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Courtesy of the squirrels

March 27th, 2007, 08:46 AM
I have never planted these but it sure is getting to be a nice display. Second year that they have come up. They must multiply like crazy.

March 27th, 2007, 10:31 PM
Aww thats cute, very nice of them to plant pretty flowers for you. Once where I used to live I did some re-arranging of flower pots and then a few days later I find this squirrel madly searching through them and dumping all of them over. I think we were both angry.:p Just the other day I saw a cute little one digging in the middle of someones lawn and I just had to ask how on earth do they remember where they put everything!? I think the answer is they don't.:D

March 28th, 2007, 07:28 AM
They don't :) but so much the better for us when pretty flowers pop out of the ground! And yes, crocus do spread. In fact, come fall you might want to dig them up and separate the bulbs, then re plant them a little more spread out. Should be done every 3 years or so I guess (I'm NO gardener though, so the 3-year thing is pure guesswork).

I'm not sure you're allowed to feed the squirrels around the condos where we live, but do I care? Can I sit inside a warm living room with a happy cat and two happy dogs, and watch these little fur-balls with their huge black eyes and cute little faces sit out there on the fence, shivering and hungry, and not do anything about it? Well, no.

All winter, I have put seeds out for the birds (who eat all the biting insects all summer) and any grains, fruit or hardened bread I've had available for the squirrels. A bunch of grey ones, one without a tail (he's SO CUTE!), two or threee black ones, and now lately there's a yellow lab colored one as well!

Next winter, they'll have to go see someone else, but the squirrels around where we're moving will get my "royal treatment" of leftovers (healthy ones for squirrels, not steak bones, lol) and I hope they will thank me with some flowers or new trees :)

March 28th, 2007, 08:08 AM
I love the squirrels too. As a matter of fact a few years ago a little baby squirrel ran right up hubbys pant leg out front of our house. He must have thought Mike was the tree he lived in:laughing: He was so young, and not very strong and I couldn't let him go and just hope for the best so we took him in and got him strong enough to cope with the outdoors and no mommy. I fed him every two hours even threw the night, warmed his milk and put it in a bottle I bought from Pet Value.:thumbs up He was strong enough within two days to climb over the top of his box I put him in so we used an old hampster cage, and continued to feed him for about two weeks until he could easily crack nuts that I gave him.
Hubby built him a house and climbed my oak try and nailed the house high up in that tree. Next Blacky was taked up the tree and placed in the house (I had gotten him used to the house for a few days before letting him go) He continued to live there all that summer:D Every night by nine I could see him coming threw the trees and he would stop and get his bedtime snack (I would place walnuts and such in the bark of the tree when I saw him coming home). I even attached his water bottle (old hampster bottle) on the tree so he would be able to have a drink. None of the other squirrels could figure out what it was but Blacky drank out of it several time daily. By the end of that summer he was full grown and blended in with all the other black squirrels so now I couldn't tell you if he is still here, but the house remains in my oak tree and often we see squirrels going in it.
I was afraid at first that Blacky would become so attached to me that he wouldn't want to live outside because he would sit in my lap in the house and constantly want me to hold him, but the minute he was released he never came close to us again:thumbs up

Blacky after about a week and getting stronger

Blacky in my yard after a couple of weeks living outside and still small enough for me to recognize him

March 28th, 2007, 04:25 PM
Thanks for the wonderful story, sooo sweet. I love how he was the only one that knew how to use the hamster bottle, too cute.:thumbs up :love:

March 28th, 2007, 04:36 PM
Aww,nice story Lukkas mom.I too love my squirrels.
I had one for 3 years,she was really tame would bang her little head on the patiodoor for peanuts,even the cats would not bother with her,even though they chase all the others.
I called her FiFi and really missed her when one day she did not come:sad:
I am sure she had died,she would never miss her peanuts and other foods we gave her.
I almost always fed her in the front of the house and she would come running if I called her name...she was sooo sweet.
Here are a couple of pics.