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Dog Friendly Dogs? Small Breed

March 30th, 2007, 01:55 PM
Hey Guys,

At the moment I own a small Mini Schnauzer/Poodle mix dog. In a few months, were going to be adding another K9 addition to our home. However, we have a few concerns. The first is our little darling has a sweet and kind temperament. She's the last dog on earth to be "DOG AGGRESSIVE".

We were thinking about buying a Mini Schnauzer, but were worried when the little guy gets older our beloved first dog will be dominated. Is this a logical concern?

Secondly, we've read and heard that some types of small breed dogs get along better with other household pets than others. Have you heard the same? If so, what type dogs are these?

From what I've discovered thus far, the Bichon group seems to be the most placid, and these types of dogs would be a better fit as far as the two getting along. Am I on the right track?

Any opinions or suggestions would be helpful.


P.S. Only enough room for another Small Breed Dog.

March 30th, 2007, 03:23 PM
I would not be concerned about your current dog being dominated just because it is smaller. Pack leadership is more determined by who was there first. Our one dog is Queen of the house, and once the pups are grown, she will be smallest, but we had her first. I had a neighbour who had a Bichon, and it was the worst around other dogs, cats were fine, but not dogs.

I dont think it really matters what breed you get next, it is how you treat them. Once you bring the new dog home, make sure they both understand the "pack order". In the wild, the alpha dogs did things first, that is how this "pack" needs to work. Always feed the older dog first, give the older dog treats first, let them on the furniture first, let them out of their crate first, etc. By making the second dog wait, you are re-enforcing the order. As soon as you start ignoring the order, that is when the younger dog may try to fight for alpha position, then you get into trouble. I would never allow my dogs to have free-choice food, if you are doing that, stop before bringing home another dog and switch to one or two feedings a day. This also shows the dogs that you are in fact the alpha "dog" because you control the food. When my dogs get fed, it is in the same order everytime, starting with the oldest. They are let out of their crates in the same order too. The only dog allowed on our bed at night is the oldest one, everyone else sleeps in crates. It would be a good idea to get a second dog bed too, so that the older (alpha) dog does not have to share, they may choose to, but that is an option.

There are many households who have multiple dogs, and they are just fine. But that is because the humans have established some rules and everything is kept in order. You should have no problem getting a second dog, I wish you luck. One more thing. If at all possible, allow your current dog the chance to meet the new dog away from the home. Take it with you to pick to new dog up if you can. This allows them to get aquainted in "neutral" territory, where no one is trying to defend toys or food, which can cause fights.

best of luck