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Another Chance To Show Your Support For No More Puppy Mills!

Furbaby Momma
April 5th, 2007, 01:55 PM
Here is another opportunity to show your support, to help make the laws stronger so that animals won't have to suffer any longer.
Together we can stop puppy mills,
Together, you, me, everyone can make a difference by giving a voice to the animals.
Thank You,
Furbaby Momma :pawprint: :love:

Demo against puppy mills

AM940 - Montreal

Several animal rights groups in Quebec are organizing a day of protest to send a message to the provincial government. The groups want the province to take concrete action against puppy mills. It is estimated that some 1,500 puppy mills are operating in the province, producing close to 400 thousand puppies each year for the pet store industry in Canada and the U.S. Demontrations are planned for Sunday April 15th 2007 in both Montreal and Quebec City. In Montreal the gathering point is Lafontaine Park at 1:00pm at the corner of Sherbrooke and Avenue Émile-Duployé. In Quebec City will gather in front of the National Assembly at 1:00pm for a march down Grande-Alle.

Participants are encouraged to bring their dogs, ensuring they bring plastic bags for their leavings. Further information can be found at here. 940 Montreal's Michael Dean is supporting the event. He asks all 940 listeners to take one afternoon and lend their time to a good cause. "These innocent animals have no one to speak for them except us. Please join us."

Furbaby Momma
April 10th, 2007, 05:41 AM
Copyright Jim Willis 2002

'Tis lonely here in prison,
I dream of sun, of fields,
I saw them from a window once,
but I don't know how they feel.

I've never known a caress,
a friend, a bone, a toy,
I'd happily companion,
a human girl or boy.

But some men have decided,
with selfishness and greed,
that my fate shall be a cage,
and for my keep, I'll breed.

What should fuel this folly?
My kind may bark in vain.
We care not for your commerce,
and few know of our pain.

We're hidden well from justice,
for our freedom same may cry.
God grant me, please, just one request -
Let me play once before I die.

Dedicated to the millions of animals who never knew the sun and fresh air, those regarded as property, and who profited human bank accounts. Please help change laws that ignore animals are sentient beings deserving of guardianship. Help stop the lobbyist and illegal activities of puppy/kitten mills and petshop trade associations, and some animal registries that allow this incredibly cruel situation to continue. Visit the websites of national and international humane organizations who are waging campaigns against this abuse (such as ), then write a letter to your local editor and contact your legislators and ask them to pass laws against large commercial breeding operations, animal auctions, and petshop sales.
Thank you,
Jim Willis, author of "Pieces of My Heart - Writings Inspired by Animals and Nature"

These "Hell Mills" are everywhere so when we have a chance to show support to stop them lets do so.
Together a difference can be made,
Thank You,
Furbaby Momma :love: :pawprint:

Furbaby Momma
April 13th, 2007, 05:26 AM
A Puppy Mill Poem
Day after day..
each one the same,
another year older
a little more lame
left out in the weather
with little protection
my body is sore
and hot with infection
in the freezing cold
or the searing heat
with nothing but wire
beneath swollen feet
my food bowl is empty
my water dish dry
What did I do??
please tell me, why?
the litters come
and the litters go
where do they take them?
I don't know...
is this a bad joke?
or a horrible game?
I have no home
not even a name
no one to love me
no one to care
no one to bathe me
and brush my hair
my teeth are rotting
my eyes are encrusted
where are the people
to whom I'm entrusted?
I cry every night...
so afraid, don't you see?
could this be the life
God intended for me?
someone, speak for me
I am losing my will
take me out of this hell
called a Puppymill.....

by Peggy Wilson, 5-24-00

Furbaby Momma
April 13th, 2007, 06:06 AM

As this video says, "Won't Somebody Love Me?"
Please help show your support this Sunday, April 15th in Quebec City and Montreal to join together in making a difference, for stopping puppy mills.

We are their voice, lets use our voices to make sure that the laws start to change and to make sure puppy mill owner/abusers get charged accordinally and have to pay many fine's. If these mill horror owners start having to pay big fines, they will go out of business. With cruelty charges making sure they do jail time these abusers will have a taste of what it is like to be behind bars looking outside at freedom, just like what a puppy mill dog feels, every day.

A change can be made, we have to do it together,
All animals deserve to live with dignity,
Thank You,
Furbaby Momma :pawprint: :love:

Furbaby Momma
April 13th, 2007, 09:21 AM
Here are wonderful people working so hard together, to stop the cruelty of Puppy Mill horrors in Quebec.

Furbaby Momma
April 13th, 2007, 09:25 AM
This is a cross-posted e-mail, that I would like to share.


Please read the following invitation:

Let's unite for the sake of animals!

Several humane groups of different sizes operate in Quebec, and except for the love they all share for animals, they remain divided because of their beliefs on several issues. Most of them are convinced that they are the only ones working seriously to improve the well-being of animals in Quebec.

This situation is quite unproductive and destructive and only serves the puppy mill operators that we are all trying to eliminate. These people are taking advantage of our division by convincing the authorities that the inspection mandate should not be given to people who spend their time fighting among themselves and don't even share the same philosophy!

The SPCA is perceived by many as the leader in the fight against puppy mills in Quebec (more than 30,000 signatures up to now on the petition to be sent to the National Assembly proves it - and 113,000 signatures collected in another petition deposited in 2000). While we are also supported in our efforts by the RECC (Le Regroupement des Éleveurs de Chiens Champions du Québec) and the APEECQ (Association Professionnelle des Eleveurs et Educateurs Canin du Quebec), others perceive us as doing nothing to stop the proliferation of cruel breeders who run puppy mills.

Some people are even accusing the SPCA of being complacent with these breeders even if the SPCA has always been the forerunner in this fight in Quebec.

The time has come to set the record straight!

The SPCA was the very first organization to expose the horrors of the puppy mill situation in Quebec (proven by the many media stories to which we participated). We were able to seize and close down many breeding facilities that were operating under sordid conditions. We have contacted and pressured each and every Minister of Agriculture who has headed that ministry during the past 13 years. We offered viable identification systems for animals being bred and registration solutions for breeders. We prepared a number of memorandums that were presented to the various parties governing this province. Finally, we offered the government to set-up a team of inspectors to cover the entire territory with no cost whatsoever to Quebec taxpayers.

Each one of our propositions was ignored! Why? Because they were well structured and bound to succeed had they been applied? It's obvious that the decision-makers prefer to sit back and watch the confrontational situation and listen to the various parties involved in this cause, without actually doing anything, which gives them the opportunity to gain time without getting involved.

We are being used and abused!

Animal lovers, who are judging the SPCA's actions and feel the organization hasn't done enough, have lost sight of certain facts:

- Cruelty against animals is prescribed by law unless accusations are made within 6 months of the offense (the SPCA has its hands tied by the law when faced with reports of cruelty older than six months);

- The SPCA cannot seize animals unless it has previously obtained a search warrant (which cannot be obtained on hearsay unless the judge is convinced that the witness is credible. The witness has to have actually witnessed the act or acts of cruelty. Judges will not issue search warrants for fishing expeditions when cruelty is suspected);

- The intention to voluntarily make an animal suffer is essential to the indictment (by virtue of the Canadian Criminal Code);

- The current legislation only pertains to minimum and necessary care of animals (articles 446 and 447 of the Criminal Code);

- The SPCA and its inspectors don't have the right to apply the provincial legislation regarding the well-being and the safety of animals (P-42). Anima-Québec is the only organization to have received this mandate.

Even if all parties wish to act rapidly and radically to close down the puppy mills, the SPCA cannot and must not transgress the law under penalty of permanently loosing its inspection powers. This often results in people believing that we are not doing our share to put an end to this situation.

The advantage of being united

If, despite our different opinions, visions and interpretations of the best solution to put an end to the problem, we choose to unite to present a common front, if we humbly accept to give priority to the welfare of animals instead of concentrating on our differences, if we put our pride aside for the sake of animals, we would all grow from the experience and those who benefit from our bickering would not be able to attack the cause which we so passionately defend.

The SPCA wants to be the first one to preach by example and this is why we invite all those who wish to unite for the cause to come forward by sending us an email ( After we have received and compiled all the emails, a meeting will be organized with the various people representing the different groups and everyone will have the opportunity to freely express their views, without animosity, on equal footing with others, so that together we can find common ground that will allow us to unite. to improve the well-being of the animals who depend on us!

For the sake of the animals, let's unite.

Pierre Barnoti


April 13th, 2007, 04:07 PM
WOW,that was really interesting to read,I would be at that rally with bells on if I could.!
I hope Barnoti manages to get all the shelters to work together,puppy-mills are a really black spot on beautiful Quebec and more power must be given to the SPCA and others to stop this horror(not that we don't have P-M's in Ontario).
I look at horrible pictures and cry,but it is the people who see these tortured sad dogs on a regular basis that need a law to stop this one thing for all.
I hope the turnout this time,will be huge and that the government will finally listen,it is long past due:dog: