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Fishy pics

March 10th, 2007, 04:29 AM
I have several new additions since I last posted. (click pics for bigger)

We aquired a 55g tank and stand with 2 fully established filters, several other items, and even a fish lol. The tank now has that fish and 2 others in it, more to be added but it needs more territories. (

The top one is an electric yellow (he came with the tank), and the bottom one I haven't been able to determine, chances are he's some kind of hybrid. (
There are all 3 of them, the striped one is a melanochromis auratus.


These are fish that inhabit our 90g. (
A ropefish, there are actually 5 of them in there right now, between 9 inches and over a foot in length. (
A senegal bichir, around 5 inches at the moment.


I'm growing out two 2 1/2 inch angelfish in one of our 29g. Here they are: ( (

March 10th, 2007, 04:37 AM
Here are some of my bettas.

You can see my first male betta in my avatar (there's also another thread with his pic). Here's my 2nd one. (

His fins are still growing out, he's in a 5g filtered and heated hex with a golden mystery snail.

We have 4 female bettas in another 29g. I could only get a pic of a couple of them though. ( (
The bottom betta is a bit bigger than my male bettas even. She's very peaceful but the others don't go in her territory :p I guess her size is a deterrant.

I have a few more fish but no good pics and there's already quite a few pics posted now, so I'll wait lol.

I also have a yellow bellied slider (for those of you that don't know, that's a turtle) that a local fish store gave me for free.

March 13th, 2007, 06:24 PM
Beautiful fish!
The blue one looks almost like some kind of pelvachromis,
the only thing that seems different about it is the yellow
egg spot on its anal fin.
It may just be a hybrid, I think you may be right.

Your angels are beauties and espescially like your ropefish
and bichir.
Senegal bichirs are so awesome when they are full size.
I read a story once about a man who had a full grown
17 or so inch senegal bichir, and one day he was standing with some friends
near the tank, when he suddenly noticed his friends were gaping behind him. Then he felt a tap on his shoulder.
The bichir had stuck its head out of the tank and was tapping on his shoulder.
He looked down and realized he was still holding the fish food jar.
His friends, needless to say, were quite impressed.

They seem to be very interesting fish.
I would love to have one one day.
Check out online the "Orange Pike Cichlids", my boyfriend has fallen
in love with them, and hence one day when we have a bigger house he wants to have an orange pike cichlid. I wonder if a bichir would be compatible, I assume so.

Any pics of the full tank?
Id love to see.

March 16th, 2007, 06:20 PM
Very pretty fishies!!

(I'm glad you're back, btw... :))

March 17th, 2007, 10:24 AM
Thanks for the compliments guys! :D
Sorry, I've been gone so much, I've been doing lots of fish research and setting up tanks and whatnot.

Any pics of the full tank?
Id love to see.

Which tank?
The bichir/rope tank looks terrible right now, we just threw some plastic plants and stuff we had laying around in lol. Actually a few tanks look like this at the moment.

Funny story about the senegal. Ours is really too small to get out at the moment, but one of my ropes pushed our glass hood open and ended up on the floor one day, luckily he wasn't out for long and is ok. I didn't realize they're that strong, he was one of our smaller ones too.
Now I have weights on the lids, so hopefully that helps but they seem to be escape artists, so we'll see.

The bichir is still shy, but one of our ropes likes to come up and see me and be petted now. He also likes to sit on my hand, I caught some pics. ( (

I also got another pic of our leporinus. He's in a 29g but growing, so he'll have to be moved pretty soon. His tank is next to our couch and he stares at me. He's around 5 inches now and was 2 when we got him a few months ago. (