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Lost Pet Jenday Conure - Ruffles

February 27th, 2007, 03:18 PM
Lost my Jenday Conure "Ruffles" December 28th, 2006 when I went to collect the mail at the front door, something startled him and he flew out the door. He is about 10" including his tail. Bright yellow head, red breast, green body and wings with blue tips. He talks a little and says things like "Where is my kiss" Hi Ruffy Duff" "Kiss Kiss" "Jake". We all miss him dearly even the dogs. Reward offered. Lost in the area of Otonabee Drive and Middlefield Drive in Peterborough, ON Canada. Please contact me if you see or hear about him.

February 27th, 2007, 04:01 PM
aandb,I had to Google Jenday Conure to find out what Ruffles looks like,I see he is a smalish bird.
I assume you have checked animal-shelters in your area,Humane Society here often has lost parrots.
They even tried to help me catch 2 budgies at my feeder,but to no avail.:sad:
I hope you find your Ruffles and that you have put up posters,this way people might take an extra look around in their yards and trees.
He might be surviving at a backyard feeder,although it's not his regular food.
Ask your neighbors,if they have seen him,or if they know somebody who has a new parrot,somebody might have taken him in.
Good luck finding your beautiful bird:fingerscr

February 28th, 2007, 10:28 AM
Thanks so much for you reponse. It always helps to know someone out there is concerned. I do hope he has been able to survive the cold and found some shelter and food to keep him going. I have done all the things you have mentioned and I am still searching for him, every chance I get I am tramping around any wooded areas in my neighourhood. I miss him so much and feel so guilty for what happened to him, knowing all too well I should not have put off getting him wings clipped. He would get upset with me for a few days after he had a visit to the vet to get clipped and I decided to wait until after the Christmas Holidays to take him. I can't give up hope. He truly is a beautiful pet and hopefully I will be reunited with him soon.