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Talk and they will come

March 4th, 2007, 12:50 AM
Long boring post to non raw feeders.
So we have been going to the park for some time and a grup of about 20 of us huddle together watching the fun and frolicks and occasioanlly having to throw a ball. Inevitably the time comes for us to peel off in ones and two's to pick up the parcels deposited around the fields.
Last week some one said while watching me return with my 3 small pebbles in a bag "does he just store it all up for when he gets home?"
"No," I said "this is it for the day"
Everyone started to laugh and thought I was joking. It was at this point someone who I had already shared my secret with piped up and said, "is that because all you feed is raw meat"
So the conversation turned to food and how much it costs and how much they eat, and I realised about then that it doesn't matter what food you buy, along with what petrol you fill up with, some will swear by one brand although the way it was derived was no better or different than any other. There is no 'good' way of processing food, it's still processed.
Everyone thought there dog was allergic to something they were feeding, but continued to feed it. I mentioned I thought Riley was intollerant to lamb but when fed just lamb he was fine so i guess it was something added in the processing rather then the ingredient it's self.
A lot of people went away thinking and over the past week I have had the expected questions that can only come from people trying the odd chicken leg or pork rib at home. I always love when they proudly mention the fact you should never feed chicken bones, and then watch there smile fall when you agree whole heartly and add in "if they have been in any way cooked, the same goes for the chew bones you buy at the grocery store" I would have loved to have gone around and seen how many bones were thrown out that week :p
I don't expect the whole of the dog park to suddenly change over night (nor would I) but they all have an alternitive to crappy dog treats from the store and they certainly have all gone home to see what the ingredient list has hidden in it. :thumbs up

March 4th, 2007, 12:55 AM
lol xlr8 converting the people from kibblism to rawism... :D

Ok, so I don't feed raw, so I can't "hurrah" or anything, but I still liked the post. I feel that way when I get a person off Iams..:o

btw, I misread some of it as this:

Inevitably the time comes for us to peel off in ones and two's to pick up the parcels deposited around the fields.
"No," I said "this is it for the day"
I thought you were just being a bit of a brat until I read it over. :laughing: :D :sorry: :D

March 4th, 2007, 02:58 AM
I know, it seems strange it was only a short while ago I was frantically trying to find the mythical golden kibble. Raw was NEVER an option, now I don't think Riley would forgive me if I made him go back.
It was only afterwards I saw that processed foods would always be a compromise. Especially when I tried to give him a little of a different food and saw how badly he reacted. Now I feel I have a lot more control in what he eats and I'm happy with it. Riley was never a great feeder on kibble, now at 9am he's sitting by his mat, 10 minutes later were done and ready for the day.
I wish I could claim the huge changes others had but he had already made such a difference on hte switch from Iams to Canidae, and the raw started as a treat based thing, moving to 1 meal kibble, the other raw, then he just plain refused kibble. He kind of told us :dog: then when my wife realised the only time she would have to handle the food was from the fridge to the mat she didn't mind at all (she's a clean freak) and as there is not food floating around she actually found it easy to clear up (god forbid there was a piece of kibble outside of the bowl, that would mean a compleate swiffer of the whole floor).
I think she thought it meant a lot of fiddling around with the meat prepairing it, that was the reason I loved the simplicity, she used to say and now what do I do with it as she held out the meat at arms length, and I would just say "throw it on the mat and walk away", "what, and thats it?" would be the reply.
Now she is the one explaining the simplicity to others. It seems like I have come to my journeys end in this particular quest, the results have spoken for themselves, and without understanding whats in kibble and why it's there I would have NEVER arrived.
Now I worry less about whats in the food, but rather could I have kept that for myself :laughing: :laughing:

March 4th, 2007, 04:56 PM
Excellent news! :thumbs up

I love having these talks at the park. Usually starts when they ask, omg, he must eat a ton! And i say about two pounds a day. 2lbs of kibble? :laughing: And it just goes from there. Some people think its weird. Others ask where they can get more info. Its fun.

March 5th, 2007, 03:10 AM
The things we talk about at the dog parks.i'm glad i switched:thumbs up