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Please sign this Petition and Help save dogs!!

April 12th, 2004, 07:02 AM
One of my fellow DDB Reps is the one who got this started. I signed the Petition and we only have 683 signatures, please sign and hepefully we can make a difference for dogs. The pics and links are at the end of the post, it wouldn't let me post the pics and links where I wanted them posted. sorry for the incoveince.

**If you have a weak stomach don't click on Fate of a Dog**


Ann DDB PA Rep

Before you delete, just think about the last dog you saw at the end of a heavy chain, or the puppy in your neighborhood who is wrapped around a tree, water tipped over, without shelter or companionship......
(I apologize if you've received multiple notes)

Please take 30 seconds to sign this petition to help stop the inhumane practice of Chaining Dogs.

Dogs Deserve Better (the national, non-profit organization dedicated to freeing dogs from chains) plans to send this petition to the White House, along with the following framed poster designed and sketched by PA artist, Rocky Shepheard. This poster depicts President Bush in his office with his beloved (now deceased) dog Spot:

the pic of poster is at the end of this, it won't let me put it here.

Please crosspost to every rescue group you know, and all your friends and family, asking for their help to make this petition impact the Nation!

Your voice is CRUCIAL for all dogs living outdoors everyday...rain or shine, snow or heat, hungry, thirsty, and most of all, longing for some human love and affection.


Click here to sign the petition:

NOTE: if the poster image was removed by your server, you can copy/paste the following link:

With kindest regards,

Michele S. Reynolds
Bay Area Texas Rep
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