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For all those poor furbabies....

March 24th, 2007, 12:19 AM
For all those poor furbabies who have suffered or are suffering now because of the tainted food.


Thomas M. Mohr
Copyright 1992

Have we ever stopped to wonder
Throughout our life long trip
Why we meet certain pets
Just once and then.............

Then they're gone as if in to Heaven
No more do they grace our door
Yet an inspiration lingers
It's there forevermore.

These pets were such blessings
They're here and then they're gone
They embraced our lives immensely
For short periods, not for long.

It hurts to see them gone
But there's beauty all the more
We shared a moment of glory
And the memories will long endure.

But the effect is forever
They've helped us on our way
Could they be our guiding angels
That God gave to us one day?

:pray: :rip: I am so sorry for them all.............