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more pics of my boy.

March 23rd, 2007, 05:03 PM
hehe. his new favorite place to play....(he doesnt drink it, he just likes to watch.)

and my little jedi. lol my ex loves this look on him. doesnt he look like hes having fun? he is terribly tolerant of us making him look silly. :lovestruck:

March 24th, 2007, 07:22 AM
Those are cute pics.Roland sure looks cute looking in the toilet.

March 24th, 2007, 12:40 PM
Love the toilet pic :laughing: . My friend used to have a cat that loved to watch the toilet flush and would totally stalk anyone heading to the bathroom :D .

March 24th, 2007, 05:16 PM
lol. he tatally does that and he also likes to sit on any pants around ankles!:D

March 25th, 2007, 12:23 AM
I love the pic of Roland....he is toooo funny. :D

March 25th, 2007, 04:31 AM
so cute! I want to give him a big hug:cloud9:

March 25th, 2007, 06:54 AM
Awww toilet-pics:laughing: maybe that could be a new thread!!
My Rocky is also in awe over everything going on in the bathroom:cat: :sorry: for threadjacking Rolands space,but here's my toilet-buddy...

March 25th, 2007, 02:12 PM
AWWWW there all so cute well your cat's sure like toilet.

March 25th, 2007, 03:37 PM
Cute pics, Chico. Is Vinnie waiting for his turn? :D

March 25th, 2007, 03:47 PM
No,he's just watching what the"old"guy is doing,Vinnie prefers the kitchen faucet:laughing:

March 25th, 2007, 04:01 PM
Pics please. :D

March 25th, 2007, 04:04 PM
Rainbow,I am not comfortable highjacking Rolands thread,but here is a pic of Vinnie at the faucet....

March 25th, 2007, 04:10 PM
dont worry about the highjack Chico, just dont forget to add the toilet pics to the toilet bowl thread i started at your :rolleyes: suggestion... :D