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Free old digital camera

March 5th, 2007, 06:19 PM
After getting my new camera my wife keeps telling me to throw my old camera away, so if anyone wants it, it's theirs.
It has a small 16mb card, it works, but it's been in my snowboarding jacket for 5 odd years.
I think I know where the box and manuals are, if they are still there the software is also in the box along with the original cable.
It sometimes has black flecks on the background but only noticed it a few times and could easily be where I didn't clean the lens. Here are a couple of quick links that may help.
Battery life sucks and it takes ages to shoot a second, third etc picture (main reason I got a new one). It's a bit battered but nothing is broken on it. If needed I also have a USB card reader as it takes ages for the pic to down load via the cable and again it uses the batterys up so i got the card reader.I'm not selling this very well am I. It can be used as a web cam and was fun to play with.
It's easy to use and would help someone who hasn't got anything. It will need batterys and charger (may possibly have a charger but the original is a 240V from UK). Batterys are dead from non use but normal AA's work (again they don't last long if you have the screen on and constantly review the shots before downloading them). So if you know someone in need please let me know. I'll go and look for the box now.

March 5th, 2007, 06:53 PM
Hello x l

I am an hour from you ( Fergus ) and i would be interested, i sent you a private message
The weather is brutal here right now all the roads are closed, can you hold it for a few days till this weather breaks