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mini daschund or chihuahua

March 20th, 2007, 03:19 PM
Don't really know if I'm doing this right or not. I currently have a 15 year old female beagle named Cinnamon & an 8 year old male blue healer/austrailian shepard mix named Memphis. Cinnamon, although arthritic in her back legs is in really pretty good shape, but her last day's, I know, really could come at anytime, which will of course break my heart. Somewhere down the line, I'll have to go through the same thing with Memphis, so I swore that Memphis was going to be it. I wasn't going to go through the heart break anymore, of seeing my dogs have to "go away" forever. Even though I've have a dog or dogs all my life I just don't want to go through this pain anymore. For quite some time though, I've wanted what I like to call a little "pocket puppy". I've seen a little 3 pound chihuahua that I just fell in love with. Recently, one of my customers came in with a little 2 1/2 month old mini dashund that weighs 2.33 pounds. My customer told me the daschund is what I really should get because the chihuahua's are more "barky" & their legs a very "spindly". I spent some time with the daschund, and she seemed to be very cuddly & sweet where when I held the chihuahua a while back, she seemed more scared & not quite so friendly.

If I DO decide between the two, to have another dog, I do want it to be small, if not tiny. I'm wondering what the pros & cons are to either breed. I've also been told that in the mini's there are many health problems.

I look forward to any light that can be shed on this matter.


March 20th, 2007, 04:19 PM
Minis are terribly fragile.:o They can't really be around kids, and definitely can't handle the cold.

IMO, if you're used to big dogs, you might have trouble housetraining a little one..:o Big ones are really easy to housetrain in comparison...:o

There's definitely a lot to consider, especially since reputable breeders generally won't breed dogs who are dangerously tiny.

March 20th, 2007, 04:47 PM
i agree with prin, the dos that are bred to be that small arent bed with health or betterment of the breed. they are tiny, frail and bred for the purpose of profit. you run a high chance of running in to many genetic problems and suceptibility to illness. also these super mini breeds are really susceptible to injury, just jumping off of a chair could cause broken limbs
if you want a small dog look in to a reg size chi or daschund and research the breed alot to find out their characteristics. they;re still tiny, and cute, you could either look through rescues or research reputable breeders.

March 20th, 2007, 05:27 PM
I agree. I would look at the regular size of the breeds. :)

March 20th, 2007, 05:31 PM
Please DO NOT get a tiny Dachshund. To me a mini Dachshund should weigh at least 10 lbs. I was in NY at a major dept. store when a very tiny, dappled, long haired "teacup" Dachshund came running towards me hooked up to a fully extended retractible leash - mom being heaven knows where. To make matters worse, the dapple colouring of the pup was almost the same as the marble floors of the store. It is a very good thing that I always walk with my eyes down - based on years of experience with 10 lb. Dachshunds. Dachshunds really love me - have yet to meet one who didn't insist I pick him/her up, so was not surprised by this dog's reaction, but I felt absolutely sick. Dog weighed just under 4 lbs. - and was fully grown. Owner came looking for dog when leashed tightened - I think she thought I was stocking her dog. This dog is going to have many, many health problems - in addition to the many health problems that plague the darling breed - such problems I am expert in - particularly back and neck disc disease and full body surgery. I went through this with 2 of my soul mate Dachshunds - the last pup died at age 7 years and 2 weeks - 10 months to the day of his back surgery. I absolutely could not go through this again - or put a Dachshund through it - just waiting for an "event" caused by simply walking down the hall. The mini Dachshund - "biggest" dogs I have ever - would defend me to the death - will be in my heart forever. But now we have an American Eskimo. Very nice pup - except it is all about him - protecting him - he will alert me to dangers so that I can care for him - with the Dachshund, it was all about Mommy! Before we got started with Dachshunds, we had a Beagle who lived to be nearly 20. When his systems failed and he had to be put to sleep, I was devasted, so you can imagine what it was like with the much younger dogs. Please avoid all teacups.

March 20th, 2007, 05:34 PM
Chihuahuas can be more "talkative" but thats usually because they are little dogs with HUGE personalities.

Daschunds can be snippy (I have been bitten by more than one, and those have been my only bites since working in a kennel) and they usually dont like to be picked up because unless you support the right parts when you pick them up, you can easily hurt their back.

But both can be really sweet dogs with the right socialization and training.

Neither breeds do well in really cold weather (but both look cute in a sweater anyway) :p .