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need help with my beagle

February 26th, 2007, 03:03 PM
I have a very snuggly 10 month old male Beagle who absolutly loves people and other dogs . He is crate trained and doing very well at night, he goes in on his own during the day to sleep and never pees in his kennel. I have read everything I can find about anxiety but we are not having any luck with it yet. I have his crate in the living room with a light and the radio on, he gets a special treat that he only gets when we are not home, he is never alone for more than 1 hour, I have taken his bedding out of his kennel because he has eaten it twice,I can hear him howling down the street. I have tried going for short periods of time ect. he doesn't like to be left at home so I take him with me if I can but he is afraid to go too, he whines when we are getting ready, after we are gone and anytime he sees people, pets, cars ect. to the point he is shaking. if he and everyone in the family is home he couldn't be happier but if anyone is gone he seems to be nervous, looking out the window, barking at the occasional person walking by and he absolutly hates it if someone else parks in my husbands parking space on the street. I have taken him to the vet because I have also caught him chewing his feet. The Vet said he is perfectly healthy but needs to see a "puppyshrink" but there has to be another way.:fingerscr

February 27th, 2007, 12:00 AM
I experienced a bit of this when I got my beagle too. He never shook or had any problems so long as I was there, but if I were to block him off in the next room, or leave him in the car while I run into the store or just leave him in general, I'd be leaving to constant howling behind me. And being in an apartment, that was unacceptable. I did a little training - like putting him in the other room, pretending to leave, and dashing back in with a stern NO! when he began to howl - and made sure he got enough exercise - and I think just on his own, over the first two weeks or so of having him, he just realized he wasnt really being left behind forever, that I was always going to come back.

From what my trainer friend tells me, with a nervous dog the best thing is to distract them. Dont comfort or console them, because that only encourages that state of mind. Be calm and patient of course, and try to snap him out of it with playing or some other activity. Even better, go for a good long walk. That should calm him down and use up that excess energy that is riding his nerves.

Good luck!