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got 2 questions

February 19th, 2007, 10:00 AM
Hi All,
I am new to this forum and have 2 major questions.I have 3 grown cats,1 kitten all male(3 are neutered)a male puppy and a budgie.Now for my Questions>>
My one cat has doublePaws and has an ingrown nail,his prvious owner used to cut it himself,but Im not sure if it needs to be done ,he doesnt seem to be bothered by it
My othe question concerns my 2 younger cats.Hugz was nuetered a few weeks ago and is 2 years old,he is latelty taking to nibbling the 4month old kitten on the neck areas and this morning actually"mounting "him.The kitten just bit his paws and continued their play.Hugz was the cat that saved this kitten from freezing to death by bringing him home to us ,so I hate to think he was trying to hurt him in some way.
3 of our 4 cats were rescued from freezing,starving or our doubled paw friend from an owner who didnt care about him .They all seem to get along and even sleep together in the same room at night
But I need an answer badly,just in case he is being aggressive


February 19th, 2007, 10:12 AM
Hi, Gloria! Welcome to the forums.

An ingrown nail can become infected and very painful, so it should be looked at by a vet (or trimmed if you feel confident enough.).

The mounting behaviour sounds pretty normal from what you describe-often mounting is a social behaviour related to dominance, but I think it's pretty common soon after neutering, too. Frustrated hormones causing some confusion, lol. I've never had a male cat, so I'm not sure, but if they continued to play right afterwards, it doesn't seem to be aggressive. My 2 dogs, one male and one female, both altered, do this type of thing all the time when they're playing-usually when one has a toy the other one wants.

I'm no expert, though, so you might want to mention it to the vet if you are there for stitch removal soon.