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Leash/Crate Training & Separation Anxiety

March 27th, 2004, 02:46 PM
hello everyone :)
i'm a recent member and i'm so happy that i've found this forum!!

i have questions concerning leash or lead training, crating my dog and separation anxiety.

i currently have 3 dogs, all of which we've had since birth, (Daphne 13yr old Miniature Daushund, Turk 8yr old Samoid/Lab, & Racy 3yr old Boarder Collie X) i've been living in a rural area with acreage and the dogs have always roamed freely with us outdoors, otherwise they are in the house. in the near future my spouse and i intend to separate and i'm moving into a smaller house closer to town, but i'm told i may only take "my" dog Racy with me. there is a dog park nearby and she will still have her usual morning/evening run/playtime, pottie times etc...

she has been my constant companion since i acquired her at 7 wks old and she goes everywhere with me; she's very loyal. she has learned many commands and she listens well but since she joined the family she has never had any formal leash training or has never been tied or crated.

my questions are:

1. can Racy be now taught effective lead training even though she has never had previous training?

2. would it be advisable or is it possible to crate train her now that she will be spending more unsupervised time indoors?

3. will she suffer intense separation anxiety once she is removed from the other 2 dogs or now that she will be "home alone" while i'm at work?

i'm not in a position to leave her behind (not that i'd want to) because in the past my spouse has mistreated her when he was angry with me but i could use some reassurance that she will be able to adjust to this new situation with just the 2 of us...

i would appreciate any advise anyone has to offer or if i have overlooked any unforeseeable problems that i may need to tend to, plz feel free to comment...

thx in advance...


March 27th, 2004, 04:51 PM
Welcome, Welcome.... Just some reassurance for you with time, love, and patience dogs will adjust to just about anything as long as there with people they love. Of course she can be trained on a lead, watch how many hours she's left in a crate, ( I think 4 max most people agree on ),and don't whatever you do, don't make it a big deal when you do have to leave her, because that's what creates the anxiety. She'll know that your upset about it! They are so much like small children:) . It's nice to hear a person having their own difficulties, more concerned with how their dog will handle it:) . Yes, you are definitely MOST WELCOME:) :)

March 27th, 2004, 06:53 PM
hi Chany :)

thx so much for such a nice welcome and for your positive reassurance!! my heart was pretty dismayed when i placed my posting :( i know Racy loves me dearly and i sincerely hope she will easily adapt to our new life together.

i really didn't want to crate her if at all possible; i'm just concerned that her behavior may change due to the new surroundings... ie. i'll have neighbours now, stray animals in the neighbourhood, more noise from traffic, kids etc. which she isn't accustomed to out in the secluded area where i currently reside and i would be disappointed to come home from work to find "accidents" or "the place chewed up".

the dogs were always with at least one of us, either in the house, on the property or in our vehicle; with the exception of times we were unable to take them with us. but Racy has never been left home alone; she still always had the company of the other dogs!!

i'm hoping that her morning/evening exercise and indoor play times will be sufficient to tucker her out enough that she will sleep most of the time that i am at work, but, she IS a "very" energetic boarder collie and is used to both of us exercising her at different intervals during the day!!

i just pray that the transition isn't too difficult on her...

thx again, i appreciate your reply...


PS - i tried to attach a picture of "my brood" to my posting and it didn't seem to go!! did i do something wrong????? HELP!!!!!!

March 27th, 2004, 06:59 PM
Sorry you are going through upheaval. :(

1: Absolutely! Many of us have taken in adult untrained rescue dogs & trained them quite well. She's not too old for obedience classes if you can do that, they're fun & cheap usually.

2: Why don't you try leaving her in a safe limited area of your house and see how she does before comitting to a crate? Leave her with a good bone or stuffed Kong to occupy her somewhat.

3: I have no clue. :) She might really enjoy being the only dog. Mine seem to really enjoy one-on-one special time, Cooper has gone on several road trips with me & loves it. It really depends on her personality, most dogs are pretty adaptible.

PS I have a Daphne too, she's a silly little Rottweiler of unknown age because she's from a shelter. :)

March 27th, 2004, 08:31 PM
She can adapt to leash training
Border Collies love to chew, so it is probably best to crate her, or if you want, see what she'll do when left alone.
Most likely she'll really miss the other dogs. They are friends. Maybe you could keep one of them, or even better, both?

Most likely it'll all be fine. Good luck!:)

March 27th, 2004, 09:04 PM
Hello LuvMyDog!

Welcome to the site! I too live in Ontario and have acreage for our two German Shepherds, Shadow and Nellie.

Dogs can adapt well to any situation if they are with the ones they love. I have no doubt your best friend Racy will take up the task with a wagging tail and lots of slurps.

I've taken in lots of dogs over the years who have never had any sort of training, leash or otherwise. If you've never trained a dog before you might want to consider a training class which is not also "fun" for your dog, but fun for you and a nice social time for you both.

Why do you want to crate her right away? Have you tried containing her to a relatively "quiet" part of the house where she can't destory anything of value? Leave her with her favourite toys, blankets etc., and see how she makes out. To test her, pick your room, enclose her in it and go out for about 15 minutes, come back in and check her. Give her LOTS OF PRAISE for being good in the room. Next time leave her for 25 minutes until you build up to a couple of hours. I'm sure she'll adapt just fine and will probably appreciate that you trust her! Make it a FUN and HAPPY experience for her to be contained in the room.

That is exactly how we trained our two Shepherds to stay in the "whole house" when we're out. We started with the laundry room and when they learned to behave in there, we opened the door to the laundry room so they had access to the rec room. By that time they were ready for the entire house. I've gone out for up to 8 hours and left them alone and they were fine.

Usually they pick our bed to nap on. Nothing like 180lbs. of dog on your bed! LOL :o)

I do believe however, that Racy will suffer separation anxiety once she's away from her other four footed friends but she WILL adapt to that too. Give her lots of attention, walks, praise etc., and she'll soon learn that having YOU all to herself is a wonderful thing.

And by the way WELCOME TO YOU AND RACY!!!

March 28th, 2004, 11:45 AM
hi Carina:)

Congratulations on winning the 2003 Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell Award for your book. pet nutrition, now there's another topic i'm interested in learning more about!!:)

also, thx very much for your heartfelt concern and for taking the time to reply!!:)

well it's nice to see that people are in agreement that i shouldn't have a problem with leash training Racy:D obedience classes... it didn't even dawn on me to consider that option :rolleyes: what do these classes entail??? is the process long or time consuming or could they be scheduled into evenings or weekends?? when you say "cheap", what would the average cost for such training be?? Any suggestions on the best type of leash assembly to start Racy on?? ie. collar, choker, harness, retractable etc...

since i have not currently moved into my own place yet, i believe it would be uncertain to leave Racy in a safe limited area of "this" house to see how she behaves as the other dogs have free roam of the house. wouldn't it confuse her to have the others wandering about and she's not permitted to?? wouldn't she look at that limitation as being a punishment for wrong doing?? this is why, in part, i considered the crate after i move. thus far though, Racy & I do get much "1-on-1" time, in fact, i make a point of it and when we have been alone together in the house, she with "her" own bed, special toys/treats etc., she seems content to amuse herself if i'm too busy to play, and when i've left the house i usually return to find her sleeping comfortably, but i'm concerned of the times she will be alone in a new, unfamiliar home.

my dogs seem to have their own "pecking order", oldest to youngest and it's understoond that "Daphne" is the "queen bee" hehe. when Turk or Racy go beyond her limits, Daphne gives them both a "what for" even if she is the smallest of the group. but when Racy becomes the "only dog" will she just naturally assume that role of the "alpha female" for a better word, and could that intensify her personality??

Daphne, the Rottweiller... that almost seems like a contradiction of words as i view the name Daphne to be reflect innocent, small, sweet, etc... but a Rottie is by no means small and when i see how my Daphne can be assertive, it just goes to show that you CANT judge a dog by it's name... hehehe

thx Carina for your reply

March 28th, 2004, 11:53 AM
hello Spoiled :)

thx for replying to my post:)

Racy did chew when she was a pup but with strict "NO's" she abandoned or outgrew that habit long ago and I would hope that it doesn't return due to anxiety, boredom or change of habitat.

i'm also certain she will miss the other dogs, but what my concern is, could she miss them so much that she become agressive or despressed to a point that she's uncontrollable?? Boarder Collies are known to be very loyal dogs and i'm counting on this fact that her temperment will not change.

when she was between the ages of 7wks to 3mths, she did spend time alone "only" with me on a job and she became very people/animal socialized at that point, but now she's had the influence of the older dogs ever since and "very limited" socialization with other dogs.

unfortunately, keeping either of the other 2 dogs is NOT an option as my spouse is being a "poopoo head". but to be fair, I don't believe it would be a wise choice to remove "my ole gurl, Daphne" from her current accomodations into a totally new and strange environment. She has had 2 strokes, she's almost totally deaf and now she's going blind and I believe a change of habitat would hinder more than help her. As for Turk, he was acquired as a companion for my spouse even though i know Turk will miss me dearly. :(

thx for your imput,:)

March 28th, 2004, 11:55 AM
Actually rottweilers are innocent and sweet. :D . It's their owners that aren't!:mad: . They are also extremely loyal,loving, intelligent and off course protective so some *******s abuse those qualities. Our rottweiler is called Abbey :D . I tried keeping Abbey sectioned off in our ( main floor- Luba:D ) laundry room with a baby gate, but that didn't last long. She soon could clear that hurdle so I confess I use the crate, but hopefully as soon as she's housebroken or done teething, she'll have complete freedom. Good Luck and I'm sure you'll do fine !!

March 28th, 2004, 03:04 PM
hello Shabby:)

thx for kindly welcoming Racy & i into your group!! Shadow & Nellie... how cute:) it has a nice ring to it and they seem to fit together...:) but 180lbs of dog in your bed, that seems a little much LOL:D i don't know how true this is but, i was told one time that you shouldn't allow your dog in YOUR room as the dog perceives it as "your den" just as the dog has it's own "den" and by not permitting your dog into this space allows you to hold your position as "leader" over your pack!!

well ALL my dogs are loved and especially Racy since she personally chose me; i was even present the day Racy was born and i spent every weekend with her until i was able to bring her home!! in fact, i believe her mom chose me. mamma wouldn't allow any other person near her or the litter and she even snarled and snapped at her owner anytime he approached, while i could easily pull a sousing pup from her breast with no consequence. so i feel privledged to have Racy!!:)

i've had dogs in my life since childhood but i never have taken any "official" training. the knowledge i do have usually came from a book or from acquaintences who have trained dogs and my dogs don't seem to be too undisciplined, so a training class would be a nice option to consider. i'm certain Racy & i could both learn something new along the way!!

in all honesty, i don't want to crate Racy at all. i just didn't want to leave her in our new home unsupervised while im at work & have her resort to chewing, excessive barking, or destructive behavior in my absence. i do like your idea of allowing her 1 room at a time, then let her progress from there!! i know my dog's personality and i assumed Racy could be left with her bed/toys, as you say, "in a quiet part of the house where she can't destory anything of value" and she would eventually adjust to my new lifestyle.

but since the neighbouring dog owners have learned that i'm separating from my spouse & taking only 1 dog, they've brought certain concerns to light such as the fact that Racy has been free to roam, both supervised & unsupervised on our property & would now be spending more time in a smaller house, with me as well as alone during work hours. they also stressed that she's had 50 acres to exercise on & will now be limited to property the size of a lot and the local park. then due to fact that she is a Boarder Collie; they require extensive exercise & mental stimulation, which she is still getting at present from both myself & my spouse, but would then be limited to whatever quality time i'm able to provide for her. so basically, they seem to think the change of residence from country to small town, large bungalow to smaller would be too much. they have even voiced "recommendations" to the effect that i should give my dog away to a farm or have her put down because the stress would be too much for her!! believe you me, i certainly DO NOT want to afflict any undue stress upon Racy for consequences beyond my control nor do i willingly want to put her down!!:(

i certainly do appreciate your confidence with the whole situation though, and i pray that i'm being realistic in believing that Racy & i can, in time come thru this unscaved!!

thx so much for your reply:)

March 28th, 2004, 03:58 PM
hi again Chany :)

awww, poor Abbey is teething. i sure hope it isn't to bothersome for her...:(

you are very accurate with that statement though!!;) i do know that Rotties can be wonderful companions even though they've been given a "bad rep" due to those "self-serving" owners who do take advantage of the dog's natural qualities.

my best girlfriend has a Rottie she named "General". he's been her companion and friend for years now... when she walks him down the street, just the size of him scares the "begibbers" out of people and they tend to cross over to the other side, but in reality he is the biggest "suck" around... lol :D also, Racy's father was a purebred Rottie but she carries more of her mother's collie traits...

well i don't believe a baby gate would be a good option for me either as Racy is jumping over cattle fences now when she runs. :D so this is why i considered a crate but only "if required".

after seeing the responses so far, i suppose at this point what i really need to learn is more about the Boarder Collie breed!! Probably more on matters concerning their temperment or if they are dramatically affected by social changes or is it better to keep them in a more natural environment such as a farm since they are herding dogs!!

but one thing i will say is that with every response i've gotten so far, the feelings of dispair that others (my neighbours) have imposed on me are now gradually changing to optimistic and renewed confidence. i believe this is a chance for Racy & i both to see life in a new light and to sail into new adventures.

therefore i sincerely thank everyone for their concern, advise and support that you have give me concerning this matter!!!

good luck to everyone with your "doggie ventures"

with luv, Racy & Heather

WoooooHooooo my pic loaded this time!! well this my "pack"... LOL:D

March 28th, 2004, 04:01 PM
Ugggh, I can't believe that someone would suggest to you that you have Racy put down!!! What is wrong with these people?? If you talk to any "professional" dog trainer they'll tell you the same thing---RACY WILL ADAPT! It may be difficult for her at first and hard on you, but with patience, love, kindness, understanding and praise she will excel!!

Heather, I've been training dogs for years. I used to only breed Daschunds, standard, smooth haired. Daschunds are difficult dogs to train, especially housebreak. Yes, you're absolutely right that Border Collie need alot of physical and mental stimulation but you CAN provide that for her even in confined quarters.

Start putting her in whichever room you choose while you are in the house, with her toys and whatever else you plan to leave her while you're out. Go to another part of the house for 5 minutes. If she begins to bark, cry, whine ignore her, but the minute she stops this behaviour, go into the room and praise, praise, praise. Build her up gradually to where you actually go outside for a walk and leave her entirely alone in the room and repeat the praise when you let her out. Believe me, I promise you she will adapt but this takes time.

Another trick for dogs who have lived with other four footers and are suddenly withdrawn from the pack, is to place a mirror at her height onto the wall of the room she will be staying in. It actually provides "life like" company.

As for allowing dogs in your bedroom--well, that's a personal decision each dog owner must make for themselves. I will tell you that I've never had a dog yet that didn't sleep in our bedroom AND they still respect us as the LEADER!!

The property issue--if it's already fenced great. If not you can either think about fencing it in for her, purchasing the "Invisible Fencing" which is quite cheap compared to building a fence or training your dog to stay within the confines of the property through TRAINING. Walk Racy, on a leash around the perimeter of the property. If she pulls over that imaginary line, pull her back quickly and say "ahh", the second her feet are back on "home ground" say "good girl Racy" and keep repeating this process over and over. Racy, being an intelligent Border Collie will catch on quicker than you might think.

My two sons and I were also present while Shadow and Nellie were being born. Their mother (Shadow) and their father (Ted) were quite accommodating to us. My youngest son named Shadow after their Mom. Our oldest son named Nellie. Anyway, we too visited Shadow and Nellie from day one, until we brought them home at 7 weeks of age. Our boys had taken a small piece of blue and red ribbon to tie around the pups neck so we'd know which were ours each day we went back. It was so nice to see the Mom herding all those pups and making them behave. Shadow and Nellie will turn "2" on April 15th.

We also have two indoor, male, neutered cats. Snoopy is 7 years old and Sylvester is 8 months old.

People laugh when I tell them I have two boys, two dogs, two cats and 1 husband!

Anyway, think about what I've said and please give Racy a chance to prove to you what she can do!!

Good luck, I'll be thinking about you.

March 28th, 2004, 04:15 PM
I saw on a pet show on tele that there is a guy in the states that has a really great business going. So if anyone has farmland and doesn't mind getting a few sheep man you can make a killing!!

He has a border collie thats been trained to herd sheep and he charges pet owners with herding dogs to come to his farm and exercise themselves by learning how to herd sheep. The dogs love it, they get a great deal of exercise and feel as if they are 'working' again.

It was fanstasic watching this old english sheepdog learning to herd!!

Man, If I lived on a farm wouldn't that just be the perfect business!

March 28th, 2004, 04:33 PM
hiya Luba :)

WOW :D wouldn't that just be the greatest time to take Racy to a place where she could learn to be who she was instinctively bred to be. i'm sure she'd luv that immensely....

if it wasn't a costly venture that's something i'd be interested in checking out...

March 28th, 2004, 05:14 PM
Luv My dog before you buy one of those invisible fence things, read through " lightnings" posts in the Picture forum or in mona_b's "looking for link" thread in the General forum area, maybe Shabby you should check it out as well before you recommend those things.... Just thought you should see it before making any decisions... Also Luv My dog don't let so called friends influence you, so far you are doing the right things.. Gathering information etc. Nobody here has said it will be easy and it might not work out in the end but at least your trying :)

March 28th, 2004, 07:34 PM
Ok,I know I'm coming in a bit late on this post.

I have a suggestion,tell him to move.:D

I would also like to suggest something.I would start to leash train Racy.You will need to get her used to it since you will be more in the city part.There's more action.Cars,people,other dogs.New sites and sounds.So she will definately need to be on a leash.

As Chany said,please take a look at those threads she has mentioned.I would not get one of those Invisible fences.They do NOT protect your dog from other dogs or people coming on to your property.Take a look at the link.Warning,it's not a pretty site.

March 28th, 2004, 07:37 PM
Here it is.

March 28th, 2004, 10:35 PM
hi Shabby, :)

no one was more surprized than me that a so called "friend" would suggest such a thing, equally when they know that i adore my brood, but i reside amongst hunters & they'd opt to shoot an animal before considering a shelter. :( or so they joke... :p i pray my new neighbours don't emmulate the same negative attitude MY current ones do... :p

but yes, i believe some days may be a little tuffer than others but i have no doubt Racy would excel with me (more so than my spouse) & the way i see it, the new learned training could only benefit her (& me) & make the bond between us stronger. we only have each other now. she's been very energetic right from the start and we've "energized" each other over the years. she's loyal & a joy & i believe it would be difficult to break that connection. i really do only want the best for her. but we're venturing into unfamiliar territory. i wouldn't want unforeseen stresses jeopardizing Racy's well being. that's not my style. i believe that if someone choses to add a pet (especially a dog) to their family they have the obligation to care for that "member of the family" for the rest of it's natural life.

i like your idea with the mirror in her room; i did that with Racy shortly after i brought her home as a pup so she didn't miss her siblings too much, but i've seen her snarl & periodically bark at herself in the mirror or reflection from the window & take a protective stance as if it was an intruder. so i'm not sure if that would work in this instance or not. it would be worth experimenting with though.

i believe Racy would NOT have a problem with "perimeters" as she never really strays very far from my side & 99% of time she's supervised. she knows the boundary i've set for her but now, due to circumstances, i wonder if it will be fair restricting her boundaries. she's a very intelligent dog (confused at times from mixed messages from my spouse) but i'm certain she would do well if given a chance to learn & perform in her "instinctive" environment. as with humans, if you pull them out of familiar surroundings then place them in the unfamiliar; not everyone adapts as well as some may think they should. i think Racy & i have the strength to adapt together but would hate to deny her potential. so this is where chatting with dog owners seemed to be the way to go. owners talking from experience, or not, but another opinion on the table to consider.

we also have a cat, Sissy. she's the mouser & keeps the snakes at bay during the summer. she tends to stay outside much more in the summer than winter but she definitely knows where her home is.

i get pretty strange looks at times too when i'm asked if i have dependents & i say yes, Daphne, Turk & Racy. they say, "those are bizarre names for kids", until they realize i'm speaking of my dogs... lol

thx for responding to my "dillema". i'm grateful to be getting this much imput on the situation at hand.

i'm realizing i may need more "faith" than "luck" but i thank you for your kind wish!!


March 28th, 2004, 11:19 PM
hi mona_b :)

i've considered that option too, but unfortunately it's not financially fesible at this time. :( to be honest, i don't need the responsiblity of such a big place & i've spent enuff time out here all alone anyway. :( i'm happy thinking of moving closer to civilization. :)

i have started to leash train Racy; we go to the park where she will be playing. there's not lots of cars, people or other dogs but it's a start. there's a nice lake there for her to swim (it's ice now), but she luvs it. i bought both a collar & a harness!! which one would be more effective during her training??

as far as the invisible fence goes, i envisioned that shock collar wrapped around MY neck & thot what it would be like to have some sob zap me everytime i stepped out of bounds & i didn't like the thot. then after viewing that poor pup, my god it devastated me. how could someone be so cruel to something they claim to love. that's why this bitch is breaking free of her collar. ;)

March 29th, 2004, 09:37 AM
I'm sorry to hear.

Yeah it does get lonely in the country.

How is she on the leash?Does she pull?Does she know the "heel" command?

My sister has a Border Collie.Along with 3 Siberian Huskies.

When she takes Abbey(BC) in town with her,she uses a Haltie on her.Abbey does very well on it.She will not pull.She's right by my sisters side.Even when the kids walk her.The huskies are on a regular collar.

Wasn't that site awfull?

I'm sorry but I would never use it.I don't care how low the voltage is.It's just inhumane in my eyes.And I know alot of people think the same way as I do.
:( :(

March 29th, 2004, 10:52 AM
hello again, mona_b :)

i luv being in the country :) nature & the solitude from everyday life, having space to garden, no nosey neighbours ;) etc. lol i spent most of my childhood on both of my grandparents farms even though my parents resided in town. but my spouse recently retired from a 26 yr career in the military & it was the times he was gone sometimes 3 to 6 months at a time on courses or military maneouvers & i was left to fend for myself, with little money, no vehicle, no handyman when things brokedown or no aid in times of illness or accidents!! his lifestyle ruled over this house & made living here very inconvenient most times.

Racy is responding quite well with a regular collar & leash & she only pulls & gets excited when her "play stick spot" comes into view. She's never been trained the "heel" command, but we're working on that; she's beginning to understand!! she senses that there's something new in store for her & seems excited to please, we'll just have to experiment with both & see what results we get!!

WOW :) 3 siberians... i bet they're just gorgeous!!! :)

yes, that site was absolutely horrible; it broke me to tears & i would never "ever" consider that type of "shock treatment" for my sweet Racy... when i see that, i know we're doing just fine learning boundaries & limitations over physically torturing her training into her... to me that collar represents "control by fear" not by learning or understanding...

i am soooo happy i found this site; i can't believe all the information i'm learning!! "good & bad". i consider myself a "very" responsible pet owner & it pains me to see what "disrespect" some people actually put their so-called "cherished pets" thru...

thx for your support :)

March 29th, 2004, 12:17 PM
Oh do i ever love the country.:D

My Aunt and Uncle had a farm when we were all MUCH younger.She raised Great Danes.And had a St.Bernard and a Newfie.I spent all my summers and weekends there.We would tame the barn kittens.Milk the cows.Ride the horses.We could actually be kids and stay out of trouble.Sort of.:D

My sister is also on a farm.And my daughter spent summers there.She also saw twin calves being born.No one in her school,or any of her friends ever saw that before.She was 5 at the time.

WOW.You have had it hard with him being gone for all that time.That wasn't very fair to you.You are only one person.
I believe the old saying."What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"...I know with my crappy childhood,and things I had to deal with did make me a stronger person.And I have been told that.:D

It will take time.But Racy will learn pretty quick.Just keep up with the training,at it will help her a great deal with her new situation of the move.I would also take her(slowly) and introduce her to the busy part of the town.Cars,people,other dogs.Noises.She will need to get used to it.But I know it will all work out in the end.

I don't know how ANYONE can use that on their dog.I have heard of people even using this type of collar for training.Dog doesn't listen,boom it gets a shock.That is just heart breaking.

Yup,they are pretty gorgeous.Their names are Sydney,Mandy(Amanda) and Kellie.Sydney is blonde in colouring.Mandy is black and white.And Kellie is a Wolf Grey.

This is a great site.I have learned quite a bit on here.And everyone is very helpful.And we do have a great laugh also.:D

Can I ask where in Ontario you are?

March 29th, 2004, 12:55 PM
hiya mona_b :)

sure you may ask :) i'm much further north than you!! i reside in the Ottawa Valley, a small village about 100 miles west of Ottawa.

sure sounds like you had a blast growing up with your aunt & uncle :) the experience sounds similar to my upbringing, but gramma had collies like Lassie hehe, retrievers & some mixed mutt, not sure what he was. hehe :) and yes, it's amazing to be a part of goings on in a farm environment. but it's sad to see the children that have no idea where the meals on their table actually come from... hehe

i believe that old saying too, and it "has" been extremely difficult at times but the experience did make me stronger even though i was the one "keeping the home fires burning" hubby doesn't seem to appreciate that anymore now that he's retired & wants me out so that he may run the place as he sees fit.

Racy has always been my greatest concern, but i'm feeling much more confident & encouraged now since consulting with everyone from this site. it's better for both of us, since i don't exude so much anxiety. Racy is so smart & i don't think we will have too many problems. in fact we may have less once we eliminate the current unhealthy distractions and we venture into a new learning realm together!!

thx again for your help :)

March 29th, 2004, 06:17 PM
" I have a suggestion, tell him to move ". Evil , evil laugh happening here:D .

Also " how could someone be so cruel to something they claim to love, thats why this bitch is breaking free of her collar ". I think we have a winner on the best quotes of the day!!!!:D :D

Thanks guys, got my giggle for today;)


March 29th, 2004, 07:50 PM
hey Chany :)

tried that!!;) but less bull**** if i just leave, but not till i'm ****well ready!! :mad:

"thank-you", :D thank-you", :D she says as she ~curtsies to the room~... LOL

i honestly thot the checker would pick up that b**** word, honest i did ;)
but this time i put all my own f****ng ********************'s :rolleyes: just in case ...... :D :D

March 30th, 2004, 08:55 AM

LuvMyDog...You are toooooooo funny.

You have a potty mouth....Kewl:D :p

March 30th, 2004, 07:51 PM
Girls,girls,girls now be nice:D :D .
Actually the first sentence of my last post here was supposed to be quoted to mona_b. When I first saw her one reply to you I LOL, then when I saw your reply I was really PMP.
So we have 2 winners and glad to notice the same sense of humor.;)
Mona_b and Luv MY Dog please take a bow!!!

March 30th, 2004, 08:30 PM
LMAO you comical b*tches

:eek: :eek: :eek:

March 31st, 2004, 09:30 AM
LMFAO @ Luba.

Ummmmmm that's Miss B***H..........:p

Ok Chany,I bow and moon the room.:D

I crack me up..........LOL

March 31st, 2004, 10:58 AM
"PMP" Chany :confused: :confused:


you guys crack me up.... LOL :D

aawww shucks mona_b :( i wanted to moon da room :p :p

thx for the laugh, i really needed one today!!!

update: Racy's doing quite well taking to a leash & harness & having noisy traffic around...

thx ladies :)

March 31st, 2004, 01:57 PM
OMG, you mean that's a new one!!! I made one up!! YEAH!!
O.K., PMP in my world means are you ready for this?
Peeing my pants!! O.K. I know its not that great, but small things amuse small minds, and honey I's is easily amused!!:D

March 31st, 2004, 02:31 PM
quote: " honey I's is easily amused!!"

so it would seem, but that's a good way to be... ;)

thx for the "define" though, Chany... lol :D
now i have a new one to add to my "repetoire".... lol :rolleyes:

March 31st, 2004, 02:46 PM
Was I just insulted??:D LOL. I do hope Luvmydog that you realize that I can speak proper English, and choose to sound like an idiot only when I feel it necessary to get a giggle now and then?

March 31st, 2004, 06:09 PM
:eek:h my goodness NO:( !! Chany....
did my comment really come across that way... :confused: i sincerely apologize if it did....

i've viewed some of ur other posts thru-out the site & i like your good sense of humour....

March 31st, 2004, 06:24 PM
No. I'm sorry! Just joshing ya hon. Just clearing the air in case you were wondering...... LMAO