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New Dog Nipping

March 2nd, 2007, 08:30 PM
Hello there ..Looking for some advice for my neighbour...They just recently rescued a jack russell terrier..They already have a min sheltie...The new dog Lexi has only been home for a couple of days and has lots to learn...She knows nothing about having a home yet no trainig, not housebroken etc ..She was abandoned and they figure she was used by a breeder the dumped! Anyway, long story short she is calm and a really cute thing! However, she has began herding the other dog and has nipped him twice...I think she said the nipping & herding came when her husband showed affection to the other dog. I think part of the behaviour is breed related but any advice you could offer is great! I have never experienced this type of behaviour with my dog Winston! (he is a big goofy lab!)