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What's wrong with our health care??

Mocha's mum
March 21st, 2007, 07:27 PM

So, I don't know if anyone has heard this story, or one's similar. But, it just makes me wonder why it has to happen at all?? I mean, we go to the hospital during some of our most vulnerable times, and then you hear stories like this makes me angry....

March 23rd, 2007, 01:08 AM
You would think the administrators would take it serious and would do something about it when first found out. This is our health. Why wasn't it properly cleaned. It's a no brainer that instruments need to be properly sterile. Looks like someone was trying to make cut corners.

March 26th, 2007, 10:01 PM
That doesn't surprise me. I've heard that only about 17% of ER staff, pardon the punn, wash thier hands properly.:sad: I guess it also depends how busy it is and if there are enough people on duty etc. but I'd rather things take longer and be done properly.

March 28th, 2007, 06:53 PM
Yeah, we had a similar incident in Quebec with a tool used to make hip sockets deeper... It wasn't sterilized properly between surgeries... Sad. :sad:

Mocha's mum
March 28th, 2007, 08:10 PM
Oh, it's disgusting. There's more "drama" happening in can you trust anyone anymore. Makes me all the more cognisant that I can't get hurt....anytime or anywhere!!!

March 28th, 2007, 09:10 PM
Alas, this happens in all organizations, even health care. It should not but it does. I have been fortunate in never being associated with a hospital who has run into this kind of problem - tho we did once have a pathologist (before my time) who did questionable research. I think any large organization will have these problems and if I knew how to fix it, I would but I think it is the collective responsibility of all of us - to be vigilant and to demand good service. Sometimes in Canada, we are not as aggressive as we should be - It has been my experience that American health care consumers are much more demanding.

Then of course in my work with Doctors without Borders, people are happy to get any care at all.

So there is no happy medium here.

I thin the fault for this sort of thing lies with administration and how a hospital is operated. As someone who has represented docs on our Board, I know for a fact that if you do not show good leadership and demand high quality at the top, you do not get it among employees. We are fortunate to have a wonderful organization but I do know ,mistakes have happened in other hospitals.

I am one of those people who seeks for everyone to work toward this. Strong legislation demanding high quality helps - and many people never thin about this until they read about it or it happens to them (I admittedly think about it every day especially when I wash my hands what seems like 5,000 times s day only to discover that not everyone in all hospitals do. Demand that your doctor do before examining you - you never know where s/he has been!!

That said, just once I wish journalists would write about the many good things that are happening in our wonderful health care field!! We are so fortunate in Canada - we have no idea until we are somewhere else! At the risk of sounding a bit flaky with the astro stuff, lol - I am a libra so I have to see all sides, lol

As my grandfather;s old newspaper says, don't just complain about it. DO something!!! I have decided a long time ago I will not accept complaints until people are ready to contribute and do what they can. It is my motto and has helped me in all that I do. There are many times I might have been down and depressed but if I do something - some little thing - even a political action - I feel at least I have accomplished something. I guess I have been through too much pain and suffering - and seen even more - in my life to let e everything get to me. It does on occasion granted but I try to think how I can fix it - and these are problems that can be addressed and fixed!!! So for those who live in Edmonton, demand that the Board of that hospital address this issue immediately!!!

Oh and what I planned to say when I began was this does not mean there is anything wrong with our health care - saying that is an insult to those of us who work 80-100 hr weeks and manage to even save lives. Alas, in our sector, just as in every opther one - tho we have a better avg than most - things do happen!! I still believe we have one of the best systems in the worls tho admittedly, it does depend on where you live, what provincial plan you have, how well you yourself can access and navigate the system (some ppl need assistance with this and always wait till too late to figure that out - we have a teddy program where kids bring in their teddies to get help so they can see what the hospital is all about in the event they rae ill), the determinants of healyth in your area - of which the are too many to enumerate here, your own health, and several other variables. All things considered, there are some hospitals I think could well be best closed in Canada but for the most part, we have some excellent ones and we should be thankful for that!! What amazed me is that I never see a story about the fact that for some procedures, oppl in the US - those who have insurance and can afford the say $2,000 deductible - wait longer than we do. I datre a journalist to write that! KJust once!

This does not mean I think everything is superb - like everything else, improvements can be made, depending on the hospital, the province and other factors. Patients also must become more aware of how they can help their own health care - like caring for an incision post op and not just neglecting it in spite of intense education and then showing up expecting miracles. I do think most ppl are doing that tho - but studies like the one about children's diets do give me pause. Are we moving backwards when children are allowed to become so overweight? I realize that is a public health issue - but so is the hospital one. Public health in Alberta needs to examine that hospital and make some serious changes. And yes, Mtl has had a prob with superbugs but again - as much as some hospital employees are to blame for that (the not washing the hand thing is the largest contributer to this, amazingly), we all need to get over our dependence on antibiotic. I never acquiesce to ppl who demand antibiotics. And too many GP's reach for the scrip pad just so they do not have to educate their patent - that is also wrong!

Whoever said they were angry, write a letter - call your Minister of Health. Call your Board member , if you do not know who they are, find out!

Good luck! <g>