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3mos old kitten

March 4th, 2007, 10:43 AM
Hello everyone

My uncle got a kitten from his friend place. He has soo many cats and a few kittens. He picked this little guy out because he was the most affectionate one while the others were hiding and ran away from him. They named him Joey. Right now he is a lap-kitty. But aren't all kittens are like that. I know they do change there personality when they get older. Also, when you have more then one cat, they tend to not to bother with humans as much. They rather hang out with the other kitties instead of humans. Do you guys think he will be a lap-kitty when he gets older? Let me know what you think? Please reply! Thanks!

March 4th, 2007, 11:19 AM
The more time he spends with the cat, the more attached the cat will become. This is a three-month old kitten, for heaven's sake. Good food, affection, playtime, respect (no grabbing, excessive teasing, or hassling him when he's taking a nap), security so he doesn't wander, all those things work in the direction of attachment. But a cat is not a dog. Cats need their space, while a dog would rather be in yours! And cats do have different personalities, but you have to pay attention.
Has he been to the vet yet? Had his shots? Please get him neutered. Some vets will neuter at 3-4 months. Neutered cats are more relaxed and less likely to wander.
A healthy cat can live for 20 years so I hope your uncle will be a committed and caring owner, and enjoy his new friend.

PS And your uncle's friend is irresponsible and cruel to let his cats breed. Many of the kittens he is giving away are ending up on the street because people lose interest, move, won't pay for a vet when the cat gets sick, decide they're allergic or just don't give a damn. If he has any affection at all for his pets, he needs to stop adding to this problem,

An unspayed female cat, her mate and her offspring, producing just two litters a year, with 2.8 surviving kittens, can total 67 cats after two years, 11,801 cats after five years, and 370,092 cats after seven years. And so on. Only a fraction of these find good, permanent homes. The rest end up on the street, starving, fighting, dying of infections or under cars. Sometimes they are poisoned, or tortured by freaks, or sold to laboratories for painful experiments.

Maybe you could pass on this email to your uncle's friend. Maybe he just doesn't know the harm he's doing.

March 4th, 2007, 02:16 PM
Well said Badger!!! Perhaps someone could use a friendly trap and bring all those kitties to a low cost spay/neuter clinic or one sponsored by a group that does this for free? This sounds like a pretty desperate situation - and one that is going to cause a lot of grief for cats and ppl as well!!!

As for your this 3 month old, all cats are unique - there is no way of knowing whether he'll be a lap kitty but lots of play time, socialization, toys and TLC should help steer him in that direction. He is just a baby now - and needs all the love and help - and vet care he can get. He should be seen by a vet to make sure he gets his vaccinations and then once that is done, be neutered (It's a he, right?) He should be checked for viruses as well, coming from a situation with so many cats uncared for like that. (and in my book ,any cats who does not see a vet regularly is uncared for, as well meaning as ppl are.) And get him good food, not the grocery store junk.

I hope Joey brings much joy to your family and I hope he gets lots of care too!! There are many online resources on how to care for kittens, some on this site.

March 4th, 2007, 02:38 PM
My uncle and aunt took him to the Vet already, took a poo sample in. He got a cleaned bill of health. They love the little guy, Mickey likes him too. But Molly doesn't really bother with Joey. For sure, he is getting love. He wanted to rescue him and save him. He told him to bring these kitties to the Humane Society and for sure the kittens will get homes right away.

March 4th, 2007, 03:00 PM
Hmmm, don't assume that if you bring the kittens to the Humane Society, they will get homes right away. You'd be better off at a Cat Rescue place that is a no kill shelter like Abby's - there are many places in TO. The Humane Society calls itself no kill but that means that they "only" kill if the cat is deemed unadoptable and barn cats typically do not stand a chance. It is very unfair but I have talked to many ppl who work with either SPCA or Humane Societry and they place kittens born in homes over barn cats. It's not right and makes me angry but there are many wonderful places in TO who would really try to find homes for kittens. This is kitten season so they are vying - often with purebred kitties (25% of all animals "surrendered" by owners are purebreds and the Humane Societyu - if they do not call a rescue that specializes in that breed - will fuind homes for these kittens first.

If you go to Petfinder and type in Cat and Toronto, you will get a listing of all the places.

Here are a few:

Toronto Cat Rescue
Abbey Cat Adoptions

Westside Story Kitten Adoption Centre

Homeless Cat Rescue

Annex Cat Rescue

Abandoned Cats Rescue

Cat Busters Animal Rescue

You will want an org that has a contract and does home visits and ensures that the kittens go to good homes (Not every rescue is equal!!) and make sure it is an indoor only policy, that they do not adopt to anyone who will declaw a cat - write your own specifications and make sure you are satisfied with the place. Most of the cat only ones are preferable - if only because they know what to look for in cat people. Abbey Adoptions has a good repuation and some of the others here from the TO area may know more than I, Chico? L1?