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Nipping Cat

April 4th, 2007, 02:42 PM
Hello everyone!
Ive posted some pics of my black kitty Onnie (Aka noona il magnoona, egyptian for noona the crazy :laughing: ) We adopted him in december and absolutely love him, things are going great BUT-

He loves to nip! Sometimes hard, and it hurts! It's weird, like he doesnt like being touched?? He will let you pet him for 5 seconds then he will try to nip your hand. It has gotten better since we got him (either we back off earlier or he tolerates us a little longer) but the funny thing is he only seems to do it if he knows you! I warn people when they come over that he nips, but he will let them pet him and no nipping :shrug: That and he will flop on the floor in front of you, meow to be pet, then when you do pet him he will nip you!!

My mom was on the bed once playing with him, trying to avoid his nipping and he got frustrated (she kept moving her hand out his reach) so he jumped off the bed, up on to my dads lap accross the room and then nipped him and left!!! :laughing: Is this normal??? I just don't quite understand since he loves to be around us, follows us everywhere and will even jump up onto your lap- but as soon as you touch him he will try to nip you!

He also loves dunking, and bobbing for his toys in the toilet bowl and then leaving the soaked mice and such laying around for everyone to accidently step on ...I hear that's normal though?

April 4th, 2007, 03:24 PM
Zotz is just like this.

Generally speaking you can really only pet her in a certain way and not for too long, although she craves attention nonetheless. It is like it is too stimulating for her and she can't help herself. She will nip, and then go straight back to happy purring and rolling and begging for more attention ...

Over the years I've learned a few things. A firm touch is much, much better than a feather light touch (you can firmly grasp her entire body and hold her still and she won't nip but run a finger lightly down her spine and you are *really* pushing it!!!). It is better if she cannot see your hand or arm (that is, if you forearm and hand are behind her field of vision). No touching of the legs or belly. Must allow her to rub her cheek on your hand every 4-5 strokes - VERY important. Never touch around the base of the tail. Do not touch her when she is in a corner. If she is rolling touch only the head. Etc etc ... all particular to our cat, but some of it might apply to yours too.

You'll learn to read her more the longer you have her ... alot of cats are like this apparently.

April 4th, 2007, 04:29 PM
You have just described my cat Forest to a T, he loves being petted, starts drooling like a saint bernard and then just can't control himself anymore and nips...nips hard. When he starts nipping I just leave him be and in five min. he's ready to be petted again...and the process starts all over. He also does the dunking with toys in the toilet or water dish, usualy his crinckle ball, but there has been the odd toy mouse. He nips everyone who pets him though after a few min. of good petting, and do not under any cercumstances touch his belly...blood will surely be drawn. I don't know if the nipping is their way of grooming you or just hitting an emotional petting high.