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Proud of my boy

March 30th, 2007, 08:59 PM
It had been over a week since Bourbon had walked w/ Jack (my friends lab husky mix) we took them down to the field behind our buildings yesterday, and Bourbon at first puffed up and was stiff, but then wrestled with Jack. Jack licked him alot, and Bourbon didnt try to bite his tounge off. (yay)

I'm wondering though, sometimes I have a hard time knowing whether Bourbon is about to pounce playfully or attack. When he is playing he has a growl thing going, sometimes he's puffed up sometimes not. He jumps he "mouths" them etc... but the puffed up fur, stiffness, and the wierd growl/whine throws me off in the beginning.

he doesnt allow Jack to jump on him first, he kinda "corrects" Jack when he does, by pushing him down and putting his paw on Jacks back and such. After all that they wrestle and play, briefly then Bourbon tires out and lets Jack lick him while he just stands there.

Do you think (at the beginning of the play date) he's being leary or he's anxious to play?

I'm getting ready to introduce him to my mothers dogs next month. We have to stay with her while we house hunt. So I've been trying to socialize him. He seems to be ok, but I'm wondering about his behavior before play that he displays with Jack. I need to know what to watch out for, is he afraid, aggressive, or really wanting to play. Bourbons the first dog I've had as an adult. The dogs we had growing up were all dog/people friendly all the time. (They'd watch a burglar rob us blind LOL)

March 30th, 2007, 11:36 PM
Glad you are making a bit of progress. Sounds to me like he is establishing dominance with Jack and once Jack accepts that then he will agree to play for a bit. That's a good first step (although I am far from an expert!) but be careful because if the other dog is not so willing to be dominated then you will probably have issues.

Good luck :) .

March 31st, 2007, 07:21 AM
Thank you much. My mom has three dogs, I've posted this somewhere before, but forget where. The too females are very passive, and are older, I dont expect problems with them. They are pretty accepting of other dogs. Louis, is a young male rat terrier. He just wants to play play play, but he did have a habit at one point (before being neutured) of marking his territory in the house, but no acts of "aggression". I'm worried about him jumping up at Bourbon to play, and Bourbon being upset because he needs a few minutes.

We decided to introduce each dog to him seperatly, then add one, then the other. Thinking maybe Louis first because if he can deal w/ his hyperness he could handle the two laid back ones. but at the same time, maybe start him off slow with Olivia or Biscut, and progress. Dunno. I do have a large kennel Bourbon deems as his safe haven that we will have with us.