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collar for 12 week old kitten?

marsupial mama
March 2nd, 2007, 05:59 AM
when we got our kitten from the shelter, they gave us a collar with tags so that if she gets out (she;s an indoor kitty) she will be known to be a pet and we can be traced. She is microchipped too.

It's a breakaway collar, and they told us that she wouldn;t be able to wear it yet - she was 8 weeks old when we got her.

She's 12 weeks now and we adjusted it to the smallest size and tried on it her the other day. It was still a wee bit loose. She went nutso! :eek: Did a fine impression of Taz (minus the vocal effects) until she managed to slip it off over her head.

Was it too early to try? How do we get her used to the idea of wearing a collar?

March 2nd, 2007, 08:53 AM
lol. well im no expert but i got Roland when he was 12 weeks and decided to get him used to wearing a harness. (he doesnt wear a collar) he did the same, went balistic so i took it off but i kept trying ever day just for a few minutes (it stayed on till i could catch him flying around the house trying to get it off) and he eventually got used to it. all i can say it just be careful if its a bit too loose that he doesnt get his bottom jaw caught in it trying to get it off. (i learnt the hard way.)
now he knows its outside time when the harness gets picked up and happily if a little impatiently, sits happily to let me put it on.
i had Roland tattooed when he got neutred so i figure he doesnt need a collar if hes inside all the time and if he gets out he can be traced back to me.

March 2nd, 2007, 10:55 AM
Just curious, but if she's an indoor cat, why do you want her to wear a collar? The easiest way for her to get used to it is to start with a kitten harness. Kittens have very sensitive necks and if you put a collar on her and she flips out and gets it caught on something, it can damage their poor little necks (even with a breakaway). And if you plan on taking her for walks, definitely use a harness. Kitties going for walks = cute. :D

Edit: Sorry... I'm still sleeping. Start slow, and use positive reinforcement (when the collar is on and she's not trying to take it off, treat her, then remove it - gradually increase the length of time until she no longer fusses with it). Motivation and rewards are much different between cats and dogs, but my cats were all clicker trained. lol