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Strange crate training effect

April 1st, 2007, 01:13 PM
I've got two schnauzers, my little boy just had a sebaceous cyst off. Vet loaded him up with morphine, which he didn't like at all, cried and cried, so I let him sleep with me. Especially since my little girl (Jeanie) was at the vets getting spayed. Well, morphine wore off, Jeanie came home. She felt a mite tuckered. So, Charlie goes back in his crate (where he usually sleeps) and Jeanie sleeps with me. Dang if Charlie doesn't have a big stinky accident in the crate!

But it's not for spite, everyone says, it's not in dogs to be spiteful. Everyone tells me that. But what is it for? Maybe just a meaningless accident, maybe stress, drug effects, not enough walkies, maybe (probably) my fault, just not sure why.

I've thought about this a lot.
I got the two pups (now almost three) from the same breeder and they both did the same strange thing. They each spent the night in their own crate with a fleece rug. They will poop in the crate and carefully wrap it up in the rug. When I'm running around in the morning, I let them out of the crates and they go outside. I go to work. When I come home and get close to the crates, I notice a faint smell. Slowly it dawns on me that there's poop in the crate, wrapped up in the rug. The skill of these dogs is astounding. They could work at any deli.

I've tried to figure out why they do this. In reading up on care of puppies, leaving poop or pee under a newspaper to give the puppy the idea "go here" is recommended. And I wonder if my pups experienced this at the breeders. Maybe the crate just doesn't seem like home without a little "redecoration."

I had removed the rugs from the crate, and the soiling had stopped until this recent episode. No wrapping that time, as he had no rug.

Any thoughts?

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