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His little bags are packed !

March 31st, 2007, 10:33 AM
Cooper is going away for the weekend. We dropped him off at my cousin's yesterday. Normally my son is home when we go somewhere but he had a bachelor party in North Carolina this weekend and we're in Boston visiting my daughter's school for Parent's Weekend.

I packed his food and dishes and toys and bed and treats. And my cousin's two teenage daughters are SO excited about having him there. So I know he's getting lots of attention and love---but I miss my baby.:sad:

Lisa said he's happy and has claimed a corner of the couch for his own. But she also said that every time she goes outside for anything he cries when she comes in and wants attention right away, so I know he must be feeling a little uncertain or insecure. I'm trying not to call too much but I really really want to call again. So I came here instead.

Tell me how much fun he's going to have with everyone playing with him and fighting over him.

Also, they'll have him for about 48 hours. I made up a gift bag as a thank you. A bag of Starbucks coffee, a pack of jelly beans and a little ceramic candy dish from Starbucks with a bunny on the side and chocolate eggs in it. And a cute thank you with a yellow lab puppy on the front about counting the ways to thank someone and inside it says "This is where fingers would come in handy."

Does that sound like enough or should I offer them money? I babysit their cockatiel but honestly that's much easier than our spoiled little puppy is going to be.

March 31st, 2007, 10:41 AM
Hmm.. Because it's family, I'm tempted to say no, but a little extra cash is always appreciated. :laughing: 48 hours isn't too long. I think your whole gift baggy thingy is enough... Especially since it doesn't happen too often.:o

:grouphug: for you for having to leave him behind...

March 31st, 2007, 10:42 AM
Joeysmama, i think that is a wonderful thank you gift.
i know how you feel about being away from youre baby! i have to be away from my kitty for a month!!
Coper will be so fine!!! sounds like he has made himself right at home already and of course he may feel a little strange at first but all the love those kids are going to give him cant leave him feeling blue for too long!!! just think how very happy hes going to be when you pick him up, although with all that fun he may want to stay and play for a bit longer..just like kids!!