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Mike Baldwin Didn't Have To Die

March 1st, 2007, 01:11 PM
Why did they kill him off, I rather liked him.
What is with all the changes in the factory layout. It has a complete overhaul and yet I never saw any mention of work being done on the place.
And what is with David666Platt.

March 1st, 2007, 03:53 PM
:confused: :D What's this thread about? :o

March 1st, 2007, 04:57 PM
:confused: :D What's this thread about? :o are not going to candidly admit that you are the one person in the entire world that does not watch
Coronation Street are you. lol

March 1st, 2007, 04:58 PM
lol Yep, I'm one of the few.:D

March 1st, 2007, 05:01 PM
Sorry make that 2:o

March 1st, 2007, 05:17 PM
Well I'm at a loss for words, I just can't believe what I'm reading.

March 1st, 2007, 05:19 PM
I do have very close family members that watch it religiously..:p

jesse's mommy
March 1st, 2007, 05:19 PM
Make that three. :o

March 1st, 2007, 05:27 PM
Make that four. :D But, I have a friend that faithfully watches it but she's obsessed with anything from England. :laughing:

March 1st, 2007, 05:27 PM
lol it's funny because I know a lot of people who do watch it. Wonder why nobody here does. :laughing:

March 1st, 2007, 05:33 PM
Because we'd rather be here. :laughing:

March 1st, 2007, 09:22 PM
I watch it religiously Lukka'sma. I know what you mean about Mike Baldwin, that was sad, the way he went. Did you see the Mike Baldwin Special? It was really good, it went through his history on the show. I'm a relatively new viewer, so I didn't know all the history between him and Ken.

I hate David Platt now, he used to be so nice. Now he's turned into a brat, it's Martin's fault.

I cheat alot with the storylines by going to the website and reading ahead, it drives my husband nuts, cause we'll be watching and I'll say "oh I know who did that" and he wants to wait and find out as the show goes on, but I can't stand it, so I read. I hate how we're like 9 months behind the UK. Drives me bonkers.

March 1st, 2007, 10:52 PM
Cory fans watch The Hour (10-11 pm), CBC TV, George will be interviewing one of the cast (won't tell you who). For Eastern time zone, that's in the next 10 minutes!

March 1st, 2007, 11:02 PM
they killed mike cause he seems to really have some form of dementia or mother went to the british show in hamilton and met him and got photos....but she said he really does not look well..:shrug:

March 1st, 2007, 11:25 PM
Whoops, might be tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. (pssst, it's 'Fuzz', from the factory...)

March 2nd, 2007, 08:11 AM
At last some Corrie fans to chat with.
Why is Steve wasting his time with this Ronnie chick?
I liked that irish girl he had a short dalliance with a while back, I can't remember her name but she was very sweet, nothing like toxic Tracy (I like her although she is a bad character), or that rag Karen.:yuck:
I love Leanne with Danny. She looks pregnant to me but maybe I am wrong.
Don't you also just love the Duckworths
I sure miss Bet Gilroy and Curly Watts. So many wonderful characters have gone by the way side over the years.
Tell me who you love and love to hate
If Mike Baldwin (Johnny Briggs) is really ill I feel so bad for him. He has been a favorite of mine for many years.
I was also going to go to The British Show when it was in Hamilton but couldn't make it. I envy your mom for being able to go wdawson.
I didn't see the Mike Baldwin special Stacer I never heard anything about it:sad: Too bad I missed it.
badger please let me know if there is indeed a special on tonight!

March 2nd, 2007, 08:30 AM
I don't have any real favourites. Ronnie is about to get her comeuppance - she in fact has no 'points' on her license, it was all a scam to get Steve to say he was driving. Poor Steve, basically a decent bloke, but hopeless when it comes to women. When Karen was on, chewing the scenery every night, I almost gave up watching.
I never go on the website, but I did hear something about Fred and his bride-to-be, which is quite juicy.
Do you watch the repeats on Sunday morning? Cartoons for adults!

March 2nd, 2007, 09:04 AM
i dont watch it either! lolv:) but i was completely hooked when i was in the U.K. i just havent got into it here. never around when its on!

March 2nd, 2007, 09:19 AM
I don't watch it either. I saw a few minutes of it, and didn't get the attraction. That being said, it seems that 98% of the people that it's come up with in conversation of either said, "What street?" or "I love that show!"

March 2nd, 2007, 09:23 AM
:o hazel has never even heard of it! must be on a channel other than the 2 we can pull in here, eh?...I'll just bow out and go wallow in my "pop culture backwardness"...:o

March 2nd, 2007, 09:24 AM
Do you watch the repeats on Sunday morning?

I tape the Sunday morning shows and view when I have time. Every now and then I will have about three Sundays worth of tapes to see. A Corrie fest of sorts:thumbs up
I have gone on the UK sites and read a few spoilers. Oh sounds juicy.

March 2nd, 2007, 09:27 AM
:o hazel has never even heard of it! must be on a channel other than the 2 we can pull in here, eh?...I'll just bow out and go wallow in my "pop culture backwardness"...:o

Hazel, surely you jest, we are talking about over 40 years of classic TV.

March 2nd, 2007, 09:49 AM
hazel has never even heard of it! must be on a channel other than the 2 we can pull in here, eh?...I'll just bow out and go wallow in my "pop culture backwardness"...

Hazel, I don't think it's broadcast in the US. My SIL lives near Chicago, and seems to think that the US must have never got it, no one's heard of it and she can't find it anywhere on the TV. She just moved there from Dublin, so she's going through some serious withdrawal.

That is too bad that in real life he's deteriorating, he was a charming character.
I'm not sure if you're behind an episode or two, but last night Ronnie got what was coming to her. Steve and Kelly had to fess up to their tryst to get Steve off. So Steve and Ronnie are done and I fear that Lloyd and Kelly are too.
The girl who plays Leanne is indeed pregnant, I'm not sure how much longer they can keep hiding it though, she's pretty big.
Hmmm favourite characters...I like Tyrone, he's a big giant goofball. I like Fred and his repeating remarks "I said there's trouble brewin' there, I said there's trouble brewin' there!" HA, he cracks me up. I like Roy and Haley, they're so sweet. And Rita, spunky old lady. I like Frankie, Violet and Danny.
I can't stand Gail, David, Tracy, Charlie, Sally, Leanne, Blanche, Janice. They all annoy me.

March 2nd, 2007, 10:42 AM
Hmm, I must have a closer look at Leanne. I wonder if they'll write it into the script.
Hailey used to be a man!
I like them, too, Roy in particular is a very decent guy. The actor who plays him is totally convincing, right down to the way he nervously swats at his comb-over.
Jason is beginning to model himself on Charlie. Watch out! I like his mother, what a mouth. I was glad they saw off that ex-con who killed Rita's husband. Too much angst for this Anglican (ex ex ex).
You can see I'm un vrai mordu.

March 2nd, 2007, 10:51 AM
what do you mean Hailey used to be a man?!!

March 2nd, 2007, 12:25 PM
I wish I could read the back story on this, but I avoid the website because I don't want to know what happens next.
I'm pretty sure it came up on episode in the last couple of years, somebody made a reference to Hailey's 'previous incarnation'. Which is why they are so open with children. There was a baby placed with them at one point, but they lost it to the biological mother (?). But this was well before I started watching.

March 2nd, 2007, 01:07 PM
Yep it's true, Hailey was male and had a sex change while in Holland. Her and Roy broke up over this little secret of Haileys but eventally Roy went in search of her and convinced her to return. It's no longer a secret on the street and now and then you will hear Les refer to Hailey as Harold (he loves to give her digs) Roy and Hailey try and turn a blind eye on the nasty comments made by the neighbours on the street but now and then it gets to them.

March 2nd, 2007, 01:48 PM
Some little tid-bits for you in case you haven't been watching for as many years as I have.
Ashlee Peacocks first wife Maxine was murdered by Gail's fourth husband( she married Brian Tilsley twice) Richard Hillman.
Tracy had a kidney transplant after taking ecstasy at a night club. The kidney came from Deirdres then husband Samir. Samir was attacked on the way to the hospital and died at hospital.
Kevin and Sally have both had their share of affairs and broke up for a very long period. Sally slept with Kevin the night before her wedding to Danny (not Baldwin) and when word got out she was dumped. Sally and Kevin agreed long after that to get back together for the sake of the girls but Sally told Kevin she most likely would never love him like he wanted her to.
Leanne used to be Gails daughter-in-law. Leanne married Nick Tilsey, Gails first born and Gail has hated Leanne ever since.
Lots more for another time if you want to hear it.

March 2nd, 2007, 01:53 PM
I find that even though I haven't watched for very long, only about 3 years, past storylines eventually come up and you can connect the dots as to who's past links with who and why. The show has so much history, it's amazing how long it's been on.

March 2nd, 2007, 02:53 PM
Wow! If I have a question, I'll know who to ask!

March 2nd, 2007, 02:58 PM

I feel I have to comment. Coronation St. is a soap opera & like any other, is more fictional than Stargate. There is no such thing as an underwear factory in UK or Ireland, all the Rag-Trade factories have gone to countries with cheaper labour. A corner shop in Manchester would not be run by a white fat old woman! Everyone in the same area in Manchester does not have the choice of one pub & certainly the young folk would go to a young pub & the wrinklies (of which I am one) would go to the "Local".

Personally I hate the programme, it is phoney. I love Stargate tho'



March 2nd, 2007, 03:48 PM
TV isn't meant to be real or even accurate. I like it because the characters are all quirky, I don't care if it's not true to life. It's entertaining. No one here believes for a second that that is how it is in England. No white folks own cornerstores anymore here either, most manufacturing is done overseas where the labour is super cheap. There's gotta be something to the show though, don't you think? It's been on British TV forever, they wouldn't keep making it if no one liked it!

March 2nd, 2007, 05:07 PM
Hazel, surely you jest, we are talking about over 40 years of classic TV.

:o nope...I'm a sort of pop culture challenged... Like I said, we get the local CBS and NBC affiliates here and that's it... We get all of 3 radio stations on a good day...and no cell phone signal! :shrug: he he he this is why hazel spends so much time on! :laughing:

March 3rd, 2007, 04:33 PM
Hi there all,

I don't want reality, I live that, that is why I said I like Stargate. I do not want soaps 'cause life is hard enough, Give me fantasy anytime.


March 5th, 2007, 01:32 PM
make that five (or six...or whatever number we're up to) never seen it...