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Terrible loss to the purbred dog world

February 23rd, 2007, 09:07 AM
I am sure this story has made it to press by now, but this is what I have.

On the blizzardy morning of Feb 6 a family who breeds Brittany Spanials around London, Ontario, was awoken by the sound of smoke detectors in their home. They rushed out managing to save 3 adult dogs and a few puppies.

:rip: Lost in the fire were 5 adult Brittanys, the remainder of two litters of puppies, 3 Chihuahuas and a cat. All human members of the family survived, although some received injuries trying to rescue dogs.

Because the family was renting a very old farmhouse they were unable to carry insurance, and have lost everything but what they were wearing that night.

I have personally met this woman and her two children and have seen several of her dogs at shows. I actually spoke to her daughter the day before at a show, where she was when this took place. This is a tragic loss to the Brittany family, and one that will effect the dog show community as well, since she has bred some of the finest Brittany Spanials in Canada. They are not sure yet what caused the fire, but I would suspect old wiring, since that is the reason they could not get insurance.