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Your Favorite Black and White Pet Photos...

February 22nd, 2007, 05:43 PM
I've finally gotten around to reading the manual on my camera (2 years late) and took a few black and white photos of my 2.

my melancholy Peaches (this winter has been blah for all of us):


Simon using my feet as his personal pillow (not that they don't have brand new fluffy beds or anything):


February 22nd, 2007, 05:45 PM
Great pics. I love how Simon's lips show up so dark:)

February 22nd, 2007, 05:53 PM
The only time he ever gets grumpy with me is when I play with them (which I do often cuz they're so squishy!) :evil:

February 22nd, 2007, 06:34 PM
Beautiful black and white shots, jawert!
SO nice to see your two lovely pups!:lovestruck:
Thats a great pic of Peaches.. looking a bit wistful for spring..:)

This is a great thread idea! Love to see more black and whites, a totally different photo prospective that is lovely:highfive:

March 16th, 2007, 06:57 PM
Great pics!!! I totally missed this thread for some reason (and it looks like everybody else did too)...

Here are a couple of mine...

Snowy Jemma...

And two Boos...

March 17th, 2007, 12:42 AM
Geeze, I missed this thread too. :o

Great pics of sleepy Simon and Peaches. :cloud9:

And, I love the pics of snowy Jemma and Boo in the shadows. :lovestruck:

March 17th, 2007, 10:06 AM
the invisible mystery thread! LOL glad i found it :o

March 17th, 2007, 10:28 AM
Oh for heavens sake mommie, leave me alone!
(not the most artistic pics but i will work on it)

March 17th, 2007, 11:40 AM
TD, gorgeous beanies, as always. :lovestruck:

RolandsMom, Roland is so cute he doesn't have to be artistic. :cloud9:

March 17th, 2007, 04:01 PM
Busteroony :

March 17th, 2007, 04:14 PM
i love the black and white. all great pics!

March 17th, 2007, 04:17 PM
Great shot of Buster.....such a loveable face. :lovestruck:

March 17th, 2007, 04:21 PM
heres beathoven

March 17th, 2007, 04:50 PM
He looks almost as sad as Buster.....great shot. :lovestruck:

March 18th, 2007, 08:47 PM
Here is one of Cassie and Hunter

March 18th, 2007, 08:49 PM
Here is one of Cassie and Hunter

:cloud9: It would break my heart to separate them , so Prin, I'm getting Hunter too. :shrug:

March 18th, 2007, 08:51 PM
This is the only black and white picture I have of my Chase.

March 18th, 2007, 08:54 PM
:cloud9: It would break my heart to separate them , so Prin, I'm getting Hunter too. :shrug:

Lol Frenchy. Maybe you guys could out some sort of deal;) :laughing: That would mean you would get me too of course, because where they go I go:o

March 18th, 2007, 08:55 PM
i'll reply in the TJT

March 18th, 2007, 09:46 PM
Very cute! I don't have to share. I know Frenchy is far more black dog deprived than I am. :D:D