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Help With My Rat

April 6th, 2007, 09:41 PM
Ok so i originally got this rat as a meal for my snake, but he wouldn't eat her and i fell in love with the little cutie. I got her from a responsible pet store that took good care of her and when purchased she approached the handler readily, after the encounter with the snake she doesn't really trust people to much any more, i guess with good reason. She isn't scared of me and she doesn't run from me like I would expect her to, she nips at my fingers when i try to pick her up. I guess i need a few tips on how to get her to trust me fully, she seems like she is going to be a wonderful pet when conditioned. Thanks for your time.:)

April 13th, 2007, 01:52 AM
Congrats on your new pet. I'm glad for her sake that she didn't become snake food!

Be careful with your fingers.. you don't want to encourage her to bite. Don't hand feed her, and don't stick your fingers out. She might think that you're offering them as food or she might just get curious and nibble them.

Whenever I got a new rat that was nervous I would carefully pick it up out of it's cage -- or better yet, let it come out on its own -- and let it come to me. Use treats as a reward, but don't hand feed them. Make sure that your rattie can escape quickly and has somewhere to hide. I would usually put a rat on my bed and sit with it for awhile. It would usually retreat to the pillows or under the blankets, and eventually it would come out. Over a few days the rat would usually get more and more comfortable with me. In time the rat would be up on my lap and totally comfortable.

Make sure that you aren't staying too still. Move around enough so that your rat gets used to your movements. Make sure that you talk to her a lot so that she gets used to your voice too.

Good luck :) I miss having rats. They are such great pets.

April 23rd, 2007, 01:28 PM
Many years ago we were lucky enough to "babysit" school rats for the whole summer. They came with a cage. It was a wonderful experience. They were very gentle and tame. Since they were handled by many children at school, they were people friendly. You should do the same with your rat and let everyone who comes to your house to handle it. It will help tame it.

April 23rd, 2007, 06:43 PM
Ermmmm, it's natural for rats to nibble on a person they don't completely know. It's actually how they identify people. Rats are awesome pets and with a lot of socialisation, they can go everywhere with you.

May 13th, 2007, 04:33 PM
when i had my rat daisy i had her for about 3-4 years she got a tumer so she had to be put down :( she had never bitten me even when i got her she never bit any1 ,
one day when my STUPID aunt came over with her BRAT chirldon thwey went in my room when i went outside for just a min and i came back with ehr in her cage upside down on the floor with the shaveings everywere she was shakeing so scared she had a puddle under her and they were laffing I WAS SO MAD i said GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM NOW and when they rat i smacked then lightly with a book saying dont ever do that THEY WERE LAFFINGGGGG
i was so mad i hate it when they come over they torchuer my pets they take my birds out when im not looking and throw them and watch them fly or hit the wall i came up and said THATS It Ive HAD ENOUGHF I WAS SCREAMING THIS TIME i SAID GETTTT OUTTTTTTT.
and then they were crying and i said good.
they had hert my animals so many times they picked up my maincoon cat by it's tail and swung it my mom put a stop to that,
but it was kinda hard to get daisy after all that treatment they gave her to be calm again she never did act properly after that when i took her on her walks she was never the same as she walked she would shake,
i got daisy to love me when i fed her popcorn and she liked pizza crusts
just pet the rat i guess .
i really don't know how ive never had a mean pet cept for roxey.

August 9th, 2007, 01:53 AM
Handle your rat do not force it. I had a rats a few times. I only had one rat bite me that I got from the SPCA. He was a grumpy old bum. But rats as I got young, I could train to come to the couch i was on by taping it. I also taught a rat to eat out of my mouth (yeah I know gross... I was like 14) I went away and the person who watched my rat bred it. I hated that person. My rat though was fine. She didn't get agressive with me at all. I was able to touch the babies (dont advise it) a day after they were born and she did nothing... they all survived (which was rare.)

She never nibbled on me but she trusted me with all her heart and went every where with me. Her name was Buddet. LOL She was great. I had to go away for a weekend and the lady I was staying with who was going to keep an eye on her well the she took them to her back yard and set them free.. freaking hated that lady...