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Can you help? - cat screenhouse for balcony?

March 6th, 2007, 03:29 PM
I am new to this forum, so I hope to get some good ideas from fellow cat owners.

My Ion is an outdoor cat - he goes outside to romp around and play - never leaving the yard. He usually stays out for about an hour at a time, but he is very used to coming and going as he pleases (during daylight).

My problem is this - I have just moved to an apartment on the 2nd floor in a building where it's pretty much impossible for him to get in and out. I would just keep him inside, but I just know he will go stir crazy without being able to go outside. Someone told me about this cat screenhouse thing that attaches to the outside of the window and allows the cat to be outside, but without having to bother anyone to go out.

Does anyone know anything about a product like this and if so, any reviews?

Thank you soooo much for any help you can give me!

~Heather & Ion~

March 7th, 2007, 04:25 PM
This may not be much help to you, as I have heard of but never used the window screen thing. However, I have had a cats that went from outdoor cats to totally indoor cats, and didn't have much difficulty with it. I made sure that they had plenty of things (toys, etc.) to entertain them, and they seemed to be happy enough just that they were with me. The strange thing now is that I live in a place where my cats can go outside, and all they want to do is stay inside, play with their toys and sleep on the couch. Hmmm....

March 7th, 2007, 04:35 PM
I never allow my cats out and (It is too dangerous and the one stat Iwill leave you with is on average, outdoor cats licve ti 507 while indoor kittuies live up to 18-10). That said, it is relatively easy to turn former so called outdoor cats into indfoor cats. Give him lots to do and maybe find a window (buy a wondow ramp he can sit on or cat tree near a window). I would not trust a cat on a balcony with those as my grandfather might say - contraptions. They are meant for outside in the garden kind of thing but even then, cats can get through them with their paws. On a balconty where there is dangfer of falling, I'd be a basket case if I allowed my cat out when I was away and he could get out. That is almost asking for trouble - even tho I know you love your cat. I would try to turn him into an indoor fellow. He will love you for it. I have made many cats infoor kitties and not one of them ever went "stir crazy". They like the extra attention and will play with you. maybe you could get him a playmate to play with indoors??

Good luck!!!! Pls don't think I am being critical of you - I am a veteran crusader of indoor only cats. Actually, most rescues I know will not aopt to anyone who allows their cats to roam outdoors. (or go outdoors by themselves.) I never thought much about this as a child, admittedly but there atre so many dangers - automobniles being the number one problem bnut cats are stolen, hurt, poisoned by nasty neighbours or people, injured, all sorts of nasty things out there like diseases they are not vaccinated for. They are such tiny small fragile creatures that I cannot imagine what I thought as a child. I just urge you yo find a way to keep him indoors. You will have a much healthier cat for it.