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Getting Mothered

February 16th, 2007, 09:08 PM
What cute things does your pet do to "help" you?

Whenever I wear earrings (which I only do on special occasions, so she's not used to seeing them) Willow tries to help me with my 'tumour'. She sniffs my ear, then licks the earring, then touches it with her teeth, then ever so gently gives it a little tug. She realizes it's attached and stops pulling and goes back to step one. Sometimes she tugs a little too hard and when I say 'ow' she stops and kisses it. I love it, when she does it in front of people they are shocked that I let her and that she doesn't pull it right out... I trust her enough that she won't hurt me.

This morning I was getting dressed for work. The neck on my scrubs is tight and I had trouble getting it on with the towel still on my head. When my face was covered she got a little worried and was kissing me through the cloth, yeah she found my mouth too. Jumping, hugging, kissing, "where's mommy? Here, let me help you with that".

Tonight I got a foot cramp and shortly after kisses and hugs from puppers.

They are so sweet in their helpfulness. :lovestruck:

jesse's mommy
February 16th, 2007, 09:13 PM
I'm just getting over having a cold sore and until last night it was scabbing over. Well Jesse decided it was time to "clean my face" and all of a sudden was fixated on the scab and was determined to lick the dirty spot off of my face. All I can say is ouch. :)

(If anyone didn't know, Jesse is slightly obsessive compulsive about cleaning honey and I. She won't stop until we are up to her standards.:lovestruck: )

February 16th, 2007, 09:16 PM
Penny, my Lab, cleans the kitchen floor spotless after dinner. What a big helper she is!:rolleyes:

February 16th, 2007, 09:19 PM
(If anyone didn't know, Jesse is slightly obsessive compulsive about cleaning honey and I. She won't stop until we are up to her standards.:lovestruck: )

Yeah, Willow's like that too. She will wash my hands, arms, and even feet until I have to tell her to stop, sometimes I think she'd wash the skin right off if she could.

February 16th, 2007, 09:46 PM
yeah i know what you guys mean - every morning i am greeted with a happy dakotah arooooo (imagine goooood morning vietnam! in doglish) and then comes the arm and face cleaning, he's very thorough and enjoys waking up all my skin cells with a vigorous tongue brushing :frustrated:

maika waits until i'm up and then comes to warm my thighs by sticking her head between them, tail wagging, ok she's waiting for a neck rub but still it's so cute. if i move back, she moves forwards. sometimes she pushes so hard i almost fall over :eek:

aren't doggies the BESTEST? :lovestruck:

February 16th, 2007, 11:46 PM
Ooo, no spittle in this house. :eek:

Jemma wakes me up looking for belly rubs and makes her eyes say she's loving the belly rub (which is soo beneath her :D). She also comes for hugs the minute I blow my nose, in case I'm crying. :o :cloud9:

Boo stays away when I'm stressed. He just goes and lies down out of the way (which is awesome for a huge doggy to do).

February 17th, 2007, 01:12 AM
My gang gets super cuddly when I am upset or sick. Lucy in particular sticks very close and watches me.

It is a real pain in the butt when I try to do yoga or stretching in my house though because the dogs seem to need to supervise and do their own "downward dogs" and one cat insists on adding weight resistance to whatever limb is working:D .

Years ago I had a really bad wisdom teeth experience and was in bed for about 5 days with infection. Bud (:rip: siamese kitty) would not step off my bed at all until my friend who was looking after us would stop by :lovestruck: .

February 17th, 2007, 01:18 AM
Body lotion and hand cream are the funniest. As fast as I can get it on, their licking it off. What is with lotion ? They ALL seem to think it's a gourmet delicacy? If I leave the washroom door ajar when I'm showering, I have at least one little face peeeeeking around the shower curtain to make sure I'm okay (I wonder what they think is going to happen ???:laughing: ) in there. And don't even think about trying to make the bed with Declan around. As soon he sees the fresh sheets come out ~ he just plunks his big ol' self right down in the middle of everything and grinning from ear to ear ~ refuses to budge. And then has the audacity to give me that hehehehehe laugh and leap off the bed when I "storm out of the room". Ceili is a funny one with kisses. If I hurt her accidently and then give her some lovin's as soon as I say "Sorry hunny, Mummy's sorry", she's practically leaping into my lap, slobber-kissing my whole face and acting like she's the one who's guilty! Such goofies !:love: :pawprint:

February 17th, 2007, 01:44 AM
:laughing: Forgot about the body lotion stuff. I can sometimes talk hubby into giving me a foot massage :cloud9: and Lucy can be sound asleep upstairs in our bedroom and then bamn she is right there "helping" spread on the peppermint foot lotion.

..... and why do I need company in the bathroom :frustrated: . Oh, I'm sure Lucy is just worried that I will slip and fall without her supervision :rolleyes: .

February 17th, 2007, 07:46 AM
Ever since Angus was a kitten he has sat in the bathroom while I shower. My husband gets jealous that Angus loves me more than him. If I close the bathroom door, Angus meows very loudly out side until I open it up for him. He needs to know where I am. At night he usually sleeps on the headboard above my head. Or until he's ready to take his spot for the night he'll knead the blankets beside me until I fall asleep, then jump up to the headboard when he thinks I'm sufficiently relaxed (it's funny, when he's kneading he won't let me pet him, it's like he just wants me to fall asleep so he can go to bed too). Finn isn't so motherly at all, once in a while I'll wake up in the night to a kitty nose on my face and it'll be her, it always makes me think that she's checking to see that I'm still breathing. "Yup, she's still alive, now I can go back to acting as though I don't care".

February 17th, 2007, 08:12 AM
I forgot about the body lotion too.... and deodorant. :yuck: Willow tries to lick off anything I put on, it becomes a battle that yes, in fact, mommy truly does need to wear this stuff.

I live alone so tend to leave the bathroon door open, she lays outside where she can see me, or comes in, but not when I'm having a shower, oh no, she might be next. :eek: Whenever someone is here, or I'm elsewhere with her, she either comes in or sits by the door and gets really excited when I come back out.

It's nice to be so loved. :cloud9:

February 21st, 2007, 08:13 PM
we have bed check over here.. MIsty checks on me when i go to bed she comes by the bed puts her head on the side.... pulls the blankets over the side...:lovestruck: she does the same for my husband.... she always gets a pet good nite .....:D when shes satified all is well she goes and lays on her bed..... shes so cute:angel:

February 21st, 2007, 10:57 PM
So it seems showering with an audience is a common thing. :D Petey and Billy do the same thing. When I shower, they tug the curtain open and have to stand there with both heads peering in and staring at me the whole time. If I shut the door to have some peace, Billy, my cat, howls up a storm and Petey will proceed to open the door. I wouldn't say he throws himself against it, but he'll lean heavily against it with his full weight, step back, lean against it again...over and over until he finally pushes it open. (For some reason, there are no locks on my bathroom door. Not a huge concern since I live alone). Then once they manage to break in, my audience is back.

When I take a bath, it's the same thing. Billy will stand on his hind legs, peering into the tub and bat at the water with one paw. Petey will LICK everything...drives me nuts. First he has to drink the bath water and after the fifth or sixth NO, will finally stop. Then he has to lick the bathtub rim, then he tries to lick the shampoo, the conditioner, the soap, etc. He gets this licking obsession. Drives me NUTS! Finally, just when I'm done and about to step out, then they'll finally settle and lay down on my bath mat. And then won't budge when I'm trying to step out onto the mat. Argh, it's a daily battle in the bathroom when I'm trying to get get ready every day. LOL!

So anyone else have trouble with dogs trying to drink the bath water or being insistent audiences every day? :)

February 22nd, 2007, 06:20 AM
And don't even think about trying to make the bed with Declan around. As soon he sees the fresh sheets come out ~ he just plunks his big ol' self right down in the middle of everything and grinning from ear to ear ~ refuses to budge. And then has the audacity to give me that hehehehehe laugh and leap off the bed when I "storm out of the room".

This sounds soooo much like Hunter. He loves to wait for me to make the bed just so he can plop himself in the middle of it all:rolleyes: And I hear ya about the "grinning from ear to ear":D

February 22nd, 2007, 06:21 AM
Hunter likes to go in the bathroom when someone is showering so much that if he hears the word shower, he will go and wait at the bathroom door. :D
He never wants to get in, but he loves to nap while the water is running.

February 23rd, 2007, 12:32 AM
Ha ha ha my cat Harley and puppy Shamus are such bath freaks!
If I even say "Harley should we have a bath?" She is up pacing by the bathroom door meowing crazily.
Once I am in the tub and soaking she lays on the bath mat and will sleep there until I get out.
As for Shamus he also must be in the bathroom but he spends the first ten minutes trying to lick my arms dry and tries to eat the bar of soap,then he will settle down on the mat with Harley and they sleep.:lovestruck:
If I am upset or crying 2 of my cats Harley and Maisy will not leave me alone, they rub against me and meow at me until I am quiet,and one time my man and I were arguing quite loudly with one another and Harley actually got between us and started this awful howly cry she does right in my mans face, it was like she was telling him " shut up!!! go away and leave my mom alone!"

She is definitley MY CAT!!:D

Oh and our other dog Shelby will let you lean on her while putting on shoes lol, and one time I fell and sprained my ankle outside and she actually ran to the door and barked till my man came out to see what was going on!!
Got myself a Lassie I think! :laughing:

Loves Labs
February 23rd, 2007, 11:32 AM
When Hayden was a pup I used to always turn around in the shower to find a little black friend licking my legs. Now he just lies on the bath mat and waits until the shower is done.

He also really likes to get "involved" when I am doing yoga at home. Everytime I stand up, he throws himself onto my mat. Or he will wiggle underneath when the pose allows for it. He'll sit there and attack me with licks (not very relaxing :rolleyes: ) with whole time I am down on the floor. When I shoo him away and make him lie on the couch, he will stretch out and lick my feet everytime they are in the air. Also, whenever I kneel on the floor, he will back into me and sit right on my knees - he has been doing this since he was little. I just can't figure it out - but its pretty adorable.

All in all - I just figure this is his way of telling me I look good enough as I am and I don't need to exercise. :laughing: :laughing:

February 23rd, 2007, 12:10 PM
It looks like lotion is a favourite with dogs - Amber is busy licking and I'm busy putting more on - I swear I use more lotion than anyone else just trying to keep up! Both dogs like to help me put on my shoes or boots - they both like to stick their heads between me and my shoe - yup - they really help!
It's a hoot trying to get dressed! Both like to help me garden too - when I throw a weed into the bucket - out it comes and gets tossed around the yard - after weeding I have to rake and then it's even more fun because all these goodies are in one pile! Sure makes it fun though :)