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New Canadian Rant

February 28th, 2007, 06:26 PM
My name is Norm and I AM CANADIAN. I am a minority in Vancouver , Toronto and every casino in this country.

I was born in 1958, yet I am responsible for some First Nations people being "SCREWED OUT OF THEIR LAND in the 1700's."

I pay import tax on cars made in Ontario.

I am allowed to skydive and smoke, but not allowed to drive without a seat belt.

All the money I make until mid July must go to paying taxes.

I live and work among people who believe Americans are ignorant but these same people cannot name this country's new territory.

Although I am sometimes forced to live on Kraft Dinner and don't have a pot to pee in, I sleep well knowing that my taxes helped purchase a nice six figure home in Vancouver for some unskilled Asian refugee.

Although they are unpatriotic and constantly try to separate, Quebec still provides my nation's prime ministers.

95% of my nation's international conflicts are over fish.

I'm supposed to call black people African Canadians, although I'm sure none of them have ever been to Africa, or east of Halifax for that matter.

I believe that paying a 200% tax on alcohol is fair.

I believe that the same tax on gasoline is also fair.

Even if I have no idea what happened to that old rifle my grandfather gave me when I was 14, I willl be considered a criminal if I don't register it.

I believe spending $15 billion to promote the French language in the rest of Canada is fair when the province of Quebec doesn't support or recognize the English language.

I believe that paying $30 million for 3 Stripes ("The Voice of Fire painting in Ottawa) by the National Art Gallery was a good purchase, even though 99% of this country didn't want it or will ever see it.

When I look at my pay stub and realize that I take home a third of what I actually make, I say "Oh well, at least we have better health care than the

I must bail out farmers when their crops are too wet or too dry because I control the rain.

Canada is the highest taxed nation in North America, the biggest military buffer for the United States, and the number one destination for fleeing terrorists.

I am not an angry white male. I am an angry taxpayer who is frigging broke.

My name is Norm, and I am Canadian.

February 28th, 2007, 07:11 PM
Oh could I tell you even more stories!!!
It's so true, and I am surprised that this country hasn't gone bankrupt with all the money the give!! (and it's not to the middle wroking class either)

February 28th, 2007, 08:50 PM
I believe that paying $30 million for 3 Stripes ("The Voice of Fire painting in Ottawa) by the National Art Gallery was a good purchase, even though 99% of this country didn't want it or will ever see it.

"Voice of Fire (" by me

March 1st, 2007, 07:05 AM <-------me as I read this

March 1st, 2007, 07:10 AM
I believe that paying $30 million for 3 Stripes ("The Voice of Fire painting in Ottawa) by the National Art Gallery was a good purchase, even though 99% of this country didn't want it or will ever see it.

"Voice of Fire (" by me

I can't tell the difference between the two paintings. You're obviously not using your talent in the way it was intended. You should be rich and famous:D

March 1st, 2007, 07:23 AM
Byrd:laughing: :laughing:

March 1st, 2007, 03:00 PM
am I the only one that finds this rude and racist?? but then again...maybe it's just the native side of me seeing it *S*

March 1st, 2007, 04:37 PM
am I the only one that finds this rude and racist?? but then again...maybe it's just the native side of me seeing it *S*

Totally agree!

March 1st, 2007, 05:28 PM
am I the only one that finds this rude and racist?? but then again...maybe it's just the native side of me seeing it *S*

Agree 100%.

All of the following are pretty sickening, not funny, and inappropriate (imo):
... I am a minority in ... every casino in this country.

I was born in 1958, yet I am responsible for some First Nations people being "SCREWED OUT OF THEIR LAND in the 1700's."

Although I am sometimes forced to live on Kraft Dinner and don't have a pot to pee in, I sleep well knowing that my taxes helped purchase a nice six figure home in Vancouver for some unskilled Asian refugee.

I'm supposed to call black people African Canadians, although I'm sure none of them have ever been to Africa, or east of Halifax for that matter.

I believe spending $15 billion to promote the French language in the rest of Canada is fair when the province of Quebec doesn't support or recognize the English language.

I must bail out farmers when their crops are too wet or too dry because I control the rain.

March 1st, 2007, 06:38 PM
Uhhhmmm... it's a "rant". It's not meant to be funny. It's truth, stereotypes and angry sarcasm all rolled into one hodgepodge called a rant.

Personally, I like rants. It gives me a chance to question myself and consider why I react with a vehement "That's wrong !" or a "TOO true" or a " Ha! Never thought of that !" and so on.

I see rants as a means to open dialogue on the way we think and how we have come to form our beliefs ("facts").

March 1st, 2007, 06:44 PM
Im not gonna say much about anything as well... people are already getting offended, But... its true.:shrug:

March 1st, 2007, 08:29 PM
But it's not true. Maybe we only realize when one of them is directed at us personally...

Although they are unpatriotic and constantly try to separate, Quebec still provides my nation's prime ministers.I'm a Quebecer and I am not unpatriotic. The majority of Quebecers don't want to separate, so why generalize that we do? :sad:

March 1st, 2007, 09:12 PM
I am admittedly a little astonished at the vitriolic diatribe this "rant" portrays and it is hardly comedy - I read it with my mouth open in shock to be honest. Yes, there are issues referred to here I myself get angry about and yes, I know it is a rant and supposed to be funny if not accurate but I did find it offensive actually. It presumes some of us are just stupid and that's not true. I bet most Cdns do know the name of the new territory, the vast majority of Quebecois and Quebecoises do NOT want to separate nor are they unpatriotic, not all PM's come from there - (Kim Campbell, Stephen Harper, Joe Clark, John A MacDonald ...wait, - in fact, most have not), most Canadians do not believe Americans to be ignorant and I find that comment really disgusting to be frank, especially when we have so many American friends on this Board and many Canadians have close ties to the US (certainly that is true of us in the Maritimes!!).

Yes, we pay a lot of taxes but if you figure it out - esp re health care. Americans actually pay more in taxes for their health care than we do. They pay for a system they do not have equal access to but that is US politics, not Canadian. In fact, the determinants if health care have been battered about by so many groups for their own interests - political and otherwise - that no one variable can judge our system. We are excellent in certain areas, the US in certain areas and other countries also have strengths. We are not number one in health care acc to recent world opinion - that tends to fall to the Scandinavian countries who pay for more vacations and cover more than our program - which is really ten programs administered independently by different provincial jurisdictions. But we do have a wonderful system and I would defend it anywhere and I do work to try to improve its imperfections tho compared to many other countries - and I have worked in quite a few of them - we should be thankful for what we have!!

Recently, a US cousin of mine completed her chemo for breast cancer and told me quite happily that the deductable was only $2,000! Sadly, I know people in various parts of this country for whom that deductible would be a huge financial difficulty, as it is for some US patients as well.

I am not keen on paying taxes for foolish items - and whole I support gun control, I don't think the gun registry was handled well and that's an understatement, lol But I do not plan on owning any guns anytime soon tho I do know many law abiding citizens who do.

And what is wrong with bilingualism? I DO in fact get frustrated with Quebec's legislation re language but I can only change that if I lived there and voted for a new govt which Quebecers have an opportunity to do this month. The Quebec govt - even the Peqistes have introduced some good measures actually - not about language but I find this whole thing a little too anti Quebec for my liking. Actually, the fact that so many PM's come from Quebec negates the comment that the province ignores English - how did these people learn the language if it is ignored by the province? Indeed, English is introduced in grade four and many Quebecers are lining up in droves to enroll their children in English classes. Even Jaques Parizeau, that veteran sovereigntist, attended the London School of Economics. I disagree profoundly with what the man - and the PQ - believe in - but I see no reason to express that discord in a manner that evokes nastiness.

This so called rant plays on the worst prejudices some Canadians have and while I will defend anyone's right to free speech, I do not like treatises that call on the lowest common denominator of our society and use statements that are not actually valid. (85% of our international disputes are not about fish tho I think some Maritimers wish they were (tho we do more than fish here as well) . According to the CIA Fact Book and UN sources, most of our disputes are about land and water - who owns what. Softwood lumber is second on the list.

I could go on but I won't. Almost all of this info can be refuted and of the info any of us agree with, surely to God there is a better way to communicate one's opinions.

I know of few recent immigrants living well - I live with an immigration lawyer and few of his clients live in luxury and if we do not obtain more immigrants in this country, we will be in a sorry state!! I don't believe in allowing in terrorists but the fact is we do not. And when we do, our rate is approximately the same as other countries. If you have ever attended an immigration hearing, you would see how difficult it is to become a landed immigrant or citizen of this country. Recently, a study showed that many Canadians would not even be able to pass the test for admission.

One of my favourite posters expresses my sentiments on the matter of immigration - We may have all come in different ships but we are all in the same boat now. Canada is a nation of immigrants, a fact that has served to be one of our greatest strengths.

March 1st, 2007, 09:38 PM
I guess I read it the same way mummummum did. :shrug:

I am not a racist. I have many friends of different nationalities and quite a few First Nations. Here is an email I just received from one of them:

'Indian Time doesn't cut it' for innovative chief with on-the-edge humour....

FORT McMURRAY — The man with the PowerPoint presentation is miffed.
He is speaking to a large aboriginal conference and some of the attendees, including a few who hold high office, have straggled in.

“I can't stand people who are late,” he says into the microphone.
“Indian Time doesn't cut it.”

Some giggle, but no one is quite sure how far he is going to go. Just sit back and listen:

“My first rule for success is ‘Show up on time.' My No. 2 rule for success is follow Rule No. 1.”
“If your life sucks, it's because you suck.”
“Quit your sniffling.”
“Join the real world — go to school or get a job.”
“Get off of welfare. Get off your butt.”
He pauses, seeming to gauge whether he dare, then does.
“People often say to me, ‘How you doin'?' Geez — I'm working with Indians — what do you think?”

Now they are openly laughing ... applauding. Clarence Louie is everything that was advertised —and more.

“Our ancestors worked for a living,” he says. “So should you.”
He is, fortunately, aboriginal himself. If someone else stood up and said these things — the white columnist standing there with his mouth open, for example — “You'd be seen as a racist.”

Instead, Chief Clarence Louie is seen, increasingly, as one of the most interesting and innovative native leaders in the country — even though he avoids national politics.

He has come here to Fort McMurray because the aboriginal community needs, desperately, to start talking about economic development and what all this multibillion-dollar oil madness might mean, for good and for bad.
Clarence Louie is chief — and CEO — of the Osoyoos Band in British Columbia's South Okanagan. He is 44 years old, though he looks like he would have been an infant when he began his remarkable 20-year-run as chief. He took a band that had been declared bankrupt and taken over by Indian Affairs and he has turned in into an inspiration.

In 2000, the band set a goal of becoming self-sufficient in five years. They're there. The Osoyoos, 432 strong, own, among other things, a vineyard, a winery, a golf course and a tourist resort, and they are partners in the Baldy Mountain ski development. They have more businesses per capita than any first nation in Canada.

There are not only enough jobs for everyone, there are so many jobs being created that there are now members of 13 other tribal communities working for the Osoyoos. The little band contributes $40-million a year to the area economy.

Chief Louie is tough. He is as proud of the fact that his band fires its own people as well as hires them. He has his mottos pasted throughout the “Rez.” He believes there is “no such thing as consensus,” that there will always be those who disagree. And, he says, he is milquetoast compared to his own mother when it comes to how today's lazy aboriginal youth, almost exclusively male, should be dealt with.

“Rent a plane,” she told him, “and fly them all to Iraq. Dump 'em off and all the ones who make it back are keepers. Right on, Mom.”

The message he has brought here to the Chipewyan, Dene and Cree who live around the oil sands is equally direct: Get involved, create jobs — and meaningful jobs, not just “window dressing” for the oil companies.
“The biggest employer,” he says, “shouldn't be the band office.”

He also says the time has come to “get over it.” No more whining about 100-year-old failed experiments. No foolishly looking to the Queen to protect rights.

Louie says aboriginals here and along the Mackenzie Valley should not look at any sharing in development as “rocking-chair money” but as investment opportunity to create sustainable businesses. He wants them to move beyond entry-level jobs to real jobs they “earn” — all the way to the boardrooms. He wants to see “business manners” develop: showing up on time, working extra hours. The business lunch, he says, should be “drive through,” and then right back at it.

“You're going to lose your language and culture faster in poverty than you will in economic development,” he says to those who say he is ignoring tradition.

Tough talk, at times shocking talk given the audience, but on this day in this community, they took it — and, judging by the response, they loved it.
“Eighty per cent like what I have to say,” Louie says, “Twenty per cent don't. I always say to the 20 per cent, ‘Get over it. Chances are you're never going to see me again and I'm never going to see you again. Get some counselling.'”

The first step, he says, is all about leadership. He prides himself on being “a stay-home chief who looks after the potholes in his own backyard” and wastes no time “running around fighting 100-year-old battles.

“The biggest challenge will be how you treat your own people. Blaming government? That time is over.”

March 1st, 2007, 09:49 PM
I am not an angry white male. I am an angry taxpayer who is frigging broke.

I second that, everybody else, lighten up ;)

March 1st, 2007, 10:29 PM
oh come on....people are really offended by this..........some thin skin here i guess.......its an email rant...why do we have to walk on egg shells :confused:

March 1st, 2007, 10:52 PM
Let me assure you I am not "thin skinned". I have had to overcome a variety of obstacles in my life, some just to survive so please never assume you understand where anyone is coming from, I suspect that may be an intriguing sidebar to "politics" and "semantics" of online communication, We say things to people we would never ever say to people we do not know off line, curiously. I do not know your background either and would never suggest I do. That would be very impolite of me and I try to be non jugemental and very polite - even if I disagree with someone.

I did not mean to suggest anyone was a racist so please forgive me if that is what it sounded like. I merely thought maybe someone misread the thing or liked part of it or whatever. I was NOT shooting the messenger - Just because I don't get the joke does not mean I am angry with rainbow for posting it.

I have always been a very serious kind of person who takes that kind of thing very well, seriously, lol (It is late and I can't think anymore, lol) I doubt at this stage in my life I will change. One of my closest friends who is a former Member of a Legislature tells me I am the most pc - as in politically correct - person he has ever known. He is the angry white male type and while we do not agree on everything - we are close friends.

I suppose it is because of some of the nonprofit work I do and have done that I have always vowed not to allow some things to be said without my speaking up if they distress me in some way. I tend to actually have a good sense of humour - I have tom being part Irish, lol I am not perfect - none of us is - and it is not my intention to be critical of anyone in my comments. Sometimes, in my writing I think out loud and that's prob not a good thing to do.

The freakin thing still bothers me but that;s just me. If others see humour in it, that's fine too - we live in a country where we can say these things. (and I do not like paying taxes either - I'd prob just say it in a different way.)I am not perfect either - no one is, and maybe part of that is my too serious trait. It is a tough one to change at this stage of my life and I guess I have seen so many people who these lines affect. You know that saying - sticks and stone may break your bones but words will never hurt. Unfortunately, that really is not true and words DO hurt. And I have been hurt by words so I try to make sure that if I see words that do hurt me or others, then I owe it to them or at the very least, myself, to speak up. I mean, I did laugh out loud at some of the rants based on the I am Joe one and some of them were not exactly pc, lol

So, I guess I am saying don't mind me- this like any place else is a virtual community and we all see this thing differently. Some enjoy it and see humour it. Some could care less and some find parts of it offensive. As my dad would say, c'est la vie. What are you going to do? Live and let live. I'd be upset with myself if I had said nothing and I suppose there will be some not thrilled because I said what I thought. But I do not want to hurt anyone but frankly, I had to give my opinion of it. I do agree with the one about the painting - I may see it one day if I happen to be there (ie Ottawa) but I have been to the place all of twice and once was a school trip a long time ago. I could think of many cancer programs that could use $30 million much more than one painting!!! An artist would obviously disagree with me though and that's fair.

I suppose it might have been the 1st statement about First Nations - and my grandfather said in 1967, when we were celebrating confederation and I was all engaged in that as a child and he looked at me and said, "I don't know what the fuss is about. We're only celebrating how many years ago we stole the land from the Indians." (He was not pc in his descriptions even if his heart was in the right place) But it ended my "romantic" notion of these celebrations, So that is where I come from as a child - two cultures, Jewish and Irish - that had to get over all sorts of nasty stuff yet still flourish.

Indeed, I always think back to one day when my sister and I were all set to protest the hiring of someone who was not bilingual for a govt position - forget the post now. My grandmother asked us where we were going. We explained and outlined our views about how terrible it was, the % of the Acadian population who would not be served, and all that sort of thing. Well, she told us to sit down - in a "tone" she reserved for "oh dear, what did we do now" - and proceeded to tell us about the oppression of the Irish, how the Great Hunger (there never really was a famine, given that food was leaving Ireland to England as fast as they could load it all up) ensured that the population of Ireland was divided in half during that era - from 8 mil to 4 mil, half died outright of starvation and half had to leave for parts unknown, some God forbid to British owned Canada because it was cheaper passage than the fare to America (tho it was called Americaid by most anyway) . She conceded the Acadiens had suffered - several thousands uprooted from their homes to places around the world. But at least their families - like the Irish - were in tact which was more than one could say for Native Canadians and African Americans and Canadians whose families were split up and their culture decimated.

It was a sort of don't start comparing who's had it worse lecture because that's what she would have termed "a pack of foolishness." We all come from cultural groups who have suffered in some form or another and that is what North America is- the leftovers my dad would say, lol Leftovers who have done pretty well vis a vis their ancestors imho. There is utterly no point in trying to figure out who has had it worse (with the aforementioned exceptions of course). And as for that grandmother, he Irish nursing credential was not recognized so she went back to university and obtained her degree, at a time few nurses had degrees and it astounds me all these yrs later that we still do not always recognize the degrees of immigrants from well known universities, especially at a time we are becoming desperate for doctors and nurses and other professions. My other grandmother was a physician but in the 1930's, there were not many hospitals willing to hire Jewish women(even ones with Canadian degrees) so she had to go to NYC to complete her Residency. But that's another story. These days, with another religion, they'd prob think she was a terrorist.

We never did get to the protest and while I support official bilingualism, I think it needs to be applied with some common sense and given govt, that does not always happen either. (But that is not the fault of the various language groups).

Speaking of Canada, one of my favourite poems is one of the few I can recite from memory, Earle Birney's Canada: Case History Of course, it is not pc either really but was written long before that era, lol In some ways, I think he still has a point - we have yet to grow up before, esp if one looks at how we do handle taxpayers' money, lol

Canada: A Case History

his is the case of a high-school land,

dead-set in adolescence,

loud treble laughs and sudden fists,

bright cheeks, the gangling presence.

This boy is wonderful at sports

and physically quite healthy;

he's taken to church on Sunday still

and keeps his prurience stealthy.

He doesn't like books, except about bears,

collects new coins and model planes,

and never refuses a dare.

His Uncle spoils him with candy, of course,

yet shouts him down when he talks at table.

You will note he's got some of his French mother's looks,

though he's not so witty and no more stable.

He's really much more like his father and yet

if you say so he'll pull a great face.

He wants to be different from everyone else

and daydreams of winning the global race.

Parents unmarried and living abroad,

relatives keen to bag the estate,

schizophrenia not excluded,

will he learn to grow up before it's too late?

March 1st, 2007, 11:31 PM
wow what a pot has been stirred by a mindless email that was posted here,i'm sorry but i really don't see why all the hype over this.

March 2nd, 2007, 07:38 AM
I tend to agree with wdawson,I don't feel offended,it's supposed to be a joke,although I was a bit taken aback by some of the content:eek: in a public forum..
I hear blonde"jokes"every day,often times Swede jokes,I don't get offended,I am secure in my own skin and heritage,but also a proud Canadian.
But there is a huge double-standard in our politically correct world.
We will never stamp out discrimination,or racism,how people feel,who people blame for their own demise.
Hatecrimes are punishable by law and rightfully so,peoples inner thoughts are not.
If everyone took pride in beeing Canadian,lived according to and respected the laws of the country who accepted them as citizens,left Merry Christmas and Santa Claus be:D ,Canada would be a much happier country.
Racism exists everywhere,among most people in the world,whether they are Swedes,African,Asian or Native Canadians,education and mutual respect for differences is what should strive for IMO..

March 2nd, 2007, 01:42 PM
Racism exists everywhere,among most people in the world,whether they are Swedes,African,Asian or Native Canadians,education and mutual respect for differences is what should strive for IMO..

Well said, Chico! However, "rants" like this do nothing to promote it, imo.

This is merely a wry commentary based on dis-satisfaction and frustration, rather than a joke in the humourous sense.
Certainly, no offense was intended to anyone,that I'm sure of. It's a copied email.. nothing more.:shrug:

Guess I'm in the "thin-skinned" camp however.. as I find some of it's "message" highly questionable.

The anger is not just directed at the govt.. but at several minority groups, and resentment is conveyed. Sweeping generalizations are offered as fact.

Expressing anger and frustration with our govt is perfectly acceptable.
Singling out certain groups for criticism and blame is not acceptable to some.. moreso if you happen to belong to one being targeted.

I do understand the differering viewpoints on this. We all have our own level of senstivities and what we consider fair topics for discussion.

But with that in mind..public topics require a higher level of diplomacy, imo.:2cents:

March 3rd, 2007, 03:33 PM
am I the only one that finds this rude and racist??

Nope,I do too.

March 3rd, 2007, 11:01 PM
Rude yes, racist, no.

March 3rd, 2007, 11:16 PM
Rude yes, racist, no.

Schwinn, I think you summed it up the best. I do regret posting this now but I thought people would understand that it was just someone's "rant". Sorry if I offended. ;)

March 3rd, 2007, 11:59 PM
Norm doesn't even know how to budget because living on Kraft Dinner is WAY more expensive than living on rice and lentals.

Maybe Norm just needs to spend a little time in other peoples shoes or become more educated before he decides to "rant" blame other minorities for his financial situation.

If it had included how the rich get tax breaks or how politicians waste tons of money on private jets and luxury hotels it may have been taken a little better.:shrug:

March 4th, 2007, 12:02 AM
Maya, those are the rants we like- the ones blaming corporations and government for stuff. Personally, I don't like the ones that blame groups. That doesn't help anybody, really. :shrug:

March 4th, 2007, 02:03 AM
Don't worry about it Rainbow- some days I am too serious for my own good. I understand it was meant as a joke and I guess I just don't see it as one. It is as Schwinn says rude but I did not need to write 100 pages about it either. No one meant any ill will by it - now that would be worse. Hopefully, we'll all know that we all think differently about some things. What one person sees as funny, I might see as rude and vice versa.

I did like the funny offtakes on the first ad with Joe - who was a Nova Scotian btw, lol - like the ones about Nfla and pogey and BC and Starbucks, all sorts of stereotypes that while not entirely true (tho one of my best friends swears there is a Starbucks on every corner in Vancouver, lol) but I think this one just takes on way too many issues, any one of which is bound to offend someone. (anytime you utter the word bilingualism to start with, that's not good. And while I am not sure it not racist, my nurse practitioner who is an "African Canadian" (not a term she cares for) she calls herself a Black woman and was born in Nova Scotia (Whitney Pier in Cape Breton, she'd tell you loudly and proudly)would not have taken it to the Human Rights Commission, she says it skirts the edges when it suggests Black ppl in Nova Scotia or the Maritimes (and there is a sad history here of part of Halifax where Blacks lived being torn down and the feelings about that are still raw which you prob would not realize - a danger in putting anything like this on a national or international site) and she was very upset about it. I was sorry I had shown it to her.

To be honest, I am not cure I get the first line about casinos. But I loathe the places and have gone a total of twice, both times with someone else bec she wanted to go while visiting Hfx, sigh! There were lots of white males in the ones in Hfx so if that is what that means, I don't know. It lost me there. And like my friend, the whole immigration thing could have been been funny but was said in such a way that it came across as laughing at immigrants when we need them badly!!! And I have said more than enough on that, lol

Anyway - I guess it may be an interesting observation in online Dcommunication.

March 4th, 2007, 06:07 AM
it's a joke, a rant....let's lighten up a little.....

jesse's mommy
March 4th, 2007, 06:48 AM
Thanks MEB, I'm with you.

Understand that every joke out there will either offend someone or was started by offending someone. Who cares? You can't please everyone. IT'S A JOKE! Please go ahead and poke fun at me all you want, I can take it. Just be sure that I'm going to do the same in return. I have friends of all backgrounds and we just go back and forth all the time. It doesn't mean I'm a racist, it means I'm comfortable in my skin and so are they and it makes our relationships a lot more open and easy. At the same time, I can ask them serious questions to educate myself more and they are alright with it. Same thing with rants or any jokes. Just lighten up and take it with a grain of salt.

Jeez, some thick skinned people here. :love:

March 4th, 2007, 08:12 AM
Understand that every joke out there will either offend someone or was started by offending someone. Who cares? You can't please everyone. IT'S A JOKE! Please go ahead and poke fun at me all you want, I can take it. Just be sure that I'm going to do the same in return.

Exactly... IM a voluntary Blonde, IMAGINE what I hear in a day:eek:
My reasoning for doing it. ( and its prolly going to offend someone im sure) is im not smart enough to be a brunette! Im plenty smart, but i have no problems laughing at myself. And at times im a little too witty for my own good, I get myself into predicaments about that.
Now my ancestory is Sweedish ( 50%) and the other 50% is a mixture of native and polish ( mostly polish though) I embrace it and educate myself about the actuallity of what makes me, not what others say. I can handle polish jokes, rants ect. as well as native ones.

Mocha's mum
March 4th, 2007, 11:22 AM
Well, this is a touchy subject to say the least. Here is my :2cents: , if anyone cares to listen....

IMO, with the world's population somewhere in the billions, you're not going to get along with everyone. There will be beliefs and values and lifestyles that aren't going to fit everyone's "mold" so to speak. And that's where you have to buck up and agree to disagree, I think.

Take for example: Kris and I went to the south side yesterday to go to a golf sale that was being held in the conference room of a hotel (it was kind of creepy if you ask me :laughing: ). We were leaving and there was a couple of younger men on one of the balconies, yelling to people below that there was a n****r driving a taxi down there :eek: . And, your point is?? At least he's trying to make an honest living for himself and his family...He's not out there selling kiddie porn, or prostituting women (or men), or selling drugs to school kids. :offtopic:

In today's day and age, you have to look beyond the ignorance, and see people for what they are (and are trying to do with their lives). Maybe the person that wrote that rant was having a really crappy day and felt that the internet was his/her only outlet to vent. Or maybe the rant was just meant to poke fun at the diversity of Canada's population? Who knows. You just have to take things with a grain of salt. As long as you know you are doing your best in this rat race called life who cares what others think?

I'm not "perfect" either. I've been known to stereotype on more than one occasion (especially when I'm driving), and I'm not proud of it. It's something that happens in the heat of the moment, when I'm not thinking too clearly (especially when I just about crash my mom's car into a school bus because the driver "didn't see me"...yah right).

I like to think as long as you are trying to make an honest "go" at life, and are someone's hero (I hope I'm my dog's :D ), then that's all you can ask for. :shrug: Now, I'm going to go get a Tim's!!

March 4th, 2007, 01:07 PM
Please go ahead and poke fun at me all you want,

I would never dare (if I ever want Cookie dough Pop Tarts :pray: ) :laughing:

March 4th, 2007, 01:08 PM
If we do, she'll just take it out on Jesse again... :sad:

March 4th, 2007, 01:11 PM
I think she has fun doing that anyway. :laughing: Poor tortured Jesse. :D

jesse's mommy
March 4th, 2007, 01:23 PM
But she likes it, she really really likes it. :crazy:

March 4th, 2007, 02:04 PM
Oh gosh, jesse's mom, I'd never poke fun at you for that!! And I know I am serious - it's just me. I guess I have seen too much and been thru some difficult times (as my dad would say, bring out the violins, lol) so that's just me. The Irish side of me does know how to have fun tho - just not at some of those jokes and I don't see it as a reflection on you. I just think we are all different and I have been so involved in human rights and disability issues and that kind of thing that some jokes just give me ulcers. I's who I am and at this stage in my life, I make no apologies for it. I work hard. love what I do so I can't complain when I am coping with post traumatic stress and it gets in the way of jokes but that's the price I've paid. I suspect we all have some issue like that - I was taught as a very young child to speak up when something even looked like it was laughing at one's culture, etc and I obviously too that to heart.

You just won't get me to poke fun at anyone for who they are. It goes against everything I believe in. (There is one horrible joke I once laughed at on the Letterman show and then felt guilty for a week, IO don't dare repeat it but the way he said it, it came out funny.) And you know, something tells me this joke- told in another way and not in the written word online, might actually sound quite different (I love Air Farce and 22 Minutes and Rick Mercer and my fav mag, believe it or not, is Frank - the Maritime version - even if it jokes about my friends and me on occasion,. that for some reason does not bother me, lol) Maybe it is bec I expect it from them and it comes from a source I expect - I don't know.

Anyway - don't let this stop you from posting more jokes. We Maritimers are pretty good at laughing at ourselves I have to say. (In NB, they say their best attribute is that they have French ppl who want to stay in Canada and not as many drunken Celtic fiddlers as NS, :) ) Since I live with a Celtic fiddler - not that he drinks that much tho, lol - we kinda like that joke. It is sort of like saying the seasons here are winter, almost winter, construction season and 3 days in July that pass for summer.

March 4th, 2007, 02:15 PM
I think everyone should be able to laugh at themselves. If you can't laugh at yourself then you shouldn't laugh at others. ;)

jesse's mommy
March 4th, 2007, 02:19 PM
Just like Jimmy Buffet -- If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane!

March 4th, 2007, 03:51 PM
Oh I agree absolutely one has to be able to laugh at ourselves. I might be serious but I try not to take myself too seriously - there IS a difference!!! I find people who take themselves too seriously a bit insufferable if you know what I mean. I am one of the biggest klutzes in the universe (th not in my work I hasten to add, lol) and my friends and family LOVE to poke fun at me for it. If there is pop to be spilled, a camera whose settings are to be screwed up or typing or keyboarding as we are supposed to call it now that looks deplorable, you know I cannot be far behind. (I gave up typing when a high school guidance counselor suggested it might be helpful - I thought it was a sexist thing to suggest and so I took all sciences - except for English and Cdn history maybe - and I have paying the price for that ever since. Or maybe those who try to read my typing are paying the price, lol

Amazingly - I have to say - in spite of my profession, my cursive writing is rather good, lol (But you know I do note as more women enter medicine, the cursive writing habit of physicians seems better - I have no scientific proof of this but maybe someone could get a silly grant (like that museum one, lol) to examine this topic. I mean, is this not critical info to the Cdn population or what, lol

I often think my dad should have been a stand up comic (tho you will be surprised to hear someone - a new nurse on the oncology unit - told ME that the other day! But that is my repertoire of jokes for kids, I like to keep them in stitches (pun very much intended).

He says and does things that I swear would only happen in a sitcom. Once when my sister and I were fighting over the newspaper on a trip - and we were in the back seat - he grabbed the paper and tore it in two, down the middle - and saidf "here, now you each have a piece", rofl!! (It was not amusing at the time but I look back and think it's quite amusing).

On yet another occasion he got lost while driving my brother to hockey school in upstate New York. Of course, would he ask for directions???? Nooooooooo.... Finally, I recommended he do so. Now while he was born in Dublin - the city in Ireland, not the one in Ohio or the village in Maine - he grew up in an Acadian village in northern NB (let's call it St. Anne de Kent tho that's not it - I want to protect his privacy since it was a v. small place, pop maybe 1500, sort of like my bf's home town of West Mabou in Cape Breton, lol). So, he speaks English with this combination Irish/French accent that is rather unique.

At any rate, he stops the car - after we have driven in the same circle three times already - and asks the first person we see how to get to route wherever it was we needed to get to, the way to lake Placid anyway. So the fellow starts pointing and says to my dad, "You know where the fire hall is?.

My dad, by this time more than a little exhausted and one who never did suffer fools all that well tho I am sure this man meant his best - looks at him straight in the eye with a most serious (that word again) almost professorial kind of tone of voice and asks him, "Do YOU know where the fire hall is in St. Anne de Kent, NB?"

For some reason, that incident has always struck me as funny. Like what kind of ridiculous question is that - obviously if one has plates from another province and even another country, the likelihood is quite high that the location of the aforementioned fire hall is NOT known. To his credit, the guy did laugh and finally did provide some kind of instructions because we did make it to Lake Placid and all its Olympic past glories.

Anyhow, I better get to work and finish a proposal I am working on - hopefully, it will get the funding it needs - ya think I might get any of those millions the Art Gallery or whatever it was got? lol :crazy: