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The man who helps you evict your tenants . . .

Rick C
March 14th, 2007, 10:33 AM
Interesting story in the LA Times this a.m.

Dennis Block seemed glued to his black leather chair, his coffee untouched, apparently impervious to physical needs such as the bathroom or food, taking one landlord's phone call after another.

Almost all the callers wanted the same thing: to evict their tenants.

In a DVD he gives to landlords, Block describes himself this way: "A man who has evicted more tenants than any other human being on the planet Earth."

He has never been busier.

Zooming property values have sent rents skyrocketing more than 25% in four years citywide and even higher in rapidly gentrifying areas. But hundreds of thousands of tenants are protected by rent-stabilization laws, which limit rent increases to 4% a year. When the tenant moves, market rates can take effect but tenants can be evicted only with good cause.

That's where Block comes in. He has dedicated his considerable creativity and intelligence to helping landlords evict tenants from rent-stabilized buildings. He boasts that his firm has filed more than 130,000 cases since 1980, a year after rent stabilization went into effect. He helps landlords identify minor violations a pet fish in an aquarium, a brightly painted bathroom, an extra occupant to toss out long-term tenants who are paying below market for their homes.

Tenant advocates tend to turn red with rage at the mention of Block's name.

The rest of the story:,0,7826559.story?track=mostviewe d-storylevel

Rick C

March 14th, 2007, 10:41 AM
I think that's terribly sad.

I had an interesting experience with a landlord awhile back. Someone broke into my apartment (the landlord's cousin, who lived upstairs) and the landlord said it would cost too much money to fix the door. I was outraged and told him I was moving immediately and he certainly wasn't getting another month's rent from me. He threatened to take me to court, but never did (as I doubt a judge would award him any money considering the situation). I moved and about a month later found out that the new landlord I was renting from did business with my old landlord. My new landlord told me that he would evict me if I didn't pay my old landlord one more month's worth of rent. I went to a lawyer and they told me that my new landlord couldn't evict me over that, but that there were so many reasons in the lease that it was very unlikely the landlord wouldn't be able to come up with some "legitimate" reason for eviction. So I shook my fist, paid the second landlord one more months worth of rent and then moved again - this time with someone who I knew was reputable.

Anyway, I was just shocked when the lawyer told me (with out even looking at my apartment) that the landlord could literally just pick a reason to have me evicted.

March 14th, 2007, 10:30 PM
Block, 55, greets such criticism with indignation.

"I think my position is righteous," he said. "The average landlord is not a rich individual…. Under rent control, unlike any other business on planet Earth, a landlord is being ordered to support other individuals totally at his own costs. This is not fair."

Nasty. I suffer from malnutrition because most of my money goes towards rent and these people are complaining that they are paying thier tenants way? The ONLY luxury I enjoy is internet because my roommate is hooked up. That's right NO movies NO restaurants NO extra goodies from the grocery store, it all goes to rent. I've found every lanlord i've had over the years highly offensive, I haven't had one yet that didn't invade my privacy, raise the rent every chance and avoid general maintence of thier property.:frustrated:

March 14th, 2007, 11:36 PM
As a Landlord myself I can see where in certain situations, he would come in really handy. When we moved to Montreal and my dad bought a house, the tenant said that they would leave, and decided after awhile that they no longer wanted to leave unless they were "compensated" unfortunately we did not have anything in writing that they would leave, and could not afford to pay the mortgage and the rent at another home, we had to give him $2000 and our washer and dryer, and pay for his moving costs (for some reason, the last homeowner signed him onto a 2 year lease only paying 350 a month for a 3 bedroom home). On the day that he moved out he even had the audacity to ask us for the stove as well, I got soooo angry and asked him why didn't he just take me car and all my clothes while he was at it? He made my first Montreal experience horrible!! I would've loved to have know about Block guy months ago.