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went shopping

March 31st, 2007, 06:21 PM
Went shopping today.and got 20lbs ground beef.6lbs of turkey drum sticks cleaned meat of.6lbs of chicken backs with leg.4 big turkey backs.6 whole mackerel.2 white fish and 1 cornish hen.all for $ that good?.went to some different butchers for scapes for the dogs that i could buy and they all said no.Jag has no problems with the bones on the turkey legs.and there small this time so i'm going to use them for his chew treats.

March 31st, 2007, 08:15 PM
Like many others, mu rule of thumb is $1/lb or less, the other day they had nice no fat beef joints (boneless:sad: ) for sale at $2/lb instead of 10 :eek: so while I was grabbing some ,y wife asked "is that for the dogs?" well no, it wasn't but hell why not, and grabbed a couple extra.
I have a freezer full of 'special offers' and 'reduced items' I'm working through, anywhere from 69c/lb to $1/lb and just keep on adding when things come up. My fall back is the local meat packers premix of off cuts, tripe, trachea, lung ect for $18/30lb and pork riblets to keep them crunchy teeth happy.
For the final cost it's what ever you are prepaired to pay, some months you can spend more on suppliments than on food and otehr months you can spend next to nothing (there the ones I like the most) leaving some extra money for the luxary items like lamb (I don't know anyone farming them). I would look for specials and buy in bulk and then use that for the staple and then find some additions to suppliment.
I'm sure we covered this before but why the ground beef?, was it jsut on special (good enough reason for me :thumbs up ). You can usually find chicken backs (necks attached) for not a lot of money (50c/lb is about the going rate) so you may want to think bulk again to save some money. Have you looked at the butcher list, the 3 local to me were all helpful and although they don't sell scraps, they either do bulk boxes cheap or there own dog food mix.

March 31st, 2007, 09:46 PM
everything was 99cents a pound other then the turkey was 89 cents a pound
the cornish hen was $4 something.a treat meat for him.the mackerel was $2.42 for 3.the white fish was $3 for 2.i use the ground beef when there isn't enough meat on the RMB.and the place i bought for was bulk and everything is fresh.i bought last saturday 6lbs of pork riblets for $1lb.they were still that today.but still have a few lbs so i didn't pick up any.i've started feeding my shih tzu raw today.i'm going to grind up her bones for her.

April 1st, 2007, 11:46 PM
In that case it's right on the money. :thumbs up It just seems more when all together, I buy in bits and pieces so it never hits as a lump sum, Riley is on just over 1 1/2 lbs give or take and missy is on 3/4 lb so it's just over $2 a day to feed the basics, I probably have a couple of months worth of stuff now so when luxary items come up cheap (lamb and rabbit) I just add it in. I may have to rethink if Riley gets any bigger, and he will be more active now I can get out more with him. I figure at 18 months he's propbably due another growth spurt at some point. And miss is filling out nicely. you have to get under all her fur to feel ribs now, before you could feel them with the lightest stroke.
I have always been a bargin hunter so I love looking for the deals.

April 2nd, 2007, 03:06 AM
i just started bargain hunting.i picked up 2 whole chickens yesterday at 99cents a pound.just under $3.oo a chicken.i was having KFC for my birthday and didn't want the critters to feel left they had chicken to.