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Mow Mow Lost Cat

April 12th, 2004, 04:21 PM
April 12, 2004

**Special Note**We had recently received a call from a family in the West end of Hamilton regarding my cat being found. Would you please email Helen at and allow me to come to your home to see if this is my cat. You had mentioned to my mother, that your grandmother has the cat and that you would like to keep her. I would like to see if this is my cat--this would put my worries to rest. Please if you see this note, email me and let me know. I appreciate the fact that you mother did not take enough information down for my cat. I truly miss this cat and would be happy to reward you if you let me know through email where to contact you. Thank you again!

*****Please Read the Following... *****

My precious cat belonging to 109 Cameron Avenue South is lost and has been (possibly wandering) since Sept 2. If anyone sees this animal with the description below, a reward will be given to the person who returns the cat.

The cat is Black with big gold eyes, white on its throat, a streak of white on the tips of both back paws, white on its belly, it has a very long black tail and has a strange meow—deep sounding like a Siamese cat (it looks slightly like a Siamese cat as well). It is wearing a black ˝ inch dog collar with a silver buckle. The animal is microchipped and declawed. It is a very slim cat only two and one half years old. If Kingsway Hospital or Animal Welfare Association is closer to you, you can return it there. I would be happy to drop off the reward there as well. It has been seen wandering in the vicinity of Croswaithe near Kenilworth Avenue all the way down to Montery and Garside to Cochrane…along the inner streets near Kenilworth and possibly inner streets near King Street, possibly further. It is a backyard cat that has never strayed and possibly does not know its way back home.

My email is Please contact Helen if you see this cat!!

Thank you so much for your help!!!
:( :( :(

April 12th, 2004, 08:17 PM
Sept,that's a long time...Is there no way Bell could trace this phone-call to your mom?
It all sounds a little fishy,why would she call you if her grandmother wanted to keep the cat.
I can understand your frustration not knowing if it is your cat,but you gave a very good description.
Good Luck to you!! Let us know what happens!