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Obidence School: Second Class Update

March 7th, 2007, 10:34 PM
Well tonight was Duke's second lesson at Tri-Mark Canine Services Basic Obidence course here in Mississauga. As some of you may remember he completed the puppy basic manners and socalization skills at 3 weeks old so he did have an advantage over some of the dogs in the class as he already has the groundwork for alot of the stuff we have begun working towards.

Tonight we began to work on shaping and improving our sit-stays by placing our dogs on our left side, telling them sit, pivioting in front of them and then pivioiting back to our original position before saying "ok" and taking three steps backwards.

However half way through the class when the instructer brought out his australlian Shepherd to demonstrate a few lesh excersises, Duke went from lying down to jumping up and throwing himself at the end of the lesh while barking very manically. I managed to get him to settle down again though I found it odd as he has seen this dog before in other classes and has never had a problem with it.

We continued with lesh excersises specially geared towards jumpers,lesh biters and pullers, all which Duke over the last month has especially gotten bad with.

Duke did very well with these excersises and I realise now the reason his sit's had gotten so sloppy ( as he frequently would lie down 2-3 seconds after being put in a sit) was due to me saying "Sit Down" when only wanting him to sit. So I have now begun only saying sit and it is really starting to take shape.

Then at the end of the class as some people left and the people for the next class walked in with their dogs he spotted one mix and again out of nowhere threw himself at this dog barking and howling and pretty much trying to eat him.

The trainer took us aside to talk to us about Duke's behaviour, we have never seen him act this way around other dogs as he has been going to puppy club and dog play sessions since literally day one. Being an animal behaviouralist as well as a trainer he explained that we were lucky we were catching this literally as it just appeared and recomended trying a gentle leader. Not only because it could help us get him under control when he got out of hand but that the way it sits on the higher part of the back of his head instinctivly is supposde to make them feel more calm and the new control would help pop his bubble so to speak and make him more managable.

Besides that he thinks Duke is a very workable dog because of his high intellegance level and because he's very easily food motivated, something which should help us get him under control so we can one day compete in agility.

Anyways just thought I should share.

March 7th, 2007, 10:45 PM
Good job for making sure he gets the training and socialization so many dogs seem to lack :thumbs up .