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ARGh! im frustrated with this food change thing!!!

March 16th, 2007, 04:48 PM
okay, so again, i stopped the EVO completely and gave Roland some white rice and chicken and some yogurt to sort out his tummie issues. it worked in less than a day. so i have given it about 4 days of Roland being great and stomach on track to start again. i started with 3 pieces of EVo in his old food then 4 then 5 now we are on 8 and already his poop smells AWFUL and its getting looser everytime he goes (which seem like an lot more than usual btw).
Basically my question: If he cant tolerate the EVO whats next best? i am giving him Solid Gold kibble as treats (which he is nuts over), i have a tester pack of California Natural and one of the Eagle pack holistic. Anyone got any preferences and why? (i know i know its the same old story but im lost here!)

March 16th, 2007, 04:53 PM
Im sorry if its already stated somewhere, but what food are you switching off of?
Actually there is probably a thread somewhere, im gonna go look.
Sorry you're having such issues with this.

As for California Natural, we tried that for a bit with Meik and he didnt take to it very well. Might just be him, but its not one of my reccomendations.

March 16th, 2007, 05:07 PM
lol Roland is a cat. hehe... It always sounds like he's a dog.:D

Ok, my preference is with California natural.:o But if he's not doing great on Evo, CN is the same company... Eagle pack tends to have stool hardeners in it (I haven't analyzed the kitty side too much though) and those might help in his case...:o

March 16th, 2007, 05:10 PM
lol, I should shut down my computer for the day and take a nap... Im really not "with it" today.

Cat foods, mine are doing suprisingly well on Acana, if thats an option? However its not the best food out there, it works here with our high numbers from time to time

March 16th, 2007, 05:13 PM
It's not just you Erykah.:D People seem to always think Roland is a dog. :D Poor Roland. He must be so insulted. :laughing:

March 16th, 2007, 05:16 PM
Lol. youre all entertaining..hehe
he is on Neutro natural choice right now. yes Acana is an option. I will have a look at their website if i can find it.
what constitutes stool hardeners?

March 16th, 2007, 05:20 PM
I just told him and he mewed unimpressedly at you guys. hes rather put out that any one would want to put him down to such a level... hehe his mommy is a cat person...can you tell?

March 16th, 2007, 05:23 PM
Could you find out if he's willing to forgive me??

March 16th, 2007, 05:27 PM
he says your dogs have to beg first (on your behalf of course. he jsut wants to see them on their knees before a great almight Cat!! hehe:D )

March 16th, 2007, 05:29 PM
Yeah, the acana's not too bad.

Stool hardeners are usually tomato pomace or beet pulp. They're not ideal (ideally your beastie should digest and harden on its own), but some need them.:o

March 16th, 2007, 05:31 PM
I've used the Innova regular cat food with absolutely no problems. Also, DVP's Natural Balance.

March 16th, 2007, 05:34 PM
Heres the link for Acana, like i said though its not really the best food out there, perhaps the Orijen :shrug: americans seem to be going nuts for the stuff.

And Kita said shes fine with bowing down to a cat, so here she is!:D
( She admires cats a little too much for my liking sometimes:rolleyes: )

March 16th, 2007, 05:35 PM
Eagle pack ingridients:

ngredients: Chicken Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Chicken Fat (Preserved With Natural Mixed Tocopherols), Oatmeal, Anchovy & Sardine Meals, Flaxseed, Dried Egg Product, Tomato Pomace, Natural Chicken Flavor, Menhaden Fish Oil, Carrots, Sun-Cured Alfalfa, Peas, Dried Beet Pulp, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Quinoa (Organic), Taurine, Inulin, Apples, Blueberries, Choline Chloride, Cranberries, Beta-Carotene, Dehydrated Kelp, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, DL-Methionine, Polysaccharide Complexes of Zinc, Iron, Manganese and Copper, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin Supplement, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Vitamin A Supplement, Sodium Selenite, Ascorbic Acid, Biotin, Lecithin, Rosemary Extract, Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Folic Acid, Vitamin B 12 Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Potassium Iodide, Phylloquinone and Cobalt Sulfate, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Enterococcus faecium, B. Subtillus, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus coagulins, Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus niger.

Solid Gold ingredients:

Lamb | Chicken Meal | Millet | Brown Rice | Ocean Fish Meal | Cracked Pearled Barley | Canola Oil | Natural Flavor | Salmon Oil (source of DHA) | Flaxseed | Potassium Chloride | Choline Chloride | Taurine | Dried Chicory Root | Amaranth | Parsley Flakes | Spearmint | Almond Oil | Sesame Oil | Yucca Schidigera Extract | Kelp | Thyme | Blueberries | Cranberries | Apples | Lentils | Quinoa | Vitamin E Supplement | Iron Proteinate | Zinc Proteinate | Copper Proteinate | Ferrous Sulfate | Zinc Sulfate | Copper Sulfate | Potassium Iodide | Thiamine Mononitrate | Manganese Proteinate | Manganous Oxide | Ascorbic Acid | Vitamin A Supplement | Biotin | Calcium Panthothenate | Manganese Sulfate | Sodium Selenite | Pyridoxine Hydrochloride | Vitamin B12 Supplement | Riboflavin | Vitamin D Supplement | Folic Acid |

March 16th, 2007, 05:38 PM

Fresh chicken meat, chicken meal (low ash), turkey meal, steamed russet potato, fresh-caught Northern Whitefish, chicken fat, fresh whole eggs, salmon meal, salmon and anchovy oils, tapioca, chicken broth, sunflower oil, flaxseed, Atlantic kelp, steamed carrots, spinach, peas and tomatoes, sun-cured alfalfa, apple fiber, psyllium seed, rosemary extract, yeast extract (MOS), glucosamine HCl, cranberries, black currants, chondroitin sulfate.


Chicory, burdock and marshmallow root (FOS), rosehips, stinging nettle, marigold flowers, L-carnitine, fennel seed, chamomile flowers, milk thistle, chickweed, summer savory.


Iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate.

March 16th, 2007, 05:40 PM
Yeah... Acana's better than the eagle pack for sure. And it's gluten free, which for me is one up on the solid gold too.

Chicken meal (low ash), fresh boneless chicken meat, steamed oatmeal, chicken fat, ground whole flaxseed (natural source of Omega 3), herring oil (natural source of DHA and EPA), chicken broth, canola oil, yeast extract (MOS), chicory root (FOS), yeast culture (saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation solubles), yucca shidigera, marigold extract (source of lutein), rosemary extract, whole garlic, Atlantic kelp, carrots, parsley, tomatoes (natural source of lycopene), apples, cranberries, sea salt, potassium chloride, choline chloride, lysine, vitamin A supplement, dl alpha-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), methionine, L-carnitine, vitamin D3 supplement, *iron Bioplex™, *zinc Bioplex™, *manganese Bioplex™, biotin, *copper Bioplex™, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride (source of vitamin B6), vitamin B12, calcium iodate, folic acid *chelated mineral

March 16th, 2007, 05:40 PM
:crazy: :laughing: accepted with a little splutter (laugh) and a whirr. he says next time, pay attention!! lol
what a great pic!

March 16th, 2007, 05:42 PM
??? i thought tomatoes was on the no no list for cats? thanks for that. i will get a sample tomorrow. he does love the solid gold right now though!

March 16th, 2007, 05:45 PM
i like that the solid gold has no salt, sugar, wheat, soybeans animal fat sumflower oil and by producs. i noticed that the acana has sea salt. maybe only very little?

March 16th, 2007, 05:45 PM
Uh.. really? I don't remember tomatoes being bad... :o I hope they're not bad...

Did you ever try Felidae?

March 16th, 2007, 05:46 PM
i like that the solid gold has no salt, sugar, wheat, soybeans animal fat sumflower oil and by producs. i noticed that the acana has sea salt. maybe only very little?Yeah, it's not the best ingredient and it is very little, but for the wheat in the Solid gold, it's pointless to brag about that when they put barley in it (gluten...). :o (OG taught me that, btw :))

March 16th, 2007, 05:47 PM
Erykah was that the Orijen? we tried that. he picked out all his old food when i put that in. (i put his old and the new in seperate bowl after a few days to see which he prefered(um yea i know, probably a little silly) and he ate the Neutro.) so i think that he didnt like that one so much.

March 16th, 2007, 05:49 PM
No havent tried teh felidae yet either. just found a store that carries it here so i will go and get a trial pack of that too. poor Roland by the end of it he wont have any clue as to what his food is. i think he enjoys the different kinds hes getting to try as snacks now though. certainly not complaining!