my Layla thread pointed out, maybe she's just ready for her manicure)

I love the way she licks my face to wake me up. Though I don't love it when I want to keep on sleeping.

I love how if I get up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom, no matter where she was when I got up, she's always sleeping right ontop of my pillow when I get back.

I love the wigglebum.

I love the absolute joy she expresses in everything she does.

I love how soft she is.

I love the way she looks.

I love the way she checks to see where I am when she's off leash.

I love the way she tries to nudge me up if I fall. (Though at 37 lbs, she's not nudging me anywhere)

I love the cuddles.

I love how much she loves people.

I love her personality.

I LOVE HER.:lovestruck: :lovestruck:

April 10th, 2007, 09:42 PM
i love the wide flat space between their ears... soft as bunny fur and perfect for giving kissies :cloud9:

i love their sweet, gentle souls... almost human, trapped inside big furry bodies - they are my best friends :o

April 10th, 2007, 10:29 PM
oh lets see

beathoven.well everyone gets a wiggle bum and a stuffie greeting:D
george hates everyone except me...its loud screams when i get home
felix.well he is mine,georges and beathovens....constant kisses from him
ozzy. is my daughters....its all about her
tigger.well he is anti social:D on the dogs:eek:

April 10th, 2007, 11:25 PM
What a wonderful thread!

Bobby - I love how gentle he is; how quiet and patient and I love it when he stands in front of me, makes eye contact and just looks. I love his independence and his determination. I love to watch him walk and trot - his tail tip waggles from side to side.

Amber - I love her "Bumba" - he gets between my legs and jumps up and down with her back legs only - what a hoot! I love the way she talks when she's being cuddled and I love to watch her run - she's like a young racehorse.

Shadow - I love how he swats me on the leg (no claws) if I don't pick him up when he thinks I should. I love his purr especially when he comes to lie on me at night.

There's lots more but these are my main fuzzbutt loves :)

April 10th, 2007, 11:48 PM
Peaches - I just LOVE how she scoots underneath my legs (doesn't matter where I'm sitting) and tries to be an ottoman (and succeeds). I also love that she backs into pets butt first and then looks at me like "Wha?!"

Simon - He stands on the side of my bed in the morning and hoooofs at me until I wake up (if you don't know the sound, find someone who has a Pointer, they'll know ;)), and if that fails, finds the nearest nylabone and flings it in my general direction (think Monty Python and Holy Grail).

The Fish - They actually *do* swim up to the top of the tank in the morning and wait for me to feed them, though my Zebra Dainio does laps if I'm late (I see this lil silver thing zigzagging furiously). Crankypants (my betta) will puff up and dart about his own tank until I drop food in, if I'm lucky, he won't try to launch himself out of the water (fancies himself a South African Great White I think).

April 11th, 2007, 12:03 PM
Aww so many special comments.

I love how she fluffs up her own bed by pawing and jumping on it.
I love how she cannot just sit beside you,she has to lean on you.
I love how she loves kids....she's a better bbsitter then some people I know.
I love how her body starts quivering if she senses water nearby.

I love that he is only a puppy but is so very smart and patient.
I love how if your walking down the hallway he will turn and stop in front of you and refuse to budge until you force him out of the way,it's kind of our game.
I love how he needs to see me before he goes into his kennel for the night and first thing in the morning when he comes out.
I love when he drags his toys around the house because I know he really does appreciate them.

I adore how Harley is MY cat...she is there all day all the time at my heels meowing her face off about everything.
I love how Harley knows when I am having a "sore" day and can hardly move because she will follow me around the house talking to me, and she sleeps beside the bath tub while I am soaking.
I love how Maisy is our own little Sun Goddess following the sun throughout the house lying in it all day.
I love how much MoJo loves people, she will rub all over you and jump in your lap and talk talk talk. She can make anyone smile that cat.

April 11th, 2007, 06:45 PM
Emmy: I love how I get at least a 15 minute crazy welcome when I come home, complete with screaming, wigglebum, and stumpy tail wagging. Makes me feel like a total celebrity. :D

Ruben: I love his grumpy bully face and sad eyes even when I know he is not sad or grumpy. :)

Abby: I love watching in awe at how athletic she is, she can run forever, even though she is an almost 6 yr. old Great Dane. :thumbs up

Great idea for a thread.....I could post so much more!

April 11th, 2007, 07:55 PM
Awwww :lovestruck:

I love how Kitty will curl up right next to my face at night, and bury her face in my hair and purrrrrr.

I love how all three of my kids follow me from room to room when I go around the house.

I love when Tickey does a little dance and stands on his hind legs, impatient for his food.

I love how attached Louie is to me.

I love how Louie will put his head on my shoulder from the back seat while I'm driving.

Too much more to think of. :lovestruck:

April 11th, 2007, 08:52 PM
Love this thread...1-I love how when i make the bed roxy lays under there and darts out like she is gonna attack my feet,comes to a dead stop goes back under bed and does it again..2-I love how when i get home from work when she hears me she cries at the door til i come in..3-I love how she has made my life better just bu being in it..I could go on and on but #3 says it all.

Mocha's mum
April 11th, 2007, 10:57 PM
I love it when Mocha sits outside the bathroom and waits for me to come out.

I love his crooked bottom snaggle tooth

I love how he groans at me when he wants attention

I love how he digs a 'nest' wherever when he wants to go to sleep

I love how he pouts when he's had a haircut

I love how Mocha's been my one constant thing for the last five years. No matter how crappy things have gotten, or how depressed I've been, he's been there, steadfast and unjudging and loving unconditionally. He's the thing that's kept me grounded for so long.

April 12th, 2007, 08:54 AM
I love how Hunter sprawls on top of my bed trying to take up every inch of it
then looks at me with a look that says "What are you looking at? Get your own bed :evil: "

I love how he cheats when we play tug-o-war with his favourite rope by trying to steal my slippers to distract me, then all of a sudden....snatches the rope and runs away laughing at me :dog:

I love it when we wrestle :D

I love how Boo looks at me soooo guilty when he wants to stay outside and watch the neighborhood when I want him to come in (he usually wins, so he has honed his facial expressions).

Which expression is that? Blue Steel? Ferrari? Le Tigre? ...or is it *gasp*...Magnum!?!?

(sorry, I just saw Zoolander AGAIN for the 89479328th time last night...)

April 12th, 2007, 09:20 PM
I love so many things about Tommy...

I love how he barks at his cookies. I love how he's a big dork with his food and has to take each piece and throw it around the kitchen before finally conquering it and eating it. I love how when he drops a piece he won't eat anything else until he finds that exact piece and finishes it off. I love how he sits in the corner of the living room every morning after I'm finished getting ready for work and stares at me until I sit down so he can have his mommy time before I leave.

And I love that nobody thinks JRT's are sweet and calm enough to spend their evenings like this...

November 17th, 2007, 12:00 AM
Well there are a bunch of new regulars on the board since this post so I thought I'd bump it back up for some updates :D.

November 17th, 2007, 08:21 AM
Puddles: I love how gentle she is. She wouldn't hurt a soul or thing.

Jasper: I love that he has so much love to give, whether to strangers, other cats, his family. He brings joy to all visitors that come into our house.

Sweet Pea: I love how she appreciates every meal she gets. I love how protective she is of her kittens.


November 17th, 2007, 11:16 AM
I love how my Windy is MY Windy... and I secretly like to hear how she swats everyone when I'm not around. And how she absolutely has to be between me and the keyboard, snuggled into my elbow while I surf. And her good morning, get up, massages!

I love how my Smoke is so tough, she growls like a jaguar, and although she is still afraid of Palomine I have caught her chasing Buddy down the hall slapping him in the butt although he is 3 times her size! And how if she is upset or scared if I pick her up and hold her and pet her and talk softly she will purr like crazy. Oh and how she is so still daddy's girl!

Oh my Buddy, so much to love, I love that he head butts me every chance he gets. I love that he has to be the first to jump on visitors and wrap himself around their neck and nuzzle. And I love his zoomies. And that super super soft space behind his ears.

Palomine, what a cat! He is our junkyard cat. I love how intensely he wrestles the thing (my hand) under the blanket. I love that he is always looking for a warm spot to curl up. I love that he is our protector always trying to scare off the outside cats. And I love love love how he sings for his supper.

Fagan... my little man. I love how strong he is, and how even though he has had such a rough year or so, he is still the sweetest most gentle cat. I love that when I lay down to watch tv, he has to be on my side with his cheek pressed into mine, purring loudly. I love that he takes his medicine like a trooper and that he talks to me in little chirps and squeaks.

Asker, the last to arrive. I love how far she has come at trusting me. I love that she runs to the bed and immediately flops over for a belly rub. And I love how she has decided that bathroom time is her mommy time to get in her special alone time with me. And I love how every time I get out of bed I return to her curled up in my 'warm' spot.

So so so much to love in them all... and what a great thread, I loved to read how much we all love our pets and how happy they make us in so many different ways.:lovestruck: :lovestruck: :lovestruck: :lovestruck: :lovestruck: :lovestruck:

:grouphug::lovestruck: To all of yours too!

November 17th, 2007, 12:32 PM
What a great thread!

Vlad - I love how he's always the first to receive my guests. I love that he patiently allows me to make sure his eyes and ears are clean. I love how even though he doesn't like to be overly petted, he always comes to settle on my shoulder and wants to cuddle in the wee hours of the morning.

Okana - She's by far the most elusive of the bunch. Preferring to be on her own and not be bothered, she always accompanies me to the bathroom for my shower. She lays on her towel and waits for me to finish. She jumps on the bed in the morning and cuddles next to me and lets me pet her while she purrs away.

Kiska - A sweet little kitty. I love her little chirp meow. She's feisty and playful and makes me laugh.

Maks - He's had a hard go, but he's a little cuddle monster. If I'm sitting, and he sees me, he cuddles up on my lap. In the early morning, he wakes me up with little kisses and curls himself up in a little ball on my chest.

I love all of my little ones and they each have their quirks, but they also all have their endearing qualities. I can't imagine not having any of them.:lovestruck::cat::lovestruck::cat::lovestruck ::cat::lovestruck::cat:

November 17th, 2007, 01:02 PM
I love how my cat has this TOUGH exterior..but every so often..she gets extremely snuggly..but only for a few mins. Then it's back to miss toughie. Deep down she is a softie.

I love how she puts her head on my head when I am sleeping. I love how she kisses my eyelids to wake me up *L*

I love the little sounds she makes.

I love how she is always getting into mischef, then gives the look like..whhhattt I am not doing anything....or just blantly turns her head to not look at me.

I love how she hogs my bed at night.

I love how she runs around with her toys in her mouth meowing.

I love how she gives me kitty death looks *L* It just too cute.

I love how she is the most snuggly in bed and when I first wake up. It's like she's one can see me suckie except mom. *L*

My cat is just crazy the majority of the time...but I love her to death. To me she is the perfect kitty and I love her to pieces.


November 17th, 2007, 04:41 PM
I foster homeless cats. My Natasha, a tortoiseshell is a gentle 10 year old girl and she just loves people and other cats. She welcomes all the strays with open paws. A new friend, great, lets's play! You know I love to share! She is long haired and needs to be brushed, she really loves it and often sticks out her tongue with happiness. My Siamese X loves only people. As soon as people sit down at the kitchen table, she shows off how cute she is! She loves to sit on my right shoulder when I watch T.V. and she sleeps only on my pillow. I guess we are attached at the hip. She hates strays though and she makes sure they know about it. When are you leaving, this is my house, time to get adopted! R.I.P FiFi, she loved to bite feet. But before she attacked she would wiggle her bum, it was hilarious!

Ford Girl
November 20th, 2007, 03:25 PM
oh my...where to begin.

Dazy, I love how she is always smiling, always tail wagging, always happy. Always - how can that be? Her soft ears, her roo roo's, and the look on her face when she's learned something new and she can't wait to prove herself to us. How she's always happy just to be with us, whether it's on the couch or a short ride to the store where she doesn't even get to get out of the car, she wants to come with us. I love how adaptable she is to situations and how eager to please she is. How gentle she is with seniors and kids. How all at the same time she can be rough and tumble and gentle and loving and sensitive. Very adaptable. How she learns and thrives from routine. That's all i will list for now...LOL!!! :lovestruck:

Pubert, I love how he always wants to be part of the pack, right in the middle, if there's room for him, he's right there with us. How he keeps Dazy in line even tho he is the size of her head. I love how he waits each morning for food, on his raised table, bright eyed and ready for breakfast. I love that he comes when called and is food motivated. He greets people at the door, meows out the window at stranger...almost dog like? :lovestruck:

marsupial mama
November 20th, 2007, 08:02 PM
what a cool thread

I love that we finally have a kitty after years of longing.

I love how she is like a bunch of animals in one. Scrounges for food like a dog. Stretches out long like a ferret. Canters like a very small pony LOL.

She's not a cuddly kitty but I love how she will come and hang out in whatever room the people are in. Curls up on a chair nearby when I am working.

I love how she greets us first thing in the morning, or when we come in the house. Nose to nose greetings and she'll rub her head against us if we're really lucky.

I love how she does weird things like eat peach bits and Tubes yoghurt snacks, and sits in the corner of the kitchen and stares for ages at teeny bugs no one else can see. And how she hunts flies. Not too sure about the butterfly-eating though. Yuck.

She's kind of clumsy but hugely entertaining in the process... And I love how she sometimes walks up and down on my desk and keeps me from seeing the computer screen.

And she talks a lot. I'm glad to have a cat that actually has something to say.

And I love how she draws the teenagers out of their rooms and brings the family together to see what she is up to next.

November 21st, 2007, 11:36 PM
Awwww... what a cute picture of Tommy!!!

I love how Hogan will say "hi" when I walk in the door. He actually wrinkles up his nose to show his teeth and mouths out "Hi". Very unusual for a dog!

I love my old resued girl, Bailey's ability to handle what life throws her way. She is soooo happy and has such a spirit about her.

My girl Molly is gone now and I still have tears over her. I love how she was the one constant in my life through a divorce, death of parents, son's disabilty and my health problems. She was my love and always made me laugh. I miss her so.

November 22nd, 2007, 03:47 PM
I love all my guys,but maybe some a little more sometimes.I love Nell,my collie who is the most loving devoted dog,she brought me back when I lost Gypsy.Tessa is the most gentle sensitive soul she's just a sweetheart.Then there's Molly,well what can you say about a cairn if they can't make you laugh you have a problem.I love Jack,my old Canadian,for his gentle patience especially when Ali was learning to ride.Happy,Liz's horse is a perfect match to her even same colour hair!!Last year when she went head first into a hedge over his head during the Lake of Two Mountain Hunter trials he stayed right beside her even though many scary people were running up to them!!loyalty.And last but not least there's my beautiful wonderful Arabesque who's perfect(even if Rose and Liz call him my geeky little arab)Sorry to brag but my gang are just wonderful all around.

November 28th, 2007, 12:32 AM
Thanks for reviving this thread what a wonderful way to remind us why we love our pets.

I love the way Sasha will be sitting in another room or by the back door and do her little squeak until I call her to come. sometimes, she will stay until she gets me off of my butt and go looking for her to incourage her to move.

I love how she can be such a tease. She will sidle up to me and try to take my slippers thinking i'm sure that I won't notice, even though they are on my feet. She gets this sassy look on her face and in her all know the look!

I love that she will let me use her as a pillow, we both have a little evening nap after a tough day.

could go on forever of course, as someone before me said what is there not to love?


November 30th, 2007, 12:23 PM
The first thing that attracted me to my schnauzer Weppa was his big, bright expressive eyes. I know it sounds silly, but I "knew" this was the dog for me the minute I saw him. Just one of the things he does that I love is that when I stop petting him, he will lay his paw on my arm insistently and with eyes widened seeming to say "I KNOW you are not done petting me, are you?... are you??":lovestruck:

November 30th, 2007, 02:44 PM
Super sweet, idea and thread, and JRT pic :lovestruck:

I really love how Misti rules the two big dogs.
How she purrs like mad when she on top of me as we watch TV in the evenings.
How she paws at my hand when I'm separating the yolk and the egg white (see pics in separate thread) to get me to give her the yolk.
How her eyes light up at night.
How she hides on top of the kitchen cabinets and lets me search all over the house for her.
How she's surprised that the birds on the deck outside the patio door disappear as soon as she goes outside to join them.
How frustrated she looks when the squirrels are RIGHT outside the window in front of her nose!

I love Dani for her independance and lack of velcro-behavior.
The way she will come for a quick cuddle to say "hi, I love you, I just stay by myslf, like a cat, but I do love you"
The way she will play gently with Misti but rough it with Sheba.
Her instant reaction to anything on the street outside (even, or especially racoons!)

Sheba? She's just Sheba. A big, goofy, lovable dog who still seems confused to be in this "madhouse" and being loved for herself.
The way she'll bump the hand of anyone who was petting her but stopped (why?? :confused: )
Her way of sitting pretty (for such a large dog, it's incredible)
Her joyfullness when we go to the country.

The way both dogs take to the lake and swim after the ducks.
How they jump in and out of their human grandpa's boat without hesitation.
Their excitement when we say we're going up north.
Misti's obvious joy when we come back!

Heck, they are just loveable!

November 30th, 2007, 05:57 PM
What a good thread!
I love Barbie's loyalty and how she'll sit and purr and watch me. I also adore how resilient she is - she only has one eye, yet she's so able and clever.
Minnow is so intelligent and playful. I love how she has become friendly even though she had a terrible start in life with being abused by her former owner. Now she sits on knees, chirps to greet you and can be an absolute madam.
I love how friendly Ellie is, and her loud purr, and how she sleeps curled up as close as she can. She's such a happy kitty, even with bucket on her head. I also adore how she types when she stands on my computer!!

November 30th, 2007, 07:36 PM
I love how Chloe wakes up and instantly starts wagging her tail. I love how she will attack us with kisses if we lay down on the floor with her and I love her sweet soft face and puppy kisses and that she follows me everywhere I go.

I miss Shade like crazy, I loved her special smile whenever we came home or she did something naughty. I loved that her feet smelled like tortillas and her super soft fur. I loved that she would nuzzle on our blanket, sheets, comforters. I love how she would leap into the water and always had to get the biggest stick. I loved everything about her, she was my soulmate.:candle:

November 30th, 2007, 07:59 PM
I love how harley comes up to bed just for cuddles, he rolls on his back, and does alittle happy grumble.
Tigger. wow so many things about this cat, but my favorite is when I am sick, he climbs on my chest, purrs and falls asleep.
Mickey, they way he loves to head butt for attention

December 1st, 2007, 12:47 AM
Wow, we are all very lucky people to have such great pets :cloud9:.

December 1st, 2007, 12:13 PM
Can I take up some room? :D
My 13 yr old toy Keesha - I love that she is momma's little girl, mopes when I am not around, does her happy dance when I come back, and is still learning how to do things - like pull the string on vibrating mice with her teeth to make it move.
My Lab x Samantha - She adopted me when I moved in with this family. She's 11 but still does a little jig when she sees anyone come in. Supposed to be our guard dog but will jump in anyone's car! She is treat hog for sure! And loves coming in at night to curl up on her rug.
My kitties.........what can I say.... Tazzy 8 months - is a tough little boy who only allows my attention and then on his terms. Meowzer 6 mths- my big suck - loves to roll on his back for his belly rubs. Miss Purrfect 6 mths- runs to the gate and says hurry up, I want my hugs. Little Bit 6 mths- my "didn't think you would survive" baby but she did and wow, what a gal! Nipper 6 mths - independant as heck but still wants her cuddles. Brownie 5 mths - is Meowzer's shadow in ever way. Wants every hug and cuddle Meowzer gets. Wheezer 5 mths - the first one on my lap when I sit down. He gets the best spot. Tinker 5 mths - He has the eyes of an old soul. So trusting, so knowing. Qugee 5 mths - is my quiet gentle gal. Never know she's around till you see her watching you with those beautiful eyes. Skitty 4 mths -lives up to her name. She loves her pets but no hugs thank you. Squeak 4 mths - is so tiny I thought for sure I would have to move her to the house so she would survive. She had other ideas. You can't separate her and Skitty. She's a pet me but no hugs too. Prince Mew 4 mths - my demanding little man. You know where he is by his mew. Not meow, mew. But it's loud! And you can't forget to pick him up cause he climbs your leg, but gently. Miss Atty 4 mths - my fuzzball. Broke her leg at 3 wks and had to be on antibiotics. She hates, hates, hates being on her back because she thinks there's medicine to follow. She loves to wrap around my hand and not let go. Mylee 3 mths - what a cuddle buns! Her purr is so loud you hear it everywhere. And the 2 new ones - Kylee and Nika 3 mths are going to give me a run for my money to tame them.
My love birds - still need lots of taming but still love to sing and dance. I love the way they feed each other. And my fishies......... well, they swim.
Sorry to take up so much space. :o Had to get everyone in.

December 1st, 2007, 01:19 PM
Yes, it's mister the cat. It was his temporary name, until I could find something better, like a real name, but I got used to it and so did he :p

i never knew that!! how funny it is that we both have creatures named Mister!!!

i *LOVE* that Hunter is my cat. he follows me, bathes me, talks to me, sleeps on my feet at night and generally follows each move of my body like a perfect dancer. he is my 'life partner' if you will... he moves with me better than my husband dies!!! even after 6 weeks of dance lessons!! :laughing:

i love how Shadow likes to hear his own yodel echo back at himself. he finds the best acoustics in the house and just serenades himself.

Baby Girl is so royal. she has the tiniest voice but commands half the house with it. Mister obeys her at all cost!!!

i *love love love* how Frances has brought so much life into our house! she is so lively and spunky! she is so sweetly a pest to our other creatures (and sometimes us too!!)

Mister Mister Mister.... i love how he is always happy to see me. he asks me permission before doing ANYTHING. i like how his eyes droop in his sleep and his lower lip quivers like a horses when you scratch his white spot. although if i could boss him around like Baby Girl does.... or perhaps communicate as well as she does?? i love how his nose whistles when he sticks it out the window. or how it just SLAYS him to wait in the car for the few moments to run the videos back to the video store but he is so super patient when i go in the store for grocery shopping. *rolls eyes*

my favorite thing about my husband is he brings me coffee in the morning. he calls me when he is on his way home from work...

oh wait.... this is the NON-SKINNED pets!!


December 7th, 2007, 02:15 PM
No one has posted on this thread in a while but I wanted to play because I'm new :p

Layla :cat:
I love her tiny front paws that are kind of out of sync with her "robust" figure
I love how she hangs out with me when I'm at the computer or eating breakfast
I love how she wakes me up in the morning: by walking up to my face and gently putting her paw on my nose
I love how she reaches up with her paws for treats
I love that we got to the shelter in time to save her; she was going to be put down that week because no one had adopted her... We had only intended to get one cat and ended up with two -- twice the love :lovestruck:

Millie :cat:
I love that she's a guy's gal and likes my DH more than me :laughing:
I love that she scratches an old wooden post in the basement, but none of my woodwork
I love when she gives in and lets me cuddle with her a bit
I love that she will stand up to our puppy and not take any flak :rolleyes:

Sola :dog:
I love that she is growing and learning so fast
I love the weird little dance she does in the morning to have her breakfast
I love how she bounces in the snow like an awkward rabbit
I love how she still snuggles.. don't know how long that will last!
I love how happy she is when we give her a peanut butter stuffed kong :pawprint:
I love how she pulled a "Bambi" on the ice (all four legs splayed out and sliding!)

That's it for my little buddies :goodvibes:


Jim Hall
December 7th, 2007, 05:38 PM
We should take this thread and Wrap it up and send it to everyone that thinks pets "are just dumb animals"

DU, what can I say ?
I love watching her settle down and give a big sigh when she goes to sleep
I love that she will purr if i even look over at her and say hi
I love that every once in a while, just enough times to make it special, she will grab my leg with her paw to stop me from leaving a room and look up and give the softest meow.

But most of all I love her for her bravery. That after all she has been through, she is still willing to trust a human being or two.

now i got to find a tissue

December 7th, 2007, 08:55 PM
I don't know how come I haven't mention Nelly :sad:

I love how Nelly acts like a real dog now , more like a puppy. I love how she gets the zoomies in the house , or if I throw the ball in the house for her , and she never knocks anything !!! I love how she just cuddles with me when I lay down on the floor , she just lays beside me and looks straight into my eyes. :cloud9: I love how she listens to me , even without any real training.

Newbie Paddington : I love how he adjusted in our family. He will just lay there , in the middle of all the dogs. I love how affectionate he is , with everyone. I love how he's :evil: but not all the time :laughing:

December 7th, 2007, 09:45 PM
To find a favorite thing about any of my fuzzballs is quite impossible, they are each so special and they are the reason I get out of bed each day (well except for the days Molly insists I stay in bed with her :D)

I have to remind myself that Molly has only been with me a little over 6 months now - she has become a part of me so quickly you'd never know we haven't been together forever. Clover too, is a new addition, he came into my life when I lost my Chloe love :rip: last winter. Chloe might not be here physically but the place she had in my heart will always be hers, like Shredy's Shade, Chloe was my soulmate too. Misery, despite her name and sometime aloofness, has been the one who's seen me through some of my toughest times. I love the fact that both of my cats lived in my house before I did (they were both left by previous owners, Misery knowingly and Clover as a surprise when he returned a year after the original owners left)

Each of them make me laugh, make me cry, calm me when times are rough and drive me crazy when I can take it, it is these creatures that keep me going.

And my favourite thing about the feathered flock (chickens)?? They always make me laugh:laughing: (and their eggs are really good). Plus they are such neighborhood icons, the only reason some of my neighbors stop by is to chat about the "girls".:cloud9: