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New Here

March 8th, 2007, 10:41 AM
Hi All, I am new to this chat. I belong to the Dachsie Bulletin Board as I have a 18 mos old long haired dachshund :) I was looking for a bulletin board about Boxers actually and stumbled across this site. I read a few posts - looks like this site is filled with some real animal lovers and knowledgeable people! My boyfriend is looking to get a puppy and we have been researching breeds. I have grown up with many different dogs, but not the breed we've chosen - a boxer. I think this will be a great dog for him, however I am having trouble finding some information on breeders. We live in New York and were hoping to find a reputable breeder in one of the surrounding states. Any suggestions in terms of breeders or links to sites that would be beneficial?

March 8th, 2007, 11:04 AM
Would you consider adopting a rescued boxer?

Like this one:

There are many others as well;)

March 8th, 2007, 11:36 AM
Boxers are wonderful dogs!!! There are a couple of people here who have them and love them.

Welcome and good luck. Can't help with the breeders; but is a good boxer website. I'm sure you found it already though. Boxers are VERY prone to many health issues, and you should read up on that before buying. (heart, cancer, digestive etc etc)

Lots of boxer rescues in your area and in Canada too; it's another place to start unless you're set on a puppy (well, you might find a puppy in rescue).,,

Look for meb999's posts about Fergus, Syd or Bindi who are with Boxer Rescue Quebec. Don't know if they adopt to the US.

White boxers often need rescuing as puppies, they are sometimes killed or sold cheaply because they aren't standard (should not be bred, can't be shown). They are still needy and loving though!

Just a warning- be careful with your other dog. Boxers are HUGE play-ers and they tend to play with their paws. This may not be best for any dog that is smaller and has a back problem (if yours does... I know that dachshunds are prone to this). They pounce and swat like cats, but they're a lot heavier.

March 8th, 2007, 12:21 PM
Yes I have found some great Boxer sites and rescue sites. I think for this pup my Boyfriend would rather go to a breeder due to the fact that he had some real problems with a dog he rescued in the past and he was heartbroken over the issues. I think he would be more comfortable being able to meet this puppy's parents and see where the puppy was born. In the furture I would like to get another rescue however.

I have read about the health problems and I am actually concerned about that but we weighed the positives about the breed and negatives. Everything else seems so perfect for us so we are going to discuss the health issues with the breeders we talk to.

And thank you about the warning regarding my dachsie - he's not a mini, so he actually is pretty sturdy but they are absolutely prone to back problems. He is very used to playing with my mom's 90 lb Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who is also a paw-er so I think he will very get along alright with a boxer pup. We will watch them and make sure that they learn to play properly.

Thanks again!