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Sneezing cat - Bleach or influenza??

February 11th, 2007, 03:47 AM
Hi -
I have a scottish fold girl of about a year and a half and i noticed she has been sneezing quite frequently since yesterday. It just so happens that yesterday i was spring cleaning and was using a lot of bleach when cleaning inside cupboards and fridges etc... This would seem to be the cause of the problem, only there is a catch... My husband has only recently recovered from a bought of flu. Here's my question - Can cats catch viruses from humans?? Or do you think it was more likely just the bleach? She is a housecat and never goes out. I would really appreciate your input. The vets in Taiwan are not great and I only want to take her to get her nose probed if I really have to.

February 11th, 2007, 06:36 AM
Years ago I had moved into a rented house that was left digustingly filthy even human feces on the rugs. I dumped all my furniture in the front yard and then went to work cleaning first, I used a lot of bleach and other cleaning solutions, to get the place clean enough to move into, a few days later started have respiratory problems, it was a result of breathing in the fumes which had burned my lungs, I did end up needing antibiotics and asthma medications and was off work for a month since I was having troubles getting enough oxygen which was causing dizzy spells.

I know dogs can get strepococcal infestion from humans so probably possible for cats as well

So either way you may need to see a vet for antibiotics