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Starting a raw diet

March 12th, 2007, 12:11 PM
Ok, so my boyfriend & I will be getting our Dobbie in June/July and we really like the idea of the raw diet. I find this forum to be full of a wealth of information and greatly appreciate all the different questions & concerns previouosly posted. I also appreciate that there are some locals on this board (I am in Montreal), incase I ever need to be refered somewhere.

So basically we are trying to figure out what an average raw diet would consist of? We get the idea of some canned tuna, some fish, beef, we give minced beef or cubes? and which boned are ok to give - I always remember my mother when I was young telling us the chicken bones would hurt the dogs if we fed them. Can we give pork bones as well? and is everything thrown into the dog bowl raw with no preparation (besides taking off excess fat)?

Is feeding a puppy this diet the same as feeding a adult dog? Our guy will be about 8 weeks old when we get him.

Thanks for any input or advise!

March 12th, 2007, 01:11 PM
Congratulations on your new pup and venturing into the world of raw feeding! It's a lot of fun and very healthy for your pup. I'm sure he will love his raw diet :thumbs up
If you're going to go raw, I would forego the canned tuna because anything canned is actually cooked therefore it's not really a raw meal, plus there is a lot of salt in canned tuna, so if you would like to feed it occasionally, you should drain it and rinse it a few times in water to get rid of the excess salt.
You don't have to cut your dog's meat into cubes...they generally know what to do with a hunk of meat as it is in their carnivore nature to eat their prey as is. You could start out with some chicken quarters and let your pup work his way through it. Oh, and don't be worried about chicken bones. They're only harmful if they're cooked because they become brittle and splinter, but in their raw form they are quite soft and dogs digest them quite easily.

Prep time when feeding raw is just a matter of defrosting and then serving it to him in his bowl. Once your puppy is comfortable with chicken and you see that his poops are nice and firm, you can slowly start adding another meat source like turkey or pork or beef. Go sloooowly. Too much too soon can lead to tummy upsets and loose stools. Pork bones are okay too. We give Barkley pork riblets and he loves to munch away at them. The ratio you want to work with is 80% boneless meat, 10-15% bones, and 5-10% organ meats. Organ meats should also be introduced slowly because they are quite rich and can give them the runs. Bones to avoid are ones from large ungulates such as large beef bones.

With adult dogs, you want to feed 2-3% of their ideal body weight, but growing puppies usually need more...more like 5% or maybe more. Keep an eye on your pup and if he's getting too thin, increase the food and likewise, if he's getting too plump, cut back.

Good luck and let us know how he does!

March 12th, 2007, 01:56 PM
You will probably be sent a whole list of good sites, but for a visual, check out
Look under recipies and it gives a lot of encouragement on how to prepair the food.
And for most Myths and FAQ's you will find the answers to put your fears to bed.
There is a thread showing the top RAW links somewhere down the page. My ONLY advice is take one food at a time, and if you think progression in slow then your going to FAST. :eek:
There is nothing wrong with feeding the same thing for a week, and then add in ONE additional thing, like chicken quarters, chicken quarters, chicken quarters, chicken quarters and chicken liver, chicken quarters. If all is going well than add one other thing, slowly transition to another meat and start over again. That way you know whats working and whats not. Most of us got carried away and tried to much too soon.:D But now we throw whatever down (except TD who has to do some preperation work before storage)

March 12th, 2007, 03:03 PM
lots of great advice here :thumbs up i would suggest supplementing with 1 capsule of Ester-C per day (500mg) and 1 capsule of Vitamin E, specially for growing puppies it helps in the formation of bone, cartilage, blood function, etc. also adding some fish body oil (capsule form is ok) is good if you are not feeding alot of whole raw ocean fish (avoid salmon unless it is frozen for a few days before).

i personally add pureed cooked veggies or fruit to their mush meals (a tablespoon or two, i have big dogs), raw eggs are great, some plain yogurt and cottage cheese, canned fish (desalted), occasional treats of frozen bread or cooked meats... i am not a purist, LOL! in addition to feeding whole bone-in meats like pork roasts and turkey or chicken chunks (buy whole and chop up to save money), we do grind chicken frames and mix with regular ground beef and add all sorts of good things in there, even raw green tripe and olive oil sometimes.

the beauty of this diet (once your dog has been slowly introduced to it and is doing well) is that Balance Over Time via a variety of fresh foods produces a very healthy dog that matures at a more natural rate than kibble-fed dogs. pups grow slower and their bones have time to form properly, growth spurts are greatly reduced and in the end, rawfed dogs are often more heavy and muscular and solid when they are fully mature. plus it is FUN!!! shopping for sales, deals and specials, no two meals are the same, forget allergies and infections and dirty teeth and brick-sized poops and shedding and eye boogers, etc... LOL!

go check out all the threads in the raw feeding forum for lots of info! and welcome to the gang! :highfive:

March 12th, 2007, 03:09 PM
welcome i am not a raw feeder but you will find oodles of advice her TD and scott are our raw gurus :) i am always intrigued by raw but i havent taken the plunge.

March 12th, 2007, 05:19 PM
Yup some great advice here :thumbs up

A lot of different views on it, but all with the same goal. Provide the best diet as possible.

Read up on the links posted above.

The easiest way I can tell ya to start, stop feeding kibble one meal, and feed raw the next. Get your self a few whole chickens. Chicken because its fairly cheap and easy to come by. Cut them into 1/4s. And feed :D Start at 2%, and increase or decrease as needed. Keep a pup lean. Rollie pollie is cute, but not good for them.

Some loose stool at first is normal. Just like any food switch, but give it a few days. After a week or so, add something new.

As for cuts of meat. I use pork hocks or ribs. slabs of Boneless beef. Sides of lamb. Whole mackerel & herring. Beef tails. Tripe. beef heart, Kidney, liver tongue. A whole beef tongue or heart is a great chew! I try and get whole turkeys and cut em into 2-3lb pieces. Whole chickens.

I like feeding large pieces. Gives them a better workout ripping and tearing meat & crunching the bones. By large i mean 2 - 3 - 4 lb pieces. When they go on sale, pork picnic roasts cut up. Just be sure to feed a variety to cover all your nutritional bases. No one meal needs to be complete. :angel:

i personally don't feed veggies as part of a meal. I will give carrots or some apple as a treat. Dogs lack the digestive system to break down veggies. thats why 'barfers" suggest pureeing them. Its the only way they anything from them. The new movement is simply called raw feeding or SARF (species appropriate raw food). We're feeding domestic wolves here and so I give them a wolves diet.

I don't use supplements, again, feeding a variety of meats, they get everything they need from it. That said, I've got a giant breed puppy, so i give a glucosamine and chondroitin/MSM supplement. Overkill, maybe, but if i feed more trachea or other proper parts, I would skip the supplement.

So, you can see, a lot of different approaches. easy to get overwhelmed. but stick in there. Its really great! :thumbs up