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Need some help with a stray cat.

March 19th, 2007, 07:47 AM
I tried to post in the adoption forum thingy and it said I did not have the right too. or something.

I live in Camden County, South NJ and right now I'm on vacation visiting family in Georgia. I am 15 but my mom is still home. Apparently the neighboors were complaining about the feral cats (long story short, it was NOT the feral cats being bad it was the stupid people who let their house cats go outside) and now the manager of my townhouse complex is capturing them today! I don't get home untill wednesday and I don't know what to do. I'm very much attached to them, but one in particular named pepper I adore alot. Problem is she gets scared around other cats, and I already have 4 cats and they were scaring her and she ended up slapping them accross the face. She really needs a home and I dont know what to do.

Shes so cuddly and sweet and I hate thinking of the fact that when I get back she might be gone or worse.... dead.

I know that most feral cats are put down because they are not tame enough to have homes and I really need help. Is there any rescue groups near me? I don't even know how to search for one.

She was abused before and so is a little shy at first but she needs a home and I dont know what to do or who to call to make sure I can find her a home. I don't have the number for my townhouse complex manager.. and my moms at work.

Does anyone have a number I can call for like a rescue group that can go out to my neighboorhood and try to catch the cats before they get shipped off to who-knows-where?

March 19th, 2007, 08:01 AM
You could look them up on the internet under humane society or cat resuce groups and try narrowing it down to where you are located...What a cute kitty! she looks like she may need vet attention for her nose!

Good Luck


March 19th, 2007, 08:07 AM
Thanks. I love her its just my cats don't. She gets frightend and smacks them. Her nose is healing. I know your not supposed to use medicine on your pet that was prescribed to another pet, but we had some left over antibiotic cream stuff from when my other cat was sick, and my mom was putting it on her nose and it helped heal it up pretty good into a big scab. It used to look worse.

she's spayed and clean because my mom gave her a bath and she did real well. All she needs is a home or a foster home.

March 19th, 2007, 08:22 AM
Do as Winston suggests and go on the Internet. Check under cat rescue or feral cat rescue groups in the neighborhood close to you. You could also call a vet near your home and they can tell about some of the rescue groups.

kashtin's kin
March 21st, 2007, 12:28 AM
Sorry I am not nearly close enough to help you out, but good for you, and keep checking options out. I had no experience with VERY wild feral cats until last summer; ended up getting a family of 5 trapped, all fixed etc., kept 2 of 3 kittens and just adopted out the third kitty (released the really wild mother and father, and am still feeding them) .

Our 3 older housecats were not impressed with their new 'gentled feral' cousins at first, but everyone has settled down and adjusted by now. Well, just about...our Crabby Goose cat (adopted from Humane Society after being hit by a car) has been boycotting our bedroom since the arrival of the kittens, but she's a total drama queen!

Good luck with helping this deserving cat :fingerscr .

March 21st, 2007, 12:35 AM
You can also check for shelters near you.