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2 Tank Questions

February 19th, 2007, 11:46 AM
Tank #1 - 2 toonie size angels,2 redtail sharks,3 jumbo danios, and a pleco. I would like to add more angels, as I really like them.

A friend has a breeding pair that she no longer wants, could I add them to the tank or would they chase and kill the angels that I already have in the tank? Will the female or male be more aggressive? Angels are schooling fish, should they all not get along?

Tank #2/20g - 5 guppies,3 platies,3 zebra danios,6 neon tetras, and a small pleco. I was wondering since these are really small fish could my 2 toonie angels go in here if the get picked on in the other tank?

I keep both tanks at 80 and I have never had any babies from either tank, I have tons of plants and things for them to hid in ~ so whats the problem I KNOW I have both sexes.

The pet store close to here is wonderful,(for fish) they will trade in large fish for smaller ones if needed, Thanks for helping

February 19th, 2007, 01:40 PM
Hi there,
what size is tank one Libby?
Angels are not true schooling fish like say neons
or danios, they are shoaling fish. It means a large group
of them hang out in a loose group.
Breeding Angelfish are incredibly territorial, they will often
try to chase away and even kill other angels in their territory, and can
inflict serious harm on other angels.
I had to remove the third angel from my 75g as 2 of my small
angels paired up and had it torn and ragged.
You could try it, but keep in mind the pair may take over the whole tank.
A breeding pair can defend up to about 100 gallons of tank space.
As for whos more aggressive, its hard to say, in my pair, the female is
a crazy psycho, the male is much less aggressive.
If the pair didnt work out, remember a breeding pair of angels can
fetch quite the price.

Your two toonie angels could go in the 20g only temporarily.
Angelfish grow to be up to 14-16 inches tall, and a 20g tank is
really not tall enough or long enough for two of these fish at maturity,
or even one.
You could buy a 29g or 25g tall tank, the key feature is that empty,
the tank must stand at least 18 inches tall, with 20 being best.
25g tall (24x12x18) is the bare minimum I would put a single or breeding
pair of angels in.

Hope this helps Libby :-)

February 20th, 2007, 01:01 PM
Thanks so much sneaky, your info is very helpful. Hubby corrected me on two things, our tank #1/50g, #2/30g.

I have only had my toonie size Angels since Sunday, I went out and got the other 2 from my friend ~ I have no idea why she didn't want them anymore. They are a veiled marble pair, the male looks alittle ragged his 'wings' are alittle tattered at the ends, but the female looks really pretty.

I think the female is the aggressive one, but not that bad, my one toonie is chaseing her (male?) but all she has to do is turn around and that ends it.And the male just swims around doing nothing.(so far :fingerscr )

I tried to talk hubby into another tank and he just laughted so we'll see.
Thanks again

February 20th, 2007, 03:19 PM
In 50g it may or may not work.
It really depends on the gender of your little angels.
At toonie size it will be impossible to tell what sex they are.
If either is male, it will likely end up dead at the fins of the
male of the breeding pair, espescially if he is substantially
Male angels often will kill other males in their territory.
If both toonie angels are females, you may have less problems,
but not necessarily.
Its really really hard to tell. Some angels are very aggressive,
espescially when breeding, others not so much.
It will likely take several weeks to a couple of months for
any aggression to settle in and the new pair to claim territory.