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March 25th, 2007, 09:56 AM

:stork-baby: Yesterday we adopted a beautiful 3 month old female German Shepard/Rottie pup from the local SPCA. She was in a pen with her brother, having only been surrendered the day before. They were both huddled in the corner shaking. Neither even reacted when any of us walked into the pen. We attributed this to the fact that they were scared and there was a lot of noise as is normal for a shelter. The staff added that the puppies hadn't had any human contact.

We are a family of 5. 4 adults and 1 'child' aged 14.

Our concern is this. She is incredibly shy and submissive. So much so that she has found a spot in the corner of our dining room. We put her bed there in an attempt to make her more comfortable. She loves that spot. However she wont leave it. She'll play with a toy or two if we put it on the bed with her. She wouldnt eat or drink at all unless we moved the bowls to within 4 feet of the bed. She walks from the bed, to the piddle pad (which incidentally she seems to have practically mastered immediately) and then back again. She refuses to venture past the dining room table.

She has not problem being pet and stroked and snuggled with. But when someone walks away she begins to cry and whine. She isn't crated or confined in any way and can leave at any time; she just choses not to.

Last night we put her in bed with my daughter and the 2 of them snuggled and slept without an issue. My daughter said the puppy licked her face a lot during the night and was sucking on her fingers and never cried or whined once.

What can we do to help her adjust and not be so shy and submissive? :confused:


March 25th, 2007, 10:13 AM
give her time she's still scared at your house too. keep petting her and walking by her. lead her with confidence and slowly start to increase her world. as she builds trust for you as the pack leader this will get easier

March 25th, 2007, 10:13 AM
Hi Mom2two and congrats on your new family member (would love to see a picture of her) First of all , don't force anything on her, it will take time but she's young so it might be easier for her to adapt to her new life. Lots of positive reinforcement and treats, if you want her to go outside with you, try to coax her with treats. Maybe some baby talk would help too. And patience. But this is going to be ok, just one step at a time. Good luck !

March 25th, 2007, 10:33 AM
I agree with the others..just give her time. I've had a lot of foster puppies that were very shy and had not been handled much. In a week time, you'll be amazed at how much your pup has warmed up to you. Be very patient with her and never raise your voice and talking baby talk with her will definately help. Congratulations and good luck!

March 25th, 2007, 01:43 PM
Thank you for the advice. It all makes sense. Guess I was just anxious. Seems everyone else's puppies were hyper and yappy and playful. I knew we needed to give her time to adjust. Just want to make sure whatever we do for her is the best.

We were advised not to take her out until she gets her next series of shots. I'm not even going to attempt to put the collar and leash on her until she's adjusted to us. As you all said, baby steps.

BTW...we've named her Amii (Amy)

Again, thank you all. :grouphug:


March 25th, 2007, 03:03 PM
Congratulations on your new little girl and, yes, we would love to see pics. :lovestruck: Like the others said, it is just going to take a little time. I would, however, start training her right away to go outside to pee and poop. As long as it's just in your back yard and she doesn't come into contact with other dogs it's okay to take her out before her next booster shots. :)

March 27th, 2007, 02:05 PM
First off, I wanted to sincerely thank everyone who took the time to reply to my original post. :grouphug: Most of what was said was common sense, I however was the new mommy and just being overly paranoid.

Amii has made a lot of progress in the last 2 days. Sunday evening, my husband spent 2 hours stroking and talking softly to her; every so often moving a few inches away from her bed. She slowly followed every step of the way. Finally she started to follow him a bit around the room. She's starting to come out of her shell. She's been running around and has found a new spot right in the middle of everyone in the living room.

Everyone's work and school schedules vary so its a rare occassion when the house is empty for more than 2 hours. Yesterday Amii and Dazi were left alone for about 3 hours. I had put Dazi, litterbox, food, water etc in my room (where she spends most of her time when alone anyway). My concern is that Dazi hasn't become accostumed to Amii yet. Well, when my son got home from work, Amii had done her business on the piddle pad and seemed genuinely happy to see. She's still a bit shy but not afraid.

She slept all night last night without incident with my daughter. She loves to snuggle and my daughter loves snuggling with her. I think it makes Amii feel secure. This morning after we brought her downstairs, she ran to the pads, did her business and then drank and ate some. Then she had a blast running around the house. She even had a blast trying to get the cat the cat to play with her. Dazi however dashed back upstairs.

I had to do a few errands, none of which required me to get out of the car, so I took her with me. I want her to get used to car rides since she's an important part of our family. She loved it. She laid on the seat and just 'chilled', her tail wagging.

When we got home she finished what was in her bowl and laid down. Now, here's another few questions...

1) I know she is still a baby, but what's the average time a puppy sleeps during the day?

2) Is it okay to leave her food there until she finishes it? I was told that a dog should learn to eat their food within 20 mins. If they dont finish the bowl should be taken away. She's a baby. I wouldn't rush my children to eat in a set period of time, why would I rush her.

March 27th, 2007, 07:46 PM
I can't help with your questions because I never had a puppy, only older dogs. But just wanted to say that the progress is very good ! She seems like a normal puppy to me , oh and we would like to get paid for the advices ; puppy pictures pleeeease ! :D

March 27th, 2007, 07:55 PM
I know when I got Bree she slept A LOT how much time in hours say up for an hour and then slept for maybe an hour needed a potty break then we played then she was a sleep angain it depends on the puppy and who would come and go in the house.
as for the food I heard that also but Bree would suck up anything in less than a minute :laughing: so there was no need to worry about when to pick up her food

March 31st, 2007, 11:59 AM
Just wanted everyone who was sweet enough to help ease my fears know that I posted pix of Amii in the General Forum for cats and dogs.

Thanks again,