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Stray pit in CT with pups eludes dog catchers

April 2nd, 2004, 10:57 AM
I found this elsewhere and thought it was an interesting lead.

If anyone has contacts (LR....Pitcrew) in the States for Pit rescues....pls pass this along. someone has to save this dog and her pups before someone w/o experience gets involved and it could go bad.

Pls read:

Pit bull is elusive catch for animal control officers

Sunday, March 28, 2004
By Robyn Adams
(c) 2004 Republican-American

WATERBURY - "Elusive" isn't her real name, but it is apropos for the black pit bull living in a vacant house off Waterville Street.

For three months, the pooch has been two paws ahead of the law that's tried to capture her. Last Wednesday, Donald Pike called, likely out of
frustration, to get help for the female dog living in the
building across from his neatly kept single-family home. "I've been calling the dog warden for three months," Donald said. "A month ago she was in heat, and there were five dogs hanging around. Now there are puppies, and the dog is not being fed. Once in a while, the dog comes up on my front porch. I also called the dog warden one day when the dog was sunbathing in front of the house. She was there all morning. They said they came up, but they didn't."

The day after his call, I went in search of the pooch who hangs out at 375 Waterville St. First off, the property is abandoned and boarded up on the first level. It sits on a ledge of a steep embankment that overlooks railroad tracks along Thomaston Avenue. The hill is a trash heap. It is littered with old appliances and other debris someone deliberately tossed down the hill. Anywho, I walked around the sides of the house but didn't
venture around the back for fear I'd tumble and land in the middle of
old Route 8. I didn't see the dog lazing about so I puckered my lips and
started to whistle for it to come. All of a sudden, I heard: "Woof, woof, woof." I looked up and there, in one of the windows on the third floor,
was the dog. She looked at me. I looked at her. She woofed some more.
The barking stopped and my gut told me to get in my car and leave, especially since I saw she existed, and the possibility of getting a quote was slim to none. I started to drive off and caught a glimpse of the dog in
my rear view mirror. She woofed as if to say "don't come back here."

Saturday, I went back to get a picture of the dog. I whistled. Nothing. I whistled some more. Still nothing. So, I knocked on Donald's door. He went to the house with me and, there we stood, whistling. Sure enough,
Elusive popped her head out the window. Donald called for her to come down. She did, came around the side of the house, stopped and woofed, not at him, but at me.

Sarah at the dog warden's office off Municipal Road said they haven't ignored Donald's calls. "We've been chasing that pit bull for three months, but can't get near it," she said. "The dog is not aggressive. It is
afraid, and wouldn't come near us." Sarah said they did catch two German shepherds that hung out with Elusive. One shepherd was sent home, and its owner was ticketed for allowing it to roam. The other is staying at the dog warden's office. Sarah and her fellow dog catchers have their backs up against a wall when it comes to nabbing strays on private property. And in this case, the dog isn't just roaming outdoors. It is living inside the house. "We can't go in an abandoned building without the owner being there," Sarah said. "We tried to catch it several times, but it runs down the tracks. We can't put out a trap because it will either
get vandalized or stolen."

The house, city records show, is owned by Liberty Savings
Bank of 1 Corporate Center in Hartford. But the 411 is
there is no such agency by that name at that address or in Hartford, nor is there a telephone number listed. I did chat with a Middletown bank with a similar name, minus one word, but they are not connected to Liberty Savings Bank.

So, we have a stray dog with puppies holed up in an abandoned building owned by some entity that cannot be reached. Sarah said they haven't given up and will continue to pursue the dog.

Donald doesn't necessarily want the dog put down, but wants someone to take care of her. "It has puppies," Donald said. Sarah said if and when they do catch the pit, it will be headed for that big dog house in the sky. Until then, Elusive is free to roam inside that
big empty house.

Robyn Adams is a staff writer. To reach her, call 574-3636 ext. 1421

April 2nd, 2004, 12:51 PM
Luba, I know its bad, but Elusive sounds like a damn smart dog :D . I hope she finds a good home, and her pups as well.:(

April 3rd, 2004, 12:23 AM
If you and other's can't catch and relocate the dog and her pups to a safer environment how about leaving some food for the mother so she does not have to forage wide and far to survive.??I would prefer to catch her but if that isn't possible what about helping the problem at hand and feeding her rather than leaving her and the puppies to scrounge for nutrition.??
Just a thought.

doggy lover
April 3rd, 2004, 07:51 AM
I agree with woodbyter, feed the momma at least they won't be hungry. Maybe while their at it they could slip some sleeping pills in her food and bingo sleeping momma!

April 3rd, 2004, 08:09 AM
I agree the sleeping medication might disable the moma however if doing this I would check with the vet to see approximately how much to give plus you should monitor the dogs activity until she is either caught or the medication has worn off. Plus check to see if the mother is nursing that the medication won't harm the nursing puppies And don't discount the power of mother's love to protect. I have seen animals who were given a sediative that suddenly came alive when they perceived a danger to their pups

April 3rd, 2004, 11:43 AM
Well I just hope someone with some experience gets to her before someone w/o experience.

She could end up attacking to protect her pups.