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CAT: Do you know me?

February 16th, 2007, 02:59 AM
Hello all. I recently seen an add on under the pets section. A nice lady found this cat outside and has been looking for the owner. Or any information on this cat. Here is what she wrote along with 2 pictures. If you know anything, please reply to me and I will pass it on. Or email this address which belongs to the lady who posted this add.

"I found this cat on February 2md and posted wondering if anyone recognized her. I was told that someone had posted here looking to place her as they were moving. This poster had subsequently decided to leave her in the wasteland behind my studio, in an industrial area. If this is true, and the cat is the same one posted here, and since their problem has now become my problem as I have taken her in, I'm hoping the poster could at the very least give me a little info on her. How old is she, is she operated, vaccinated etcetera, as I don't have extra cash to have her checked at a vet just now. It would help me greatly to have this information if I need to find a home for her. I'm just hoping there's a chance they might check back in here. "

Thanks everyone. Lets keep out fingers :fingerscr